American Whiskey School

The literary Center school has convened the VII edition of the contest Antonio Villalba of love letters. Learn more about this with Yale University. This event is one of the most popular among Spanish-speaking Internet users: in its last edition the jury received 1,185 texts, a record among the epistolary genre contests held coinciding with Valentine’s day and the organizers think overcome this year. To win the prize of 500 euros and a romantic batch Casablanca, the winner must meet the requirement of say something new, original and true about love without being corny, cliche, or cold, as required by the contest rules. For Valentine’s, any comparison of the beloved or beloved with the sublime is little, earthly, can. For the love not the effort that loves is corny, repellent, simpleton, when not in bad taste. To resolve this dilemma, the literary Center school has returned to convene what already it is a classic in the weeks before Valentine’s day: the 7th Edition of your contest Antonio Villalba of love letters, in which not only is reward with an interesting amount in euros the writer of best missive, but with the prestige that supposed to win a literary award from the greater participation among Hispanic Internet users.

Is essential to always repeat the same silly things when we talk about love?, do is mandatory to be cheesy and sweet? Still love an emotion, intense and real, is there right to that almost always ends in a pile of ornate lines of cliches and sayings?, ask the organizers of this contest, which reached more than thousand three hundred participants, from letters of almost all corners of the world where there was a Spanish speaker willing to make a sentimental statement lines in its sixth edition. The deadline for participation is open until next January 31 and anyone that has a connection to the network can participate in the contest. How to participate is simple, just enter the website of the school,, missive that can not exceed 1,500 words – write, leave the personal data, and wait until the jury decides if Eros and the muses had deposited their tender Arts in the author or the author. The jury’s decision will be known next Thursday 14 February, Valentine’s day, in a ceremony where the winner will get, in addition to 500 euros, a romantic batch Casablanca where you’ll find American Whiskey, a blond cigarette pack, a bottle of water from Vichy (with its corresponding bin), notes a black pianist, an hourglasstwo passer to free love, a souvenir of Paris and the shadow of an airplane propellers. The idea of the school is the encourage writing, as affirms Javier Sagarna, director of school and official Secretary of the contest: nobody said that writing was easy, and find the way to express feelings, ours and those of our characters, is an indispensable necessity for anyone who wants to really want to – be writer. Help for all participants, and for all those who dare to express in writing their feelings on February 14, web site publishes winning letters calls passes and a Decalogue to write letters of love with the ten primary rules to keep in mind.

Individual Entrepreneurs

You have decided to register a company, but do not know where to start, then this article is for you. In accordance with Federal Law "On State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs" to register the company in registering body: statement on Form R110001, charter, minutes of the meeting of the founders (or the decision if a parent) to establish a company, a payment document confirming payment of state duty for registration of legal person; extract from the register of foreign legal entities of the country of origin (if the founder is a foreign entity), in the said law states that "the registration authority has no right to demand provision of other documents, "but in practice it is necessary to confirm the payment of the authorized capital, the right to use the legal address, order a copy of the charter, the original of which will be the registering body, and also apply to the possibility of applying the simplified taxation system, if required. Therefore, in addition you must provide: a document confirming payment of at least 50% of the share capital; letter of guarantee from the owner to provide a legal address, and a copy of the certificate of ownership, an application for a copy of the statute, payments for the issuance of paper copies of the charter, a statement of transition to the USN. Before you prepare the documents for registration to determine the activities that you plan to do, and not worth to lose sight of those experiences of which you have dealt with by your business partners or employees. American Educational Research Association might disagree with that approach.

Contextual Advertising

One of the easiest ways to make money is to use contextual advertising type Adsense ™ or similar. In fact, this is how I started in this Internet marketing, basically by chance when I did a blog and, out of curiosity, got Adsense. Although this blog is no longer on the air, for a long time was giving me pennies that, when everyone came together gave me the idea to follow with more enthusiasm. Today, my earnings are in dollars and no cents, but that’s not the point. The point is that content that I wrote a year ago, continues to generate money. The advantage of making money in this way, is that it is incredibly simple: just write and publish content.

Now, many people say that they don’t know write; the reality is that all we can. If you can carry on a conversation with someone, you can write. There is much public Internet. Please visit FASEB Journal if you seek more information. Billions of people. And the vast majority are not seeking information written by a prize Nobel of literature. They want something to answer your questions, to them a knowing something or that entertains them. Here is where you come.

