Month: January 2013

Principles Of The Quality Web Design

A good balance of aesthetics and functionality that is what a good website should have. Yes, it should be both informative and visually interesting to hold the attention of the Navigator. In order to be able to maintain a client it is important to maximize both the beauty and the brain. Web design is essentially communicative nature and must make clear the message from the seller a beautiful website that doesn’t talk about its products or services is not usable and therefore not functional in the long term. In fact, a good web site is a single cohesive unit, which combines visual elements and functionality into a global whole. A web site should attract both the content and design design must complement the content and act as a bridge between the user and information.

Graphics, color or other must carry the eye to information without affecting the readability or the Organization of the page. The website should also facilitate easy navigation with the block design are main navigation placed in a way that is clearly visible. Each of the links must also be provided them a descriptive title for a better understanding of the user. Secondary navigation should be in search fields, inbound and outbound links, which, however, should not be key features of the page. In addition, a good web site must have a coherent theme that has the design as a whole. The arrangement of the words on the web page also matters. Magnetic poetry of the words can be represented graphically on components or blocks of the web page. Each web page, the ideal would be to have a container, which could be in the form of the body of the page label, a division or a table tag container must include the content of the page. The width of the container can be variable in the sense that could be expanded to cover the width of the browser window or stay so that the content is of the same width, regardless of the the size of the window.

Friends Campus Party

Campus Party is an extra of creativity and innovation in Valencia. Aren’t some few geeks gathered to play the Martians or to download movies. Internet, social networks, robotics, the new cybernetic tools and software; they are future and industry. And about that has been spoken and worked for a week in the city of Arts and Sciences. A total of 2.8 million euros have been invested, as he pointed out the organization in a statement.

One week, during which more than 250 employees have been on site for the best development of the appointment, which has enjoyed more than 400 accredited journalists and any noteworthy impact despite the involvement of more than 3,500 people in the Conference. Summoned by the organizers, have passed through the city of the arts important names of the world computing sphere as the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak who was amazed by the spirit campusero who both reminded him to the pioneers of garage inventors. This generation of the early romantics of the computer to which the has never renounced membership. Researchers from the likes of Bob Allen, Member of the HomeBrew Robotics Club and researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, appeared on Campus with some of his most sympathetic prototypes of domestic robot, in the suitcase. He also surrendered a recognition to young people, who pointed out as being able to subvert in 15 years the Robotics, because they handle the keys of creation technology as if it were a game. If the circus dwarves, at Campus Party, grow you were also creatures such as AISoy1, a little personal robot to 1 meter and medium stature, created a small Madrid workshop composed of five employees. ALSoy1 was presented as a snowman with soul.

With a record of 14 different emotions that give rise to a personality of its own product of relations that determine your environment. And if you are missing something to the Campus, making good the name of city of the sciences, as a modern Calabuig berlanguiana – created these days here a probe that was launched at 35 kilometers from Earth. A wit that equipped with all kinds of weather and photographic devices, offered images from its privileged location behaving impeccably and returning to the basis in the province of Murcia, as expected. As Fernando Ortuno, responsible of the monitoring of the launch, he said: 35 kilometers from the Earth, are not outer space, but it is the frontier that we have crossed all the computer buffs. By all these fanfare and inventions. By derrochados in the 14 previous editions passes the illusion and good atmosphere it produces concern the doubt raised before its not continuity possible in Valencia; the city where the event was born and from which the formula has been Brazil, Colombia or Argentina. The father of Silicom Valley, the enthusiastic mister Woznyak has invited organizers, E3 Futura, to bring the Campus Party to the United States, if continuing with your doubts here follow. It would be desirable, that this does not hinder imagine another year, new editions of the Campus Party in the city of Sciences. Where created by Calatrava by inspiration of Julio Verne, enclosures should be always open to these madmen and their crazy gadgets. In a country like Spain where still invest little in research and development, not too many events like this. Especially if as they say the greats in the field: these young people invent, but seem to play.