Month: February 2014


Jesus, worker of the UCM, has a son who just turned sixteen. To him, as in general all the boys her age, Jesus looks somewhat listless, lacking motivation, little effort and quite clueless. A few months ago, Jesus came for employment at a conference held in the Complutense University on the occasion of the international day of disability. One of the youths who intervened called attention. It was a blind kid, student of business administration. He spoke of overcoming, of no surrender, know what you want and strive to achieve it.

As I listened to these words, then his son David came to mind. You would be listening to this, he thought. Jesus continued mulling the idea and got in touch with the Office for the integration of persons with disabilities of the UCM. He got the email from this guy. Before writing you, approached by the College of your child to see what seemed to them the idea of carrying to school to that kid had heard that effort and overcoming, and which also had won four gold medals at the Paralympic Games last summer. We said of course, that find people that impacts to the kids is very difficult and even more that told things as we have to strive for what we want, that life is not what you are accustomed, to have many things and do little to get them, said Fernando Mazo, the Chief of studies of Bachelor’s degree of the Lourdes Collegelinked to the household employee Foundation.

Jesus wrote Enhamed Enhamed, this young athlete who championed the Spanish team at the closing ceremony of the Paralympics, to whom a disease left him blind with just 8 years and who knew how to overcome his fear of water to become the best present Paralympic swimmer. Enhamed agreed delighted. Seemed to me very well the idea of going to a school to transmit some values. In addition, now that have lost you the fear to speak in public, I can take on everything, joked. The Lourdes Hall was filled, and what is more important, in the words of Fernando Mazo: I think that you impressed them. It was good account Enhamed, I think that something will have served them. My intention was to convey my idea that no surrender, that you must fight for what you want through the effort and always with respect for others. Jesus also thinks Enhamed words will, at least, made thinking his son and his companions. And David, what he says? It was good. He spoke of the typical effort and all that, but to be someone young you look more reflected. Your life is like a movie that makes you think.

Educao Rui Barbosa

This process can be recurrent of some factors, such as: demotivate of the professor, inadequate infrastructure for the accomplishment of activities that involve the most diverse didactic resources, absence of laboratory for festival of practical activities, among others. Ahead of this, the educative process contemporary has demanded each time more qualification and change of position of the professor, so that, gradual, it abandons the traditional boardings and it can develop its work, of form such, that the educations are inserted in the social context. Moreover, it must possess the ability to carry through analyses and reflections on educative practical its, for not becoming a mere transmitter of knowledge and understanding the context of what critically it studies, analyzing what it is propagated by the media and acting with citizenship, accomplishing the chemical education. The professor needs to have clarity on the main problems of education learning that can be if becoming obstacles for the understanding of the boarded contents for it. The simple understanding of a scientific concept on the part of the professor, does not guarantee that this will be assimilated of the best form for its pupils, who need to carry through connections with boarded subjects in others discipline, to enlarger its use and to act of critical form front to the problems of the daily one.

However, great part of the students does not obtain to carry through the necessary abstractions for the understanding of the content, does not accomplish the mentioned connections previously, therefore, most of the time, the studied subjects are given of form that value, so only, the memorization of the concepts, symbols and formulas without significant or concern with the reflexive analysis of what he is being studied. What he has been observed, currently, is that the learning, frequent, raise questionings concerning the importance of the study of Chemistry. Perceive if, with this, that exists a difficulty in relating Boarded chemistry in the pertaining to school context, with that one lived deeply in its daily one. Ahead of the pointed perception previously, one becomes excellent to carry through a study that is capable to diagnosis the main problems in the education process learning of Chemistry. This can be of great value for the professor interested in making of pedagogical practical its an efficient way in the aid to the pupils for the exercise of the citizenship, implying in a participation more effective in the democracy and taking of decision. In sights of this, this work objectified, therefore, using itself application of questionnaires, to carry through a survey on the main difficulties in the education process learning of Chemistry, faced for pupils and professor of the Institute of Educao Rui Barbosa (IERB), whose practical educative it is not centered in the massive approval of the vestibular contest, what it made possible to detect lacks in the educative process and to consider action that, possibly, minimize the difficulties found in the construction of the Chemical knowledge.

Magical History

It's sobriety and mental clarity, self-discipline and self-acceptance, is the ease and harmony with oneself and the world, it is still a lot of things, but most importantly – this is freedom. And not just to intellectual freedom, but freedom of mind, consciousness of man and his infinite possibilities (see the 'Magical History "). Magic or what we used to call magic, that does not fit the usual description of our world – not an end in itself, rather it is a natural product of human evolution. The main purpose of discipline – freedom. At the same time sober and critical judgments are an essential and indispensable attribute of consciousness practice. There is nothing you need to blindly accept at face value, the criterion of truth is practice and personal experience. In this way a warrior close to scientific knowledge. Now going back, actually, to stalking.

