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Self-Study English Language

All we seek in our lives for the better. For best performance, better house, better car. And sometimes these things are an integral part of your life if you seek to acquire the necessary knowledge. The category of necessary knowledge for achieve your goals, you can safely include the study of English. His knowledge will open you to new horizons. So, if you know English, you can: communicate freely, traveling miru.Nayti high-paying job at a prestigious Russian or foreign kompanii.Slushat, watch radio and television broadcasts in English, watch movies on net angliyskom.Chitat scientific articles and other useful materials – because now you can safely 'surfing' in the English internete.Zavodit new friends – both online and in travel. And much, much more. The main thing – your desire.

You only want it, and you really need to learn English, and the do it yourself. The reasons for this may be several, one of them, and fairly common – language courses for which you went, did not give you those results that you expected. If you want to start such a process, as an independent study of the English language, then you need to find a system that would just bring results. First let's define what is the way English language, relying on his strength. Define the relevant components of this puti.Motivatsiya. You must determine the destination to which you have to eventually come down, and thus put the time frame.

For example – 'Through year, I mastered the English language perfectly. To do this, I will pay the independent English language at least an hour of their time each den.Pravilny choice method for studying learning English. You need to find a system that would deliver fun while you learn. It is worth noting that the traditional methods of teaching English for too long in terms of achieving rezultata.Ispolzovat acquired knowledge in real situations and real examples. That is – to play a real dialogue, real listening to radio broadcasts, watching video films in the target yazyke.Glavnoe – believe all your heart that you can learn English independently Finally a few tips that will help you to learn English: Do not abuse training grammar. And make choices in favor of one technique which are not too relies on nee.Ne lean on learning vocabulary and uncontrolled vocabulary. The main purpose of your training is, rather, not knowing all the words in the world, and communicate freely in English and passable watching movies on it, and reading the press and books or newspapers on your tematike.Uchite phrases instead of words to learn. "overlap" to listen to audio lessons. In this case we can find the audio, where you will not be repeated for speaker, and answer his questions. The main thing, as already mentioned, do a good mood, and then the English language will bring tangible results. And you do it yourself. The material on this subject, as well as effective techniques on this topic, please visit http / /, which presents a variety of effective methods for learning English.

Feminine Condition

According to words of the proper one, a woman sensitive, total off of the animal women felt itself, who if only considered female, being pleased as ownership. She is therefore that she found that no man deserved the sacrifice of its freedom, and is also therefore, that the traditional moral, attributing to women one minimum participation in the society, was incompatible with its way to think, favorable to the feminine emancipation (Jose Mattoso, ' ' History of Portugal' '). On the other hand, the way as if related in its workmanship, to the feminine condition is true key that opens the Florbela the way for the literary glory, Florbela enters for the temple of the classic writers through an independent literary space, whose emblem is its proper feminine condition (Rui Guedes, Concerning Florbela). As well as Florbela Espanca, the world for Cruz and Sousa were of suffering, two simbolistas voices of the poetical speech will reflect on this mark characteristic of its workmanships. Suffered life, premature death, black enslaved origin and in a country escravocrata and racist, nothing of this hindered the genius of Cruz and Sousa and Florbela to be disclosed.

Basic for this success of an individual against as many difficulties it was to the education given for white former-Mr. Guillermo de Sousa, Marshal who still adopted the poet child and of who this adopted the last name. But all this protection was not enough to prevent the racial discrimination. After directing a referring to abolitionism periodical, he was hindered to leave its native land for reason of racial preconception. Some time later is nominated accuser, however, he is hindered to assume the position. After all, being black, former-slave and poet of uncosteded quality, although not to still have reached the deserved recognition while still alive, it in such a way is oppressed how much hero. Its life was a suffered history, but it is also the history of the victory of a man against a society oppressor through its individual value.

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