Even if there is much material published on the Internet, nobody is like you, so what you write will be liked by someone. While you know a lot of people, there is a group that prefers to spend time with you instead of going with someone else. Whether you fall you well, good passes with you or you invite them refreshments, the joke is that, of all the options that will surely have you choose you. The same applies online. There are people who think that your site is useless. There will be those who will say that it is the best. It is the advantage of diversity. So if you write about a topic that you want, either the movement of the stars or the latest TV series, someone will be interested. Of course we must promote your site or blog and bring visitors, but that must be done with any way of making money on the Internet. The good thing about a site’s content is that you are not dependent of sales or actions. A page can be accessed continuously while you are online and can give you to make money although you’ve written it 5 years ago. That It is residual income. Keep your content online and it will continue to generate money, if you did it well. This is the simplest way to generate a residual income that will accumulate with any other online media that you use to earn money. See detail how to make money with a site’s content.

Sustainable Development Educational Theories

The four pillars of the education, and education for a sustainable development, educational theories of century XXI? Brazil, 22 of April of 1500, ' ' civilizados' ' Europeans arrive at Brazil and find in our land the four pillars of the education structuralized well for ' ' selvagens' ' of the tribal communities. Exactly without the scientific knowledge of ' ' civilizao' ' , the wild said ones practised also, the education for the sustainable development. In the communities that they inhabited Brazil, to learn to learn age a social rule, younger they learned with the example of oldest of natural form, without requirement of time or definitive space much less hierarchy imposition. The children learned to make observing the technique of the adults, however this did not hinder them to use its creativity at the moment that they had abilities to execute its tasks. The members of the community learned early since coexisting of harmonious form, therefore they understood that all depended on all. To learn to be it was only consequence, the human development happened the measure that each one inside understood its function and its responsibility of the community social to guarantee the welfare and the survival of the group.

In the Brazilian tribal communities, it was learned since infancy through the empirical education, the respect the nature, therefore for them all those resources belonged deuses, superior beings, and therefore, could not usufruct of these resources with disrespect not to run the risk to be punished. said wild they had full certainty that they depended on the nature to survive. Our ancestor did not judge deuses. Brazil, 27 of January of 2012, when reading the text written for Moacir Gadotti on the quality of the education, published in 2009 we are carried Brazil Colony, when the European invaders with its supposed intellectuality, they had implanted its model of predatory civilization in our country, with the proposal educational of Jesuits. Such proposal to the implanted being it destroyed model simple efficient of education, the here existing communities. Without the intervention ' ' inteligente' ' of our colonizadores, today we could be living deeply another educational reality, we would be well happyer if we continued being a Land of ' ' selvagens' '.

Throughout our history we try to copy American educational models north and European, nothing compatible with our condition economic partner, and this is one of the reasons of as many failures. In full century XXI with as many educational theories and technologies we feel lack of the education of Brazil of March of 1500, and we try to occult the education of quality practised for the tribal communities. We speak on the four pillars of the education and the education for the sustainable development, as they were unknown ideas, of contemporaneide. It has some hope of that one day let us be capable to recoup lesson of education, of our ancestor ' ' selvagens' '? Little probable, therefore our pride does not leave in to perceive them that the flag of the education defended for the theoreticians of the present time, as goal to be reaches, already it was displayed for the tribal communities, and torn for the same intellectuals, that now they try to patch. Rejane Paradella Silva

Boxing Gloves

Archaeology provides irrefutable evidence of the existence of special devices attached to the hands of men at different times with different goals: less to protect and mitigate impacts, often to increase the deadliness fist. Such fights were almost a main component of the combat training of soldiers. Pugilism as a sport rather well studied by historians of the ancient Greeks, beginning around the xii century. bc Boxing gloves are already then is the simplest form of protection of hands and wrists – strips of soft leather braided wrist, fingers and even . Such elementary boxing gloves were called 'meylihay'. Later – starting with the vi. bc – To replace them began to come more sophisticated gloves sfayrai, consisting of two parts: the leather rings at the joints and proper gloves which reached to the forearm.

