Month: March 2013

American University

In that sense, left in clear their distrust of the authorities in Washington because, in his view, they are fighting and do not solve the problems faced by Americans. A generation more tolerant for its part, Eleni Towns, said in an essay hung on Friday night on the web site of CAP, that fear or rage has not caused the isolation of the Millennium generation, while many believe that EE UU no longer has the respect of the world.In fact, despite the attacks or in response to them, this generation is more willing than our predecessors to become involved and establish contacts with other cultures, and some have embraced the opportunities of being a more global generation, said Towns, who attended the first year of high school when his teacher informed him of the attacks. As a test of the tolerance of his generation, Towns, which conducts social research for the CAP, pointed out that the participation of young people in academic programs abroad increased by 8.8% just one year after the attacks. Participation in Islamic countries increased by 127% between 2002 and 2006, according to the Institute of international education, said. The attitudes of Benitez and Towns, according to observers, is typical of this generation, which has moulded his vision of the world through the use of Internet and social networks like Twitter or Facebook.

It is also the generation of greater ethnic and cultural diversity in the history of EE UU, with 61% consisting of white, 19% Hispanic, 14% of African-American origin and five percent, Asian. Although does not hesitate to demonstrate patriotism, as happened against the White House and dozens of college campuses in the country after the assassination of the leader of Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, in Pakistan last may, is also a generation that believes in the role of the Government and calls for national reconciliation. A recent survey of American University, conducted among thousand young people between 18 and 29 years nationwide, indicates that this generation expresses more interest in follow the news, studying international relations, learning languages and participate in politics precisely because of the terrorist attacks of 9-11. For these young people, Bin Laden was the same incarnation of the devil, but the hiper-partidismo in our political life disgusts them (after the attacks) they assimilated deeply the sense of national unity and that continues to be a defining characteristic of his generation, said Margaret Hoover, political exasesora during the George w. Bush administration, in the conservative magazine The Ripon Forum.


An excellent feature is the option to edit that he allows, among other things, create footballers, modify the score of existing ones, and even import faces for them. Many players use this option to assemble a team composed by themselves and their friends, getting a different experience that provides variety and renewal. This version presents two new game modes that complement to the already known, the first is the Champions League, which is a great innovation that excites much to his followers and will allow us to participate in this prestigious tournament with one of the teams qualified for this season or someone else we want. Mode plays very well the League, with an introduction by high level, with music, repetitions and several more characteristic of the television presentation details.The second game mode is which has attracted the attention of this PES 2009, consists of taking the role of a single player throughout his career until retirement. Why it is so attractive? Because unlike what Konami us had accustomed in all modes, who was driving a full team in a competition, this time we will handle a single player, who will try to become a star of world football, starting from the bottom, playing for the team of surrogates in the trainings, fighting for ownership, paving way based on good performances to get to large teamswinning awards and finally getting to the national team, where you can access win a World Cup. It is a great way without a doubt but contains a negative detail and is the fact of not being able to choose random starting points of your player, these are generated then you begin the game, hopefully in next versions be modified for greater freedom and a greater entertainment. Konami to released patch 1.10, 1.20 and 1.30 for versions of PS3 XBOX 360 and PC in addition to correcting errors, most notably has been incorporated in new licenses and the last, 1.30, updated campuses according to European winter market and incorporates new players, no doubt it is a fact that deserves congratulations for developers because it is the first time that they continue working on a PES to update computers based on the last signings, something that is certainly appreciated by fans. Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 is an excellent Simulator but with certain aspects that improve but that keeps the formula of success. New game modes have enriched the product and have led him to a level high as well as also his improvement in the system of the gameplay. If you’re passionate about sports and in particular football, it is a great choice for fun.

Democracy University

Democracy means Government by the free education, and aristocracy means Government by the poorly educated. Gilbert Keith Chesterton the adoption of the new University Act which the National Assembly took place on the morning of the 23 of December of last year (2010), could not be accepted as it has happened, what she represents, the legal vices that includes unconstitutional, thus, as the threat to the most sacred of the University as it is its autonomy, and the guarantee that democracy is manifested towards its functionality, social responsibility. According to the Real Academia Espanola autonomy is: the power that within a State have municipalities, provinces, regions or other entities, to be bound by rules and own governing bodies. Autonomy, at the University level, reminds us of It is the possibility that they have teachers, students, employees and all those who make life inside the campus of organizing and planning that it is within that community.

The Article 9 of the national law of universities said: universities are autonomous. They have: 1. organizational autonomy, in virtue of which may dictate its internal rules. 2. academic autonomy, to plan, organize and carry out programs of research, teaching and extension necessary for the fulfilment of their purposes 3. administrative autonomy, to choose and appoint their authorities and designate your personal teaching, research and administrative; 4. Economic and financial autonomy to organize and manage their heritage.

The fact, that the Education Act to be adopted with the concensuo of the parties involved, must, as says us assure, that university autonomy is the means through which the University deploys its deliberative and critical nature within the State itself of which it is an integral element. Therefore the LEU should not subordinate to the University with respect to other institutions of the State, or to prevail in it any manifestation of thought. The University autonomy is so essential to the State as the heteronomy of the military apparatus.

Vicente Cebria Ballester

Therefore our documentary source is transcendent and direct from the same source, my paternal grandfather D. Vicente Cebria Ballester, was a near relative of the owners of that famous alqueria de Burjassot road, referred to by Vicente Blasco Ibanez, the Valencian novelist more universal, say so accredited campus was located in the North of outside the walls of the city of Valenciaadjacent to the renowned monastery of hope, precisely in the chamfer of the road in Burjassot, by where by one, and another part, it reasoned the historical roads Real de Liria and Paterna, so leafy place was surrounded by a well kept orchards and groves, bathed by the great irrigation ditches of Tormos, Mestalla, and Petra. Our delicacy will have to agree that the Valencian Paella is the best known delicacy of exalted Spanish gastronomy, is the same glorification of rice worldwide. This so exquisite dish of Mediterranean cuisine arose initially from the kitchens of the more stately alquerias de la huerta, after the capital city bourgeoisie hand was introduced and glorified in environments, artistic, religious and literary in Alicante, Castellon and Valencia. Even in these same times when the Valencians from any of its three provinces want to solemnize any special anniversary with friends, personalities, heads of State, Kings or dads, you never miss from the most distinguished tablecloth, to the more modest, Queen and Lady of the Spanish gastronomy. Therefore we will have to agree that the elaboration of genuine paella is an art that goes far beyond, in Valencian lands its elaboration is considered a rite and revered ceremonial, therefore we have a special conception of a recipe anchored in bases so fundamental that it does not disappoint as exact and specific ingredients. The oldest and most experienced cooks of those sumptuous stoves were so demanding, which chose lemon, orange or carob firewood for cooking. Authentic paella must cook it with flame (fire very much alive), never with grilled.