Article 109 reads as follows: the State shall recognize the University autonomy as a principle and hierarchy that allows teachers, professors, students, graduates and out of its community engage in the pursuit of knowledge through scientific, humanistic and technological research for spiritual benefit and material of the nation. autonomous universities will be given their standards of Government, operation and efficient management of their heritage under the control and surveillance that established by law for this purpose. University autonomy is enshrined to plan, organize, develop and upgrade the programs of research, teaching and extension. establishes the inviolability of the University campus. the experimental national universities will reach its autonomy in accordance with the law.

In addition, says that rectoral authorities of the central University of venezuela reject it, without misunderstandings, claim to official to control, no arguments other than ideological and political absolutism, competencies and attributions that correspond by autoritas, academic tradition and constitutional precepts to the University. so admission policies entry, the training of teachers, research and graduate school, the University Government, the execution of the budget, academic career, the composition of the academic community, characteristics and purposes of student bodies, the internal auditor and election procedures, the profile of graduates and the suitability of its authorities and teachers should continue to be defined according to article 109 of the Constitution which postulatesreferring to university autonomy Finally, consider essential that a law to govern the Venezuelan education should be directed based on the cardinal values and general principles of the Constitution independent of the ideological sign of Governments, national, so that he has consensus, historical significance and represents the plural nature of Venezuelan society. for this reason, we require the National Assembly to open an effective debate in the country, in fair condition with a precise timetable that will make possible that an issue of singular importance, can be known and discussed without limitations by the academic community the national public opinion.