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Sheraton Istanbul Airport

To get 260 euros for the hotel stay, including full Board. Treatments at the Spa is available at an additional cost. Information and details of the seminar can be requested by emailing more information about the hotel and booking on Alpine hotel, by telephone at Tel. 08026 / 98811 or by email at. PreActive coaching hosts coaching seminars, aimed to give participants more security at the lifestyle and career development based in Schliersee. The coaches of PreActive coaching have all have several years of experience and in-depth knowledge in various industries.

M. Rudolf Pemsel, business coach, worked for many years in senior management positions, Sylvia Preuschl works as a systemic coach and management consultant, and Robert Leger is sports coach with years of experience in sales. Together, they cover the main areas of business coaching, Negotiation techniques, visioning, potential detection as well as sports & motivation down. ArabellSheraton Alpenhotel, Spitzingsee the ArabellSheraton Alpenhotel, between Wendelstein and Tegernsee on 1085 metres above sea level and is surrounded by untouched nature and the crystal clear water of the Spitzingsee. The 120 comfortable rooms and suites in a charming country house style provide Bavarian culture with warm wood, sunny colors, and attention to detail. From the private balcony, guests enjoy wonderful views of the mountains and the sparkling water. In the evening, the restaurants of King Ludwig offer delights of Bavarian traditionally up to Tuscan Mediterranean bar and Osteria L’oliva.

The spacious spa features the highest salt-water Spa of in Germany, a sauna area with steam bath, aroma showers, mountain flowers and Finnish sauna, and a fitness room with modern equipment, and how the entire spa panorama front to the sea. For events of all kinds the separate, exclusive Seehof offers a Conference Centre on the ideal place both for private and commercial events with up to 160 persons. In the Federation of ArabellStarwood hotels & resorts are branded hotels Sheraton in Munich (3), Frankfurt (2), Offenbach, Dusseldorf, Essen, Hanover, Nuremberg, at the spitzingsee Lake, in Zurich, Davos (2) and Pretoria. spitzingsee Sheraton hotels & resorts: Sheraton has more than 400 hotels in 75 countries most frequently represented brand by Starwood Hotels & resorts worldwide and offers the full range of modern comforts no matter whether in major cities and stunning resort destinations. With the introduction of the Sweet Sleeper bed”, Sheraton sparked a trend in the international hospitality industry in 2002. “The latest innovative initiative of the brand: Link@Sheraton experienced with Microsoft” a separate lounge area with technology equipment in the hotel lobby for those who feel to travel at home and want to work in a relaxed atmosphere or stay with the colleagues and the relatives at home. (New openings include: Sheraton quip Golf Resort & Spa in Spain (2009), Sheraton Istanbul Airport in Turkey (2009), Sheraton Bratislava in Slovakia (2009), Sheraton Malpensa airport in Milan (2010), Sheraton Almaty hotel in Kazakhstan (2010).) Press contact: ArabellStarwood hotels & resorts Michaela belling/Carolin Becker Englschalkinger str. 12, D-81925 Munich Tel.: + 49 (0) 89 93001-6427 fax.: + 49 (0) 89 93001-6822 email:; Web: online PR Agency: NetBooster GmbH Gilles Bourdin, Managing Director of Berner-Street 64, 60437 Frankfurt Tel: 069-71 91 49 70 email: Web:

Waldkappel Tel

In 1999 was the concept of trade businessman for sales with a “certificate of Excellence Award at the international DeutschenTrainingspreis. In 2001, a concept to “Optimize the vendor portfolio” is produced in cooperation with the Edwards delta Vertriebs GmbH in Mainz. This concept wins bronze in 2003 when the international price in German training. Due to the good success rate and high sustainability the replaced BEST GmbH in 2008 the 5-year award of BDVT. In 2003, the BEST GmbH begins to expand the education and training programme on the field of business education.

It was the training to the distribution facilities and trainer. Training, the due to the development of the market from the outset very high acceptance in the Marktgefunden has. The BEST GmbH becomes network partner in the TAN Trainernetzwerkdes BDVT and educates coaches after this concept. In 2006, the BEST GmbH developed a stand-alone training and offered it in cooperation with the IHK Kassel as a certificate course. The ‘trainer for continuing vocational training (IHK)”asserts itself in the market quickly and becomes one of the most successful training in Germany. Since 2008, the BEST GmbH as one of the first providers offers the legally regulated training to the “professional educator for education and training (IHK)” and established itself as a leading private premium in the pedagogical training. Inducted by Margo Dittrich as new managing partner, the BEST GmbH in addition gaining momentum and remains in spite of the crisis on growth. Contact: BEST sales GmbH Bernd Stelzer European ring 45 37284 Waldkappel Tel.: 05656 92 36 89 fax: 05656 92 39 72 E-Mail: Web: press contact: QvorQ GmbH & co. KG on the high way 10 27313 Dorverden Tel.: + 49 (0) 4234 94136 fax: + 49 (0) 4234 94137 E-Mail: Web:

Factoring Baden-Wurttemberg – Factoring Custom-made

What counts for the FBW – factoring Baden-Wurttemberg, in particular confidence in the partner at eye level is pure formally factoring is the purchase of debts from deliveries of goods and services to the short-term sales financing and protection against bad debts. But factoring is far more. What matters for the FBW – factoring Baden-Wurttemberg, is above all confidence in the partner eye level, individual consulting by competent, solid contact, as well as a tailor-made solution. At the end, a win-win situation must be in any case – for the customers, but also for the factoring company. Why factoring is a matter of trust, soon becomes clear.