On the road a warrior is, in general, two general lines of practice – the dream and stalking. And she, and other practices aim to develop awareness. Development to such an extent that realization is made available various outrageous opportunities. So what is stalking? There are certain principles and guidelines of stalking, but to say exactly what it is, hardly anyone can. Unfortunately, at this point in Castaneda's books, there are sizable gaps. But hints and general considerations in the context of the totality and the warrior's way more than enough to figure it out yourself. Like a light contours of the picture sketched by Castaneda that every dorisovyvat himself.

Reflections On Teaching And Learning

On teaching and learning I present some reflections that can contribute for effective changes in the didactics of the professor and the learning of the pupil. The paradigm that we face is of the modernity that sees the man as a fragmented being. In medicine we have specialist for each partedo our body, minor that is it will have doctor prescribing remedy, that also serves for other parts of our body, and that it promises to decide the problem that appeared, exactly if not knowing the reason of this problem. This patient is not heard in its all. But the complaint on specific aregio of the body is heard.

The reasons that had caused the problem are disrespected. Still we are ahead of the wild capitalism and are led by the American culture that breaches dialogues and apply remedies of fast effect. The doctor does not want to hear the patient, wants to medicate it. It is the race that makes with that one runs over the other. Making a parallel to the education, the professors finish giving only ' ' remdio' ' that he will serve for the group all, menosprezando the individualities, the differences. Walking of each one.

They receive the children as if its heads were empty and need to be filled by knowing of the professor. later tests the pupils to know how much they had been capable to absorb of this to know. How to receive an only reply from the group? If each reply it has a history, a luggage, why to want that all the pupils are as robots giving equal answers? the learning problems that appear, as are treated? Still if it finds that the problem is of the pupil, either organic, as at the beginning thought of the research on the learning difficulties, either for incompetence, as is thought currently for many professionals.

Enjoy English

Language education in Russia is traditionally characterized by high quality. At the same time not everyone can afford expensive foreign language teaching at a university or a course of further education. The need to attend classes, spend time and money on the road, pay the organizers for rent – that is, with what appears modern listener linguists. Recently, more and more people prefer to distance learning. Distance education in any field of science and culture begins to supplant traditional teaching in classrooms and grades.

Thanks to the advent and widespread Internet and computer technology has become possible to study English on Skype. You can stay in your home or office and learn English in the virtual audience. In this case, students may be in various parts of the world – during an online conference in Skype will they communicate with each other, as if in the same room. Distance learning English in the heart of Enjoy English successfully solves all these problems. Qualifications of teachers center is confirmed by diplomas and years of experience in public and private schools. Subject to the previous standards, the quality of language education is becoming more accessible: students attend Enjoy English courses without leaving home. It also gives the opportunity to learn general English course even those people who for some reason limited in their capacity and can not attend classes daily in an urban area.

It is also important for young children: You do not need extra time to worry about the safety of the child, to give and take of his school. English for children at the center of Enjoy English is taught in a special program of grants Round up. It does not matter what part of the world you are: we bring the English language in every home. Distance learning courses in English with teachers Enjoy English – is a simple and reliable way to learn a language, which has allowed many students to save time and money.

Plato Education

In the present article, the objective author the reflection regarding the education in Plato, from the conception of the ideal state. The same it concentrates its analysis in the dialogues and particular, in ‘ ‘ The Repblica’ ‘ , having as conducting wire the dialtico method. For this, it makes a historical contextualizao on the life and the workmanship of the Greek thinker. In this bias, it cites the contribution of Scrates for the formation of its thought.

Scrates influences the dialtico project of Plato to if using of a dialtico method based on a well lead dialogue that consists of if demolishing the fragile and enganosas opinions, where the proper person admitted its ignorance. Thus, Plato goes redefining its proposals politics, leading in consideration the politics joust made with science and ethics, through a solid pedagogical base. Plato always demonstrated to its interest in the subjects politicians. For it, the human beings you polish and it possuam the same structure. The men are endowed with three souls or three principles of activity. They are: The soul concupiscente, the irascible or fiery-tempered soul and the rational soul.

In the conception of Plato, according to author, the man just is that one whose rational soul (thought and will) is stronger of what the others two souls, imposing to concupiscente the virtue of the temperature or moderation and to the fiery-tempered a virtue of the courage, that must control the concupiscncia. Thus, the man just in its agreement is the virtuous man, where the rational domain prevails on the desire and clera. The Plis also possesss a structure tripartite, formed for three social classrooms.

The Paper

He indicated me to everything that he would be completely different. of one hour for another one, my life gave a yaw of 360 degrees. Today I say can you that I am happy, that I have a wonderful family. I guarantee but you that my happiness does not come of this. My happiness is inside of me. My happiness is in taking care of of me, reading very to amuse, to construct me my things, to take care of of my house, to go to the cinema, to choose the films that I taste, to make the trips that I always wanted.

It and the girls make only part of my world. I feel myself happy to the side of them, but my happiness is not guaranteed only because they exist. With them or without them, I would have the obligation of being happy. Today I received an invitation from marriage of a college friend mine. We go there in October, I make question to be there. It never had one paquera, she never namorou and never she thought about if marrying. of one hour for another one appeared a person in life of it e, without more nor less, goes to be married.

