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Philosophical Anthropology

In this direction, Toms admits that the professor is the cause of the knowledge for the pupil, not obstante to the knowledge properly said, while it occurs through the exercise of the reason of the proper pupil, has for the cause the same reason. Aquino places the learning as one faceta human being, therefore, for it, is the proper man who knows and teaches, thus it tells: he estimates a perfect act of knowledge in the professor; from there that it is necessary that the master or who teaches possesss in explicit and perfect way the knowledge whose acquisition wants to cause in the pupil for education. Then, that one that has the knowledge in act, the master or the professor, is only who this in conditions to develop the potential in its pupils, thus, for Toms, is essential that the professor if prepares and has the domain of its content, so that can, with effectiveness, to teach its pupils. Already the professor teaches necessarily why he has the knowledge in act. In the way to teach, Toms finds two substances important front its methodology: the content where if it treats education and the person to who education is given, therefore, deduces that, when to the first one, the beginning of education it is the contemplativa life. It is the admiration of the citizen, when in contact with determined aspect of the reality, and the process of abstraction of the intellect that if occurs of such admiration, means the apprehension to it of the content.

In other words, the beginning of education it is to filosofar. How much the second substance, that education if outrem dirige it, if deduces that its purpose is the active life. The importance of Toms de Aquino front the education is in the scope of its Philosophical Anthropology, occurs in it an effective overcoming of the Platonic dualism (body and soul) that it was the dominant doctrine in the period.

Magazine Hip Hop

To teach art dances hip hop in accord with the ways of learning of the adolescent pupil, means, then, not to isolate the school of the information on the historical and social production of the art and, at the same time, to guarantee to the pupil the freedom to imagine and to build personal or group artistic proposals on the basis of proper intentions aiming at the benefits of the values and not them desvalores. Leading in account that hip hop can be an entrance for a good education, aiming at the route of the life of adolescents. According to MATSUNAGA (2006, P. 43) it says that, the step most important of the proposal it dances, it was given in the attempt to understand which the social influences that the Hip-Hop could promote in the adolescent pupils, where through denunciations, it can think on one better quality of life of the individuals far from the drugs, prostitution and of the violