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Spiritual Education

Free addictions that make suffer. Cherished freedom, this day has been reached. The road is long, however I am not alone, my brothers in spirit travel the same path. At the professional level, the masters has also left fruits. This semester ending tried to work with my groups in a holistic manner.

I say tried because It was my first formal education holistic activity during a semester. After a look back, I realize there is things that improving, but in general I’m satisfied what I dared to do. I have several ideas of future plans. One of them is spread in a more formal way the holistic education, another is the form a Committee evaluator of the companies in the city (which was an idea contributed by Dr. Ramon Gallegos), one more follow me preparing to pursue PhD and another, finalized the paintings for an exhibition about human emotionswhich will consist of 15 works in watercolor and which have been suspended in recent months. Comes to my mind as follows: I am the bright and resplendent presence of God, without limitation, without time or age, without impurity and without blemish. I am health.

I am life, I am harmony, I am abundance, I am intelligence am patience, I am love. I am one with God and one with God is the most. Thank you for everything that I learned. It was a real pleasure know him. Brothers in spirit. Irene Zapata Silva. Bibliography – Gallegos Nava Ramon (2010) in unity with the self. Trilogy of spiritual intelligence i. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2010) the illuminated consciousness. Trilogy of spiritual intelligence II. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2010) the Nectar of happiness. Spiritual intelligence trilogy III. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2000) the spirit of education. Integrity and transcendence in holistic education. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2001) the education of the heart. Twelve principles for holistas schools. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2001) education holistic. Pedagogy of universal love. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2001) a holistic vision of education. Heart of holistic education. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2001) dialogues holistas. Holistic and perennial philosophy education i. International Foundation for holistic, Guadalajara education. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2003) learning communities. Transforming schools. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2003) pedagogy of universal love. A holistic world view. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2004) wisdom, love and compassion. Perennial philosophy II and holistic education. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2005) education and spirituality. Education as a spiritual practice. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2007) Spiritual intelligence. Apart from the emotional and multiple intelligences.

Mexico: Viewer

It is logical that if the games are developed by Americans or Europeans, the games are starring themselves, but that removes the fact that Mexicans want to see his countrymen not occupying important roles in video games. A company that has been heavily influenced by Mexican culture is Capcom already that some of his characters as T. Hawk and El Fuerte are Mexicans. Mexico also served as the location for developing a successful franchise of shooters in the first person: Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, where a terrorist cell threatens to destroy the balance between Mexico, United States and Canada. Having been portrayed and after seeing our country in the video game, the last list was that we did the titles.

That dream has been thanks Heroes of the Ring, production Mexico-latinoamericana which has put our designers and creators on the world map. Apart from being entertaining events, shows like Campus Party and Aldea Digital can be the launch pad for Mexicans sell their talent to the large technology companies. Download Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 For Free Xbox 360 Download Center XBox 360 Stuff Blog of Cape Wikileaks, the roles of the Department of State: so see us our low politicians your risk by investing in a franchise them should it collect the salary of air traffic controllers. WonderOnes last time blog archive be presented in the new FIL Monsivais book

Science and Education

It is difficult to overstate the importance of science in human society. We will not give examples of achievements of scientific research that contributed to the appearance of human civilization. It is important to note that scientific research – the way of speculation and scientific experiment – has its own niche as a way of understanding the universe. Historically, the path of religious search was opposed to scientific research. Currently, this opposition has become much smaller: for the clergy, scientists – not the heretics, and to men of science a religion – it is not "the opium of the people." Thus, we can talk about tolerance, which arose between the oldest ways of understanding the world. How, then, esoterica related to religion and science? In the book, Bailey A. "The Call of the hierarchy" provides a definition of the interested region of knowledge, and this will be devoted to a separate study.

In this paper, we try to identify their own understanding of esotericism. One could assume that spirituality – the path of integration of religion and science. Esoterica, like scientists, trying to see the universe as a system. In this way there are substantial achievements. ng for or against this. Here are a few provisions that identify the vector of esoteric research: – The Universe – macrocosm, man – the microcosm – As above, so below – As the outside, then inside.

