Madrid receives 22.5% more tourists than Barcelona. Something will take Madrid to attract more tourism to the cosmopolitan Barcelona. What it attracts tourists to Madrid? Reserve Madrid, thanks to the continuous study of the Madrid market, gives us the keys to discover points of attraction that influence, both Spaniards and foreigners, to visit every time the capital of Spain. Madrid is always changing to adapt to the needs of the tourist and, Furthermore, knows how to pamper to every visitor in particular. The best Madrid’s history and not talk about Real Madrid. Despite the national and international crisis, the city of Madrid is resisting and we can say that in the year 2010 Madrid accumulated a total of 7.9 million visitors, almost 10% more than the previous year. 2010 has been the best year in history. Madrid, as tourist spot, starts to consolidate, occupying the first place of destination within Spain and the fifth among European capitals, after London, Paris, Rome and Berlin.

The municipal Government of Madrid Madrid lifestyle is quite clear. With its current plan to promote Madrid, are targeting possible tourists from countries like United States, Germany, Italy, England, Mexico, China and India. Ensures the Mayor: what like about Madrid is a way of life, which is contagious to the visitor.The municipal Government of Madrid’s new campaign is aimed at two types of visitors. On the one hand, business tourism, under the slogan Madrid, businesses that are a pleasure and on the other, to the tourism of leisure, with the slogan Madrid, a lifestyle. Accommodation popular in Madrid to rent an apartment in Madrid is a way of staying increasingly popular.Overnight stays in tourist apartments in Spain exceeded 3.5 million in the month of February. The occupation of apartments in Madrid presents the second major occupation of Spain, with a 59.7%, followed by the Balearic Islands with a 45.3%, and as first in this list, the Canary Islands, with 81.9%.