It has 35 years and it said to me that when it really gave up to follow the standard, when started to take care of of same it, without waiting magic prince. She appeared a person and that today it believes that valley the penalty to invest. Said it me that she wants to live day the day, that it got tired itself to project the happiness of it in the others. I have a friend that also she came to here. today is with 10 years of marriage. Marriage this planned since the 15 years of age. of this I remember very well. With 15 years, people studied meetings and it already she had found one face to fulfill the paper of husband in the plans of it.

The School

To speak in pertaining to school education, for who disapproved, is as to say: you lost one year of life, therefore she was not capable nor to learn to use well its time. But it is here that it is our focus. The public schools of basic and average education (the old elementary school, gymnasium and as degrees) demand that the student reaches a minimum note of 60, for bimaster, to be approved? it is, we need to quantify ours to know. Something that would make Scrates to rebolar in the sepulture: What he is to know? What it is the knowledge? But we go there. The face has that to demonstrate that it dominates 60% of what it was taught to it, during the school year. In case that it does not prove it regularly, an extra chance is given to it: to make a new test, the examination. if, exactly thus, not to demonstrate 60%, new chance: a period of recovery. What two addends are these, to the school year? One forms of premiar the relapsers.

It is to deny merit to that if they had strengthenn to offer mritos to that they had opened hand of the chance (as much that who coexists students, as the professors, already testified the festive commotion that occurs when the low notes are announced). It sees the nonsense: The face had two hundred days period of learning to dedicate itself to the learning; with the professors giving the explanations, suggesting activities of training and setting of the information. But the citizen leads in ' ' maciota' ' , it sleeps, it plays, ' ' it kills aula' ' , it lacks to the lessons, it leaves to make the tasks, it leaves of to study in house, leaves of complementing the explanations leaves to make a pile of things. arrives the end of the year there.

Monterrey Campus Chihuahua

Chihuahua city is the setting for a historic event in the field of research and product development for the Humana health care. Psoriasis is a chronic disease of the skin of multifactorial origin but with a genetic basis; It can affect any region of the skin but with predetermination to the skin of the scalp, elbows, knees and lumbosacral region. Psoriasis affects around two million people drastically reducing their quality of life in Mexico. April 15, 2010 was launched commercially treatment for Psoriasis DERMABON control is a SOAP for daily use that thanks to its formula gradually eliminates all body psoriasis plates returning its original state in a period of 4 to 8 weeks of disciplined use of the treatment. Treatment for psoriasis of DERMABON was tested through a clinical analysis conducted by the school of Medicine of the Tecnologico de Monterrey Campus Chihuahua proving a 93% efficiency in patients with mild, moderate, and intense psoriasis. Dermabon is recommended by: United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved the product for marketing in this country after performing extensive testing of quality of the product and the packaging, certifying that the treatment does not contain cortisone or immunosuppressive agents. The new life without ABP Psoriasis Association. Monterrey Nuevo Leon has tested treatment with great success and DERMABON is currently a product recommended on your website. DERMABON the best treatment for the control of its 2.13% coal activo:alquitran ingredients Psoriasis topically reduces the size and thickness of the skin lesion.Unlike steroids, it is able to make disappear a psoriatic lesion and allow a referral of the same fully or on a temporary basis, but for a period of much greater time and steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs do not produce recurrences, or regrowth after use.

Installed Capacity

El Salvador is the country with the greatest geothermal energy production geotermicaenergia of Central America. The total installed capacity in 2006 was 1,312 MW, of which 52 was thermal, 36 hydroelectric and 12 geothermal. The largest percentage of generation capacity (65 ) were in private hands. You can reduce your utility statement with a leading energy supply company. In terms of evolution, the installed capacity has almost doubled in the last 20 years and increased by 200 MW since 2000 .
The net electricity generation in 2006 was 5195 GWh, of which 40 came from traditional thermal sources, 38 from hydro sources, 20 from geothermal sources and 2 of the biomass .

SAN FRANCISCO – (Dow Jones) – The U.S. electrical grid should be extended to parts of the country rich in renewable sources like wind, solar energy and geothermal energy to populated areas, according to a report released by the nation over wind and solar industry on Wednesday.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Johnson Controls has started to generate electricity from the largest solar energy in the state – nearly 1,500 panels located on the northeast corner of the headquarters campus in Glendale. Rated by energy magazines as the #1 Esco Give you better pricing on Gas and Electric.
Philippine Daily Inquirer
MANILA, PhilippinesAboitiz Power Corp. is scouting for opportunities in the energy sector, as they intend to continue participating in the privatization of government power assets.
The Oregonian
The federal incentive allows the construction of the line, which helps wind on the grid, the Bonneville Power Administration will begin the construction of a 79-mile , 246 million electric transmission line this spring along the Columbia River that the agency …