In this direction, Toms admits that the professor is the cause of the knowledge for the pupil, not obstante to the knowledge properly said, while it occurs through the exercise of the reason of the proper pupil, has for the cause the same reason. Aquino places the learning as one faceta human being, therefore, for it, is the proper man who knows and teaches, thus it tells: he estimates a perfect act of knowledge in the professor; from there that it is necessary that the master or who teaches possesss in explicit and perfect way the knowledge whose acquisition wants to cause in the pupil for education. Then, that one that has the knowledge in act, the master or the professor, is only who this in conditions to develop the potential in its pupils, thus, for Toms, is essential that the professor if prepares and has the domain of its content, so that can, with effectiveness, to teach its pupils. Already the professor teaches necessarily why he has the knowledge in act. In the way to teach, Toms finds two substances important front its methodology: the content where if it treats education and the person to who education is given, therefore, deduces that, when to the first one, the beginning of education it is the contemplativa life. It is the admiration of the citizen, when in contact with determined aspect of the reality, and the process of abstraction of the intellect that if occurs of such admiration, means the apprehension to it of the content.

In other words, the beginning of education it is to filosofar. How much the second substance, that education if outrem dirige it, if deduces that its purpose is the active life. The importance of Toms de Aquino front the education is in the scope of its Philosophical Anthropology, occurs in it an effective overcoming of the Platonic dualism (body and soul) that it was the dominant doctrine in the period.