Before the FBW adopts a customer, this is tested in an intense conversation through its paces. To do this, the Remchinger company receives include insights into business reporting, balance sheets and income statement. In other words: credit, vitality, respectability, and risk must be – in which both the customer Accounts receivable. All documents are complete, the customer receives a premium or rejection promptly. Please note: Premium or cancellation. No offer. We’re not looking for fast business. We look at eye level”quality customers, shows FBW Sales Manager Ralf Marquardt.

Just as a win-win situation for both partners could be the end. The FBW has specialized himself mainly on customers from the middle class, no matter from which industry. Only the construction and craftsmanship is excluded, because their bills are not recoverable. Is an individual factoring package created and the contract, the customer already two weeks later to determine the first payment on his account. Factoring is a modern financial management. For the customer only the account number changes”Marquardt noted. The advantages for the customers are obvious: Better liquidity, more security personnel and thing saving accounts receivable management. The cost for the customers consist of essentially following factors as Annual turnover, number of clients, number of invoices or loss expectations the factors together. Furthermore the costs depend on the type of factoring, so whether it’s a snippet or sales financing an open. Factoring benefits: Liquidity: we pay your claims immediately and turn them into cash. You can skontieren again at their suppliers than paying cash. Your financial planning is now much safer. Also you can accept larger orders. Security: You have no bad debts. Because FBW assumes the full risk to 100 percent for purchased receivables. Service: We manage your accounts receivable. You worry about the purchasing, sales, and customer service. Credit assessment and monitoring, accounts receivable, Dunning and Receivables Management acquires the FBW for you.

Off Printable! Was BANDYSHIRT

…und a small idea wude quickly to large reality since January has come! The company BANDYSHIRT (formerly DRUDCKBAR) headquartered in Oppenheim am Rhein has launched your first online store. A young, dynamic company has made the leap and opened its doors to individualists-jung how old. Recently, customers have the opportunity to acquire textiles which were refined with designs from the House of BANDYSHIRT and on the other to bring their own graphical designs on textile and thus their own style to create. No matter whether a one-off, or additional requirements, individuals, or companies, the staff at BANDYSHIRT are always tried every wish in the action! Who is BANDYSHIRT? After Christian Bramer and Enrico Titze started a few years ago (at that time still under the name printable!) to create a foothold in the field of textile finishing, it was quickly clear this industry has a future. Both have not only understood it the large customers a platform to offer your own on the Print company logos etc on textile can leave even the small businesses and individuals. After two moves to larger premises, expansion of printing techniques and machinery was off printable! BANDYSHIRT. A company that has managed to build a large clientele of satisfied private clients and well-known companies (that are called only by prior arrangement) to names of data protection provisions in a short time! Conny Wilke

Monarchis Presents

Very specific fair celebrates 30th anniversary with most current theme New Ulm/Sindelfingen, 03.02.2010 – World Climate Change Conference, reduction of CO2 emissions, renewable energy. All topics that are current today, than ever before. And the foresight of the organizers of this exhibition shows very clearly that the organizers of the fair have recognized House and energy in Sindelfingen 30 years ago, that save energy starts in your own four walls. These areas include the day-to-day business for the real estate service provider Monarchis real estate. Energy saving Regulation (EnEV), renewable heat law, amendment of the Federal Immission Control Act – rarely have seen themselves builders and home owners so many new laws and regulations as they are. Which are the consequences of the regulations for the own construction or building, were the subjects of more than 150 exhibitors who had built up their booths in the exhibition hall Sindelfingen from 21 to 24 January 2010. Rarely before but there was so much need for education – for example, to the “EnEV” 2009, the most Entered into force 1 October 2009. This brings far-reaching changes and even forcing homeowners to act if they plan actually no modernization.

Duty is so immediately the insulation of a roof or top floor ceiling. Where is still not checked is, must be retrofitted. And who plans modernisation measures, must reach the prescribed energy values for old buildings as early as from a change of ten percent of the affected component surfaces – for example the facade – so energetically restructure. Therefore should be examined when planning minor work on a facade, whether they enforce an energetic exercise. And if building will be modernized, the newly built parts by 30 percent must be more energy efficient than ever before.

This applies to exterior walls, Windows, doors, glass roofs, doors, ceilings and roofs. So, it’s no wonder that the EnEV 2009 also in the Forum of the House and energy was a subject. “The new EnEV 2009 and their impact” was the appropriate lecture the Association of building energy consultants, engineers, and craftsmen. There were interesting presentations on all four days of the fair. Also, a topic in the Forum, as well as many exhibitors of the fair, was the renewable heat law. This prescribes in Baden-Wurttemberg as a complement to the renewable energies heat Act of the Federal Government from 1 January 2010, that in old buildings 10% of the heat demand must be covered by renewable energies, if the central heating system is replaced. The law provides several alternatives for fulfilling this requirement. One of them is the combination of a gas or oil condensing value boiler with a solar thermal plant on the roof. All these topics, which were also for the real estate service provider Monarchis of interest, the company with fun and games was a sign, because at all sober information which resulted in the good mood on the Monarchis stand for variety and a good mood. More information under: the Monarchis Grundbesitz mbH with headquarters in Neu-Ulm is a wholly owned Subsidiary of global asset AG, Munich. Monarchis is a successful real estate and financial services company with a focus on residential real estate in Germany. Currently, the company has over 661 units (plus three commercial units) in Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia and Saxony. Contact: Monarchis Grundbesitz company mbH Wolf-Dieter Guip Edisonallee 1-3 89231 Neu-Ulm 0731-98099659