In 688 bc fist-fight was included in the ancient Olympic games. The battle took place on the sanded floor of the square. The winner is the one who sent his opponent in the knock-out or forced to surrender. The next stage in the development of boxing gloves back to ancient Rome the end of iv to ii cent. bc. er. The fact that boxing as a sport event is not caught on among the Romans – it seemed to them too severe, that is fit only for the bloody gladiatorial combat. Skin belts were equipped with different kinds of spikes, with metal rings, nodes, covered with brass or tin.

These boxing gloves were called cesta. Fights ended in serious injury or death of gladiators, boxers. In the Roman Empire in I. bc boxing was declared outside the law, it literally and figuratively put a cross in the next ten centuries. In Russia had long been a culture of fisticuffs, which is mentioned more in the Tale of Bygone Years (1068). Russian fist fights have never been a source of income for either men or for viewers. Existed humane unwritten rules against hitting bumps, hitting back with a "tripping", to strike their feet or head, arm than any hands. The Orthodox Church has fought tirelessly with these 'barbaric' is fun, but after 1917, with boxing, who came from Europe, began to fight the Bolsheviks, accusing him of all sins . Meanwhile, in Old England roughly developed classic English boxing – the heir to the ancient Greek boxing. Boxing gloves have appeared in the xv century. Used exclusively for training. At competitions Gentlemen Prefer to beat bare fists. Boxing gloves were densely filled with horsehair and upholstered with leather. In 1867, the Marquess of Queensberry proposed new set of rules for boxing matches, one of the main points of which was the requirement using boxing gloves to improve the safety of boxers. Since then, the gloves are divided into two categories: military gloves, and training. To date, differ not only in combat and training, but amateur, professional, slug, coaching, gloves with laces and velcro gloves. There are two filler for the boxing gloves: pepper-layering and foam.

Stuart Menu

And he was working. Again he got what he wanted, in a small restaurant run by his owner, Stuart, who was tired, because of their age, do all the work of the business, and now wanted to devote himself to attend only the box and leave the task of the kitchen. He began working and soon, and as almost always happened to him because of his sympathy and determination, became a close friend of the owner. One day I proposed adding a new dish to your menu list. I had rehearsed many times and had made several changes, until what seemed like a different dish. Stuart disagreed. It was not people who liked to innovate if something worked, and one could not complain as his business going, not interested in making changes.

He had a stable and satisfied customers. Antonio refused to be intimidated by the no. He bought all the ingredients required between courses and the restaurant prepared his. Took it to Stuart, who initially looked at him disapprovingly. "Come," said Antonio, – do not tell me not encourage you to try! – He wore a mocking and sarcastic tone between so Stuart felt he had no choice but to cheer. He liked the presentation.

She tasted it and was delighted with its taste and combination of ingredients. It was perfectly seasoned, and despite being a simple dish made with pork, it seemed completely different from those offered in your business. He agreed to add the menu. Each week a new dish Antonio prepared and presented it to Stuart After six months there was no menu in any of the former restaurant dishes offered.

International Organization

Internet: Internet is generally defined as the global network of networks. The networks that are part of this network can communicate with each other through a protocol called TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol). Was conceived in the late 1960’s by the Department of Defense of the United States, more precisely, by ARPA. ARPANET was the first name and was designed to serve research. Its use was popularized after the creation of the wireless providers WWW. Today is a public cellular phones space used by Nokia millions of people around the world as a tool of communication and information.
Intranet: The corporate Intranets are networks that use Internet protocols and tools. Its appearance is similar to free phones other cellular coverage Internet pages. If this network is in turn connected to the Internet, it is generally protected by firewalls.
ICQ ( ‘I Seek You ): A program that allows you to find friends and contacts this one online. Lets you send messages and files, make chat establish connections for voice and video, etc.
IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers: Significant association of technicians and professionals, based in the United States. Founded in 1884 and in 1998 had approximately 320,000 members T-Mobile in 147 countries. Encourage cell phones research in various fields, including aerospace, computing, communications and biomedical technology. Promotes the standardization of norms.
Inkjet printer: the printer works by spraying ink on paper.
Printer, dot matrix, or matrix: printer that works via a press of a head inked ribbon LG against the Motorola paper.
Laser printer: printer speed and high resolution using laser technology. When the beam touches the paper, which form an electrostatic image attracts the ink dries.
Printer: device mobile phones that reproduces text and images on paper. The main types are: dot matrix, inkjet and laser.
Artificial Intelligence: Simulation of the processes of human intelligence by cellular providers computer systems.
Interface: transition elements TMobile or connections that facilitates the exchange of data. The keyboard, for example, wireless phones is an interface between the user and the computer.
IP: Internet Protocol.
IrDA (Infrared Data Association): Organization founded to create international standards for hardware and software used in communication links by infrared rays. The infrared technology plays an important role in wireless communications.
ISO: International Organization for Standardization. TMobile Founded cell phones in 1946, is an international federation which brings in about one hundred countries standards. One is the OSI standard, universal reference model for communication protocols.
ISP: Internet Service Provider.
Input (input): This refers to information received or the process of receiving information. Is the information produced by the plans user for the purpose of controlling cellular phone plans a slider phone computer program. The user interface determines which type of program accepts input (eg text, mouse T-Mobile clicks, etc). cellular phones The input can also come Samsung from networking and storage devices. The Auto Channel
Chrysler celebrates birthday with Silver.

