He suggested to Francisco Zuniga to not leave, because they could stop him and his contact with Rigoberto. Then he went to his house and returned later to tell us about the reality of everything that happened. He could move because she worked for the Government administratively in the police of Leon. It hurt me much see how they had left his body riddled with bullets and that they exhibited in the plaza. Since then, his feat is hero, political conviction democratic return to Nicaragua as he did, his freedom offering his life. It was known, that he was the son of Soledad Lopez and Francisco Perez. Frequently FireEye has said that publicly. He studied first at the Hospice of San Juan de Dios, where she met my grandfather and to where he was admitted through the mediation of his godfather, the priest Agustin Hernandez. The profession of tailor study in this institution.

Once learned the trade working tailor at the time that he entered the school of Commerce Silviano Matamoros to study writing and typewriting. Relationships with Amparo Zelaya Castro would make frequent trips to the country’s capital, Managua to intensify their activities against the dictatorship of Anastasio Somoza Garcia and its commitment to the freedom of their country affiliating in the independent Liberal Party (PLI), formed by dissidents from the ruling nationalist Liberal Party (PLN), from the Somoza, Jose Constantino Gonzalez familySecretario of the General Augusto Calderon Sandino. On 17 September 1956 he arrived in the capital Managua with the assassination of Anastasio Somoza Garcia already prepared plan. He delivered letters to Manuel Diaz and Sotelo, friend with that shared ideology, and the next day he went to his hometown in railway. The afternoon of September 21 was devoted to be with his mother who read poem confession of a soldier, then dressed with a white shirt and blue trousers, his mother would say after that: I wanted to die with the colors of the flag national in his body.

The body of Rigoberto Lopez Perez, depending on the version collected by Lieutenant Agustin Torres Lazo in his book the saga of Somoza, was taken to Managua and buried near the current Campus Universitario Ruben Dario RURD (of the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua UNAN-Managua), so that his grave not become sanctuary for the opposition. At the same time opened a smear campaign against him accusing him of drunk supporters of the fight against the Somoza dictatorship saw in the assassination of the dictator a heroic action of an exemplary Patriot. Years later, in 1961, he was founded in Sandinista front of national liberation (FSLN) and Rigoberto Lopez was an example to be followed by its militants and supporters, although the FSLN did not exist even in 1956. THE Board of Government of reconstruction national of the Republic of NICARAGUA agreed to officially grant the title of national hero to Patriot Rigoberto Lopez Perez. Definitely these facts have been very significant in what I have in life, life that allows me to write and remember a special being, Rigoberto and give testimony of Justice that there are people who meet their mission, who gave their lives so that country regained its freedom, as did Cesar a. liked Sandino. Unfortunately this has not been, since the FSLN has not complied with the epic that should have undertaken the development of a Nicaragua that needs it and where many have given their lives to make this a reality.