Month: May 2014

La Libertad

Firstly the law is present in all epochs of our life as a person and even before birth and after death. As daily acts as walk on the sidewalk, make a purchase in a store, make a stop in a semaphore, enrol in an educational center, have emotional or sentimental relations etc, etc, have all something to do, at least very indirectly with the legal. Let’s set up our attention in the given examples to conclude that in all of them we can require some (s) other (s) person (s), behavior or conduct, and in turn may require from us a behavior or conduct. But these demands can be made is required for, obviously, the existence of a set of rules or standards under which given some facts or budgets in fact born able to claim or be subject to a claim. And in all this plays vital role La Libertad. Freedom as the essence of the human, immanent to man, conduct linked him inexorably, but above all, backed, guaranteed, protected and encouraged by the legal system itself. This freedom, considered as the willpower to self-determine, given a few conditions. But the law not only guarantees and protects it but relies on it to be able to exist.

Without that power of the will to choose the path of his act, to choose between something good or something bad, between what is permitted and prohibited, the right would be totally different, it would not exist as we conceive of it today. In other words would become both as well as a set of rules being that he would only describe the natural world or human performance. But the guarantee and protect our freedom, and to rely on her to prescribe appropriate behaviour, the right acquires the real magnitude of social regulator and single determinant. The foregoing by clarifying that the rules governing these behaviors may be not only of a legal nature.

ELSBETH PredictiveDialer

Networking of all 215 the phone House shops with headquarters shop staff support as a virtual team of agents nationwide customer communications of company is a new and exciting field of application for the ELSBETH communication center by itCampus: the phone House is facing a further improvement of its customer communications nationwide itCampus communication solution use. The company has ordered a comprehensive license package: 60 licenses of ELSBETH PredictiveDialer and of ELSBETH PowerContact. The approach is as simple as it is ingenious: as a central service at the headquarters in Munster, the ELSBETH technology is installed, but locally available. Temporarily low customer, there is in one of the shops nationwide 215 local staff can participate on the current outbound phone campaigns of the company. You have to register only via the Internet to the client and can install easily using the implemented technology Microsoft ClickOnce”immediately as a virtual team of agents start calling. ELSBETH in distributed structures: this approach is not new, but so far unique on this scale.

And it offers several advantages to the main at a glance: central service for virtual call center: optimal utilization of jobs with relatively low technological and administrative costs. Maximum data security: no agent comes to a complete record or even to an address list, it receives only the information that he needed to edit a campaign. Misuse is almost excluded. Use the right technologies of the market-leading provider of predictive dialers. After the ELSBETH communication center to the nationwide support of customer communication extensively since January 2009 has been tested by the phone House, it is since March as a central service in decentralized structures in use.

Eckart Diepenhorst, head of sales at the phone House shops: working time in the shops is used optimally by the ELSBETH communication solution from itCampus. We can offer customers of extra services, the efficiency enhance our communication with the customer and thus achieve a higher customer satisfaction.” About itCampus itCampus is an innovative software developer with international connections to science and research. founded in 1999 in Halle and Leipzig, the company has today its own offices in Germany, United Kingdom, of Switzerland, Italy, Austria and the Slovakia. itCampus offers its customers Europe-wide communications solutions, consulting and individual solutions in the areas of software development and software ergonomics. The intelligent telecommunications solutions named ELSBETH are among the core business. They are employed in call and contact centers and communications-intensive enterprises. Since April 1, 2009, the software AG as a majority shareholder of itCampus is involved. Software AG is the world’s largest independent provider of business infrastructure software., de

AG Software AG

The company plans an increase in the number of employees at itCampus to 25 percent for 2010 – Software AG acquires the remaining 49 percent of the shares of itCampus Leipzig/Darmstadt, may 28, 2010 – Software AG today announced the expansion of their subsidiary itCampus, a research and development company based in Leipzig. For 2010, the company plans the setting of another fifteen research specialists. In addition the software AG has taken over the company completely after she already had itCampus purchased 51 percent of the shares in April 2009. We consider itCampus innovation blacksmith”, explained Peter Asissh pick, product Board of software AG. Much of the technology developed here, incorporated into our product portfolio. We want to expand the site and make use of the excellent innovative knowledge of graduates in Leipzig and Halle.”itCampus was founded in 1999 by Prof. Wolfgang Lassmann against the background of the growing demand for high-tech know-how.

He recognized the need, here leading Heads to train in Germany and to keep these young elite in the country. I can look back with a certain pride on our successful efforts, to build software knowledge leading to Leipzig-Halle and to develop ground-breaking technologies”, he explained. “As part of the software AG Group we now have the certainty that itCampus with the necessary financial strength continues to grow can and the developed software technology will have access to the world market.” “Our joining of itCampus is a strong sign of Saxony as a location for software development and investing in heads and knowledge. itCampus has still close links with leading universities and research institutions. Think-tank our development capacity will strengthen itCampus.” Karl-Heinz Streibich, CEO of software AG. itCampus Software AG will act despite the full acquisition by the independently. The operations are still led by Dr. Andreas Lassmann and Tobias Schmidt. About software AG Software AG is the world leader in the field of business process excellence.

Campus Makes

“New course taught in particular life elderly people at the 05.09.2011 Office starts at Campus Berlin the new computer course for beginners basic computer skills fit for BBs” 3-month training designed specifically for life elderly people. As a priority to overcome fear in dealing with the new technology. So is aroused the curiosity of functions and are learned skills, which demanded also by elders through our modern way of communication. This course assumes no knowledge. With the program Microsoft Word 2007, the participants to gain practical experience in dealing with the computer and lose so the fear of the “device”. Basic concepts are discussed briefly, but mainly is learning by trial and error in the foreground. The participants learn techniques that can be used in all programs through the word processor and are at the end of the course capable of appealing to create and print letters and invitations.

The tempo is the adapted to individual needs. Because the material is easily understood conveyed in clear German, is of course also for people with a migration background.

Professional Moms

Finally! Your youngest is in school and you are ready to hit the job market after an extended absence. As you scrape the last of the Fruit Loops from the kitchen table, you ponder a few unfortunate truths: Your network has gone stale Your industry contacts have moved on You are not in the loop anymore. Face the facts: you are at a disadvantage compared to those who have been in the job market continuously. You need a winning job search methodology to jump-start your career. Most job seekers use only one or two methods to cover the marketplace, and miss 75% of available opportunities. In order to get maximum exposure you will need to use multiple job search methods simultaneously.

Let s get started! First, assess what you have to offer. Take a personal inventory of your: Knowledge Skills Accomplishments If you can t think of many accomplishments, ask those around you to give you feedback on your talents and abilities. Often those close to us are more aware of what we have to offer than we ourselves are. When you have completed your skill and accomplishment review, use the results to write a compelling resume that clearly shows your value to a potential employer. If you have been out of work for a while, you many be wondering if your skills are still relevant. You can burnish your resume by taking on some volunteer work in your area of expertise. Here’s a great example.

Is your niche public relations? There is bound to be a community group or local non-profit that would really benefit from having a professionally designed newsletter. Or, you could volunteer to serve as a media contact to publicize the organization s events. Is marketing your area of interest? Approach to local school and volunteer to design some marketing materials to promote their programs.

Education Family

The society and the Government in them charge responsibilities that are of the family and not ours! I was always charged while pupil for my parents, always vi my professors as authorities, not in the direction ' ' duro' ' of the word, but in the direction of that, the school, the respect would have to prevail on them, and unhappyly it is not what it occurs in the schools of today! Nowadays the proper parents teach its children who we have the obligation of everything, even though when a material finish the children arrive saying: ' ' My mother ordered you to give another one to me, because the mayor said that he has everything here! ' ' Where work the pupils receive the kit from uniform, pertaining to school material, item of hygiene, stock market family, have constatemente taken milk, professionals of the health constatemente inside of the schools, projects before and after the schedule of the lessons, two meals for period, bath, at last, EVERYTHING what the necessary pupil is today in the school, also we are we who we have that to try to explain and to guide the pupils because that its parents need to work, because they are with another person the day all, to create situations and justifications that do not get worse the degree of I discourage of these pupils, that I stops, are abandoned inside of the school and in vem as only shelter, either to gain affection or to try to call attention, that is our indisciplinados pupils of today! The direction of family for many was lost, therefore the school is as it is! Therefore that we professors gain as many attributions beyond our craft! clearly, for us that we love what we make, we always search solutions for as many adversities, since we search excellency in practical ours!