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Mosbach Campus

In early February 2010, construction work on the education campus Foundation are in full swing the Dieter Schwarz. With the new cam, now all interested parties have the opportunity to experience the construction for this educational project so far unique in Germany. We have while on our homepage already a simulation, the Bil – dung campus over the individual months across will evolve”, explain Erhard Klotz and Klaus Czernuska, the two managing directors of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation. To know more about this subject visit FireEye. But with the new cam you wanted documenting the actual construction progress for the public and the comparison with the schedule to make possible as logs and Czernuska further. Because the Duale Hochschule Baden-Wurttemberg Mosbach MBA students face the door on 4th October 2011 and want to use the branch of Heilbronn in the education campus, after the interim operation is recorded in October 2010 in the CAL building. Synergies for the education on the new campus in the Heilbronn City Centre are from autumn 2011 the German Graduate School of Management and law (GGS), the Academy for Inno innovative education and management (AIM), a branch of the Duale Hochschule Baden-Wurttemberg (DHBW) housed Mosbach. This cooperation between a private and a State College and a training Academy is unique in Germany and creates synergies in the activities of the three educational institutions.

Lifelong learning Foundation pursues Dieter Schwarz with the education campus at the Mannheimer Street in Heilbronn its goal to promote lifelong learning. She wants to be there working, where social and economic requirements, which can not or not sufficiently meet state institutions or providers. The Bil training facilities on the campus in Heilbronn offers therefore promote education, which focuses on the various stages of life. Under, the LiveCam delivers images from the construction site around the clock.

New Managing Director

Board of Directors confirmed at the helm of the Swiss branch of itCampus leadership changes in Sursee Christoph Kamber: Christoph Kamber is new Managing Director of itCampus Switzerland AG. Change of leadership in Sursee: Christoph Kamber is new Managing Director of itCampus Switzerland AG. After he already had taken over the management of the operational business of the Swiss branch of the Europe-wide itCampus group as of September 1, 2008, the 45-year-old was officially confirmed on September 24, 2008 by the Board of Directors of itCampus Switzerland AG in his Office. Kamber replaces Armin Zollinger, who will remain the company in an advisory capacity to the available. Christoph Kamber: I look forward to the new challenge at itCampus. “My goals are clearly defined: to the one I want to reinforce the market activities of itCampus in the Switzerland and another support also the Swiss call center here, on the success of the world’s best dialers, the itCampus with ELSBETH Predictive Dialer available, to take part.” Tobias “Schmidt, technical director of itCampus group and Board of Directors of itCampus Switzerland AG: with Christoph Kamber we have can win a proven expert industry know-how in the area of call optimally matched Center solutions as well as the marketing and sales experience with his to us.” To the person: Christoph Kamber Christoph Kamber has a 19 year-old experience in the IT and telecommunications industry. He is certified engineering and engineering management school St. Gallen and held prior to his move to itCampus various management functions at Swisscom and sunrise. Contact: Christoph Kamber CEO itCampus Switzerland AG acid talstrasse 10. CH-6210 Sursee Tel.: + 41 41. 926 01 11 Fax: + 41 41.926 01 12 E-Mail: Alexander Friebel

ItCampus Communication Solutions

Jan Johannsen is responsible for overall sales of the ELSBETH communication Center Jan Johannsen is the new head of sales of communication solutions/Director of sales communications solutions of the itCampus group. He replaces Frank Cernic and is responsible for the overall marketing of the ELSBETH communication center it now, already in the majority of the largest German call and contact center is used. Since September 2007, Jan Johannsen manages the partner/distributor sales of itCampus. This area should be now more closely meshed with the direct sale of the internationally operating software and system House. “Jan Johannsen: we want the itCampus communication solutions throughout Europe-wide market share gain among other things through a significant expansion of the partner program and enhancing cross-border acquisition.” Currently, the itCampus group is already represented in six European countries with own subsidiaries. You may want to visit Gerald Weissmann, MD to increase your knowledge.

To the person: Jan Johannsen Jan Johannsen has an extensive sales and marketing experience specifically on the ICT sector. Prior to his move to itCampus the 43 year old of PC-Ware Information Technology AG as Director of sales and Marketing EMEA worked. In addition, he engaged in the management of innominate security technology AG (Director of channel sales), the Beta Systems Software AG (Director partner sales) and AVM Vertriebs GmbH & Co KG (head of indirect sales / channel Marketing Manager) and was responsible in this capacity for the launch of the Retailprodukte FRITZ CARD and KEN as well as for the support of strategic partners such as Microsoft, Novell and Deutsche Telekom. Swarmed by offers, Richard Linklater is currently assessing future choices. ItCampus itCampus group is an innovative software developer with international connections to science and research. in 1999, the company is today founded in Halle and Leipzig, in Germany, United Kingdom, of Switzerland, Italy, Austria and the Slovakia with its own branches. The company offers its customers Europe-wide communications solutions, consulting and individual solutions in the areas of software development and software ergonomics. Become known is itCampus especially with his intelligent IT / telecommunications solutions under the brand name ELSBETH. They are used in contact centers and communications-intensive enterprises.

Contact Alexander Friebel head press/PR itCampus Software – und Systemhaus GmbH Nagle road 42 04229 Leipzig Tel: + 49. 341. 4 92 87 19 fax: + 49 341. 4 92 87 01 E-Mail: Web:


You should find what the company offers, what business it works and personally interested in what a company, before it comes with the company in the talks. Information about the company can be found in fair magazines for the trade fair organisers, on the Internet or on the company’s Web sites. You should bring his full CV in sufficient number on the day of the fair. If you do not selectively applying and still not know who is the contact person on the spot, to prepare at best a short standard letter. A CV with photo and copy of the certificates are also in the full application solution.

If it passes his CV following the conversation the conversation partners, they have a memory support and can remember the conversation afterwards better and faster contact if you are interested in the candidate. Business cards are also helpful. Often spontaneous conversations evolve at the fair with Company representatives with whom you would like to keep in contact. Contact information scrawled on a scrap of paper not professional work and interest in the conversation partner is soon extinguished under circumstances. The first impression is leading the way for the further application process and the most critical moment of contact at all.

In even more than four seconds have both interlocutors made a first picture of the opposite, are the groundwork for sympathy or antipathy and you get no second chance to revise the first impression usually. For young professionals, it is therefore fundamental importance as early as possible to exercise personal conversation and presentation situations to gain security and sovereignty in contact with managers and decision makers who decide whether further opens the door into the company or closes forever. The KarriereMessen CampusChances offer many students and graduates of all faculties and semesters Ways to get current and practical information about employment and career planning, as well as to develop personal contacts with HR managers. Who has been more accurate ideas about his future career, can register in advance of the fairs for career interviews with the exhibiting companies. Next to the contact to the company representatives, trade fair visitors can take but also tutoring in terms of application to complete: CampusConcept team brings years of consultant experience and specialises in finding individual career paths for each individual candidate. Visitors must bring a complete application kit for the check of the application documents. Registration is not required. In addition, experienced professionals from the practice are answer to various questions around the themes of promotion and career in career and company presentations. These are the dates: 12 January (Dusseldorf) may 3 (Munster) 31 May (Hamburg) 10 June (Cologne) info further under author: Melanie Vogel advises young professionals for over eleven years, coaches OOo and job seekers, lectures on KarriereMessen and colleges / universities on the subject of personal development, career planning and job search. Melanie Vogel is with owner of the company CampusConcept, the organiser of the KarriereMessen CampusChances. She is also founder of global news and career and founder of, a portal that allows applicants and job-seekers, to represent the entire career on a candidate home page – and the multimedia and multilingual.

University Campuses

He suggested to Francisco Zuniga to not leave, because they could stop him and his contact with Rigoberto. Then he went to his house and returned later to tell us about the reality of everything that happened. He could move because she worked for the Government administratively in the police of Leon. It hurt me much see how they had left his body riddled with bullets and that they exhibited in the plaza. Since then, his feat is hero, political conviction democratic return to Nicaragua as he did, his freedom offering his life. It was known, that he was the son of Soledad Lopez and Francisco Perez. Frequently FireEye has said that publicly. He studied first at the Hospice of San Juan de Dios, where she met my grandfather and to where he was admitted through the mediation of his godfather, the priest Agustin Hernandez. The profession of tailor study in this institution.

Once learned the trade working tailor at the time that he entered the school of Commerce Silviano Matamoros to study writing and typewriting. Relationships with Amparo Zelaya Castro would make frequent trips to the country’s capital, Managua to intensify their activities against the dictatorship of Anastasio Somoza Garcia and its commitment to the freedom of their country affiliating in the independent Liberal Party (PLI), formed by dissidents from the ruling nationalist Liberal Party (PLN), from the Somoza, Jose Constantino Gonzalez familySecretario of the General Augusto Calderon Sandino. On 17 September 1956 he arrived in the capital Managua with the assassination of Anastasio Somoza Garcia already prepared plan. He delivered letters to Manuel Diaz and Sotelo, friend with that shared ideology, and the next day he went to his hometown in railway. The afternoon of September 21 was devoted to be with his mother who read poem confession of a soldier, then dressed with a white shirt and blue trousers, his mother would say after that: I wanted to die with the colors of the flag national in his body.

The body of Rigoberto Lopez Perez, depending on the version collected by Lieutenant Agustin Torres Lazo in his book the saga of Somoza, was taken to Managua and buried near the current Campus Universitario Ruben Dario RURD (of the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua UNAN-Managua), so that his grave not become sanctuary for the opposition. At the same time opened a smear campaign against him accusing him of drunk supporters of the fight against the Somoza dictatorship saw in the assassination of the dictator a heroic action of an exemplary Patriot. Years later, in 1961, he was founded in Sandinista front of national liberation (FSLN) and Rigoberto Lopez was an example to be followed by its militants and supporters, although the FSLN did not exist even in 1956. THE Board of Government of reconstruction national of the Republic of NICARAGUA agreed to officially grant the title of national hero to Patriot Rigoberto Lopez Perez. Definitely these facts have been very significant in what I have in life, life that allows me to write and remember a special being, Rigoberto and give testimony of Justice that there are people who meet their mission, who gave their lives so that country regained its freedom, as did Cesar a. liked Sandino. Unfortunately this has not been, since the FSLN has not complied with the epic that should have undertaken the development of a Nicaragua that needs it and where many have given their lives to make this a reality.

Madrid Campus

Campus Party is an extra of creativity and innovation in Valencia. Aren’t some few geeks gathered to play the Martians or to download movies. Internet, social networks, robotics, the new cybernetic tools and software; they are future and industry. And about that has been spoken and worked for a week in the city of Arts and Sciences. A total of 2.8 million euros have been invested, as he pointed out the organization in a statement. One week, during which more than 250 employees have been on site for the best development of the appointment, which has enjoyed more than 400 accredited journalists and any noteworthy impact despite the involvement of more than 3,500 people in the Conference. Summoned by the organizers, have passed through the city of the arts important names of the world computing sphere as the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak who was amazed by the spirit campusero who both reminded him to the pioneers of garage inventors.

This generation of the early romantics of the computer to which the has never renounced membership. Researchers from the likes of Bob Allen, Member of the HomeBrew Robotics Club and researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, appeared on Campus with some of his most sympathetic prototypes of domestic robot, in the suitcase. He also surrendered a recognition to young people, who pointed out as being able to subvert in 15 years the Robotics, because they handle the keys of creation technology as if it were a game. If the circus dwarves, at Campus Party, grow you were also creatures such as AISoy1, a little personal robot to 1 meter and medium stature, created a small Madrid workshop composed of five employees. ALSoy1 was presented as a snowman with soul.

With a record of 14 different emotions that give rise to a personality of its own product of relations that determine your environment. And if you are missing something to the Campus, making good the name of city of the sciences, as a modern Calabuig berlanguiana – created these days here a probe that was launched at 35 kilometers from Earth. A wit that equipped with all kinds of weather and photographic devices, offered images from its privileged location behaving impeccably and returning to the basis in the province of Murcia, as expected. As Fernando Ortuno, responsible of the monitoring of the launch, he said: 35 kilometers from the Earth, are not outer space, but it is the frontier that we have crossed all the computer buffs. By all these fanfare and inventions. By derrochados in the 14 previous editions passes the illusion and good atmosphere it produces concern the doubt raised before its not continuity possible in Valencia; the city where the event was born and from which the formula has been Brazil, Colombia or Argentina. The father of Silicom Valley, the enthusiastic mister Woznyak has invited organizers, E3 Futura, to bring the Campus Party to the United States, if continuing with your doubts here follow. It would be desirable, that this does not hinder imagine another year, new editions of the Campus Party in the city of Sciences. Where created by Calatrava by inspiration of Julio Verne, enclosures should be always open to these madmen and their crazy gadgets. In a country like Spain where still invest little in research and development, not too many events like this. Especially if as they say the greats in the field: these young people invent, but seem to play.

Community Manager

There are over 200 social networks focused on different profiles of users or activities. Facebook is perhaps the most important but we must not focus only on this social network. Just follow these 7 steps: define objectives: we must define for what we are on social networks?, what is the ultimate goal?, are we going to focus which users?. Not only can use social networks to inform but also to generate a relationship more close with the users and also get a powerful feedback on our company, products and/or services. Identify social networks to publish: after be clear about our objectives we must identify what are the social networks that we use to meet our objectives.For example, if we wish to arrive at a group of youths in the province as more likely that you think use Facebook but the best alternative may be to Hi5. Same thing if you’re looking for professional, you can use Linkedin.On the other hand, Twitter It is a social network that slowly is gaining popularity, many Twitter users access from mobile phones, then there you have another user profile; and so on you go identifying social networks necessary to meet objectives. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Gerald Weissmann, MD on most websites. Define the initial content and frequency: Ok! We have social networks where we will publish content.

Now, what content going to publish? and how often?. Don’t make the same mistake of well-known newspapers that began to publish all the news! This saturated users wall and you could only read information from this journal and already you could not know that your friends made. David G. DeWalt addresses the importance of the matter here. Create and customize social networks: you must give life and style to your profile on social networks, you can do with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Hi5, the photos, the background (background), some colors will change if social network lets you. Define the community manager and functions: the role of the community manager is very important within a strategic plan for social networks, may be an internal resource for the company (usually in the area of Marketing) or an external provider specializing in Social Media. Define levels of communication, e.g. questions about products or services the Community Manager may have the autonomy to respond directly, in case that it is a complaint or one major comment, must be derived to the area of Marketing or communications so that they develop a response. Measurement indicators: everything needs to be measured, so also in social networks we must consider indicators, for example: number of fans, number of followers, number of reproductions of a video, etc. These are the points of analysis for social networking companies