Thus, in the esoteric study of the connections. Interest in karma – Causal Relations between the act and its result, interest in the hierarchy, the desire to explain the external, ie objective reality, the state of inner or subjective reality – all this suggests that one of the subjects in the study are due esoteric spiritual and material. Hence, the most common method of investigation – meditation, when the knower becomes knowable. It means that to understand the nature of wood, stone, any creature can be through identification with him. Esoterica has a lot to do with science and religion. From esoteric believers unites faith in God as the creator of the universe and all living creatures, including humans. On the esoteric scientists together inquisitive approach to the universe. However, if the criterion of truth in science – these are the results of the experiment, the esoteric and the practical result of this, and intuitive perception of logical reasoning and results of practice. Thus, in the esoteric material is the integration of religious teachings and research. As a result of this integration – a comprehensive application in esoteric practice these methods of learning and personal development and the human soul: faith in God, adherence to divine law, as set out in the Scriptures of four world religions (Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam), prayer, meditation, observation, analysis, systematization and integration of knowledge. In addition to these methods, you can actually talk about the esoteric techniques – the perception of events, situations, different phenomena based on the teachings of the existence of thin and dense bodies, the doctrine of karma, emphasis on the intuitive perception of the material, various spiritual practices, the essence of which – the development of empirical human abilities, the harmonization of subtle and physical body. Consequently, the esoteric can be attributed to a different way of learning and social consciousness, the appearance of which defined the evolution of human development and natural. Ildan Khalitova

Education in Russia Today

Today young people of Russia – is 39.6 million young people – 27% of the total population. Youth and Education in Russia – one of those complex issues, which is important for many of us. Evidence of this is the fact that every second young man in Russia at the age of 14 to 30 years – to learn. In the 21st century enrolling in higher education exceeds the total number of graduates of educational institutions. Most high school students on their completion plans to attend college, one in seven – in college. In the short-term almost as many young people intend to go to work. In the longer term plan to study at vocational schools Only a few students.

But the quality of education over the last decade, strongly criticized. Critics were, like society in general and young people themselves. According to a study PISA-2003, literacy skills of reading, necessary for successful adaptation to society, has only 36% of 15-year-olds in Russia. Today, according to opinion polls nice to know that 46.09% of Russian citizens would want their children to receive education only at home, believing that there is no price to our experts worldwide. 34.37% said that once the child has to decide where he will learn better. Education in Russia in recent years has suffered many transformations. It is not clear where they lead. Actively, there are issues about the introduction of a 12-year school, is still being discussed how, what and why this single exam pupils and parents.

Global Warming Is Without Prejudice

Global warming – it is a slow and gradual increase in the average temperature on our planet, which is just observed in the present. Global warming – a fact that is meaningless to argue with, and why must be sober and objective approach to its understanding. The scientific evidence that global warming could be caused by many factors, volcanic eruptions, the behavior of the oceans (typhoons, hurricanes, etc.), solar Activity-Earth's magnetic field-work of man. So-called anthropogenic factor. The idea is supported by most scientists, NGOs and the media that does not mean its unwavering truth. Rather all, it appears that each of these components contributes to global warming.

These factors are the so-called greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect causing global warming, watched every one of us. In greenhouse temperature is always higher than outside, in a closed car on a sunny day there is the same. Across the globe, still. Part of the solar heat received by the Earth's surface, can not go up in smoke back into space, because the atmosphere acts on the similarity of polyethylene in the greenhouse. Were it not for the greenhouse effect, the average surface temperature would be about -18 C, but in reality about +14 C. How much heat is on planet depends on the composition of air, which just changed under the influence of the above factors, namely changing the content of greenhouse gases, which include water vapor (responsible for more than 60% effect), carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide), methane and others.

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