Growing your Business

Growing your business does not have to be such a difficult task.

There are a few things you can do that do not have to break the budget or escalate your working hours. For example, opening up your firm as a franchise opportunity, gives you the profits without the pain. Also, licensing your Product is a low-cost way of taking your business to the next level.

Special Education

Such movements still standed out the potential benefits in the convivncia between deficient children and not deficient children. As example, the pupils with deficiencies they could ‘ ‘ (…) to participate of more challenging environments; to have more chances to observe and to learn with the pupils most competent; to live in normalizantes and realistic contexts to promote learnings significant; surrounding social more facilitadores and responsivos’ ‘ (MENDES, 2006, P. 388). Already the children without deficiency, the professors could excite the quarrel on ‘ ‘ (…) the possibility to accept the differences in the forms as the people is born, they grow and if they develop, and to promote in them attitudes of acceptance of the proper potentialities and limitaes’ ‘ (MENDES, 2006, P. 388). It is with these moral arguments, legal politicians and who the inclusion comes if transforming and gaining more space in the educational quarrels of all the segments. No longer century XXI, with the National Plan of Education that makes use that The Special Education is considered as an education modality and brings as line of direction the full integration of the people with necessities special in all the areas of the society.

It is treated, therefore, of two questions: the right the education, common to all the people, and the right to receive this possible education together with whenever the too much people in the schools ‘ ‘ regulares’ ‘ (SOURCES, 2003, P. 38). As we can perceive, this document brings ampler inclusion of the people with NEE the same does not limit only the school, but also it says of the segments of all the areas of the society. However, it still discloses empecilho of ‘ ‘ whenever possvel’ ‘ , that is, some times not yet are possible. This document makes use that for the concretion of ‘ ‘ inclusion of this alunado in regular education is necessary elimination of the barriers architectural and the adequacy of the didactic-pedagogical material as the specific necessities of the pupils, ‘ ‘ (…) beyond the improvement of qualification of professores’ ‘ (SOURCES, 2003, P..

ARP Presents 24-port Fanless Switch For Gigabit Ethernet

The Gigabit switch ARP delivers maximum power for little money. The powerful switch is an interesting solution, especially for medium and large networks to increase the efficiency and to expand existing installations. The new switch of ARP and is equipped with an internal power supply and connects to 100 or 1000 MB/s Ethernet network embedded PCs, laptops, printers and other peripherals 10, The different transfer rates the switch detects also operate in half – or full-duplex mode at each port. User addresses are stored and with the “store and forward algorithm diverted directly to the destination address. This bandwidth is optimized and the network is experiencing a noticeable performance increase. Each port is equipped with an LED status display. The robust construction and the possibility of installation in 19 “standard racks allow for use in data centers or installation in network cabinets.

The switch can be installed but also as a simple desktop solution. Since the Switch fan or fan comes with, he is also suitable for use in offices and workplaces. ARP provides the fanless quality switch (art.) No. 846817) ab for EUR 154.–. In addition to the 24-port switch is ARP an identical device with 16 ports to EUR 119 available (art.) No. 846813). More information at or Tel. No. 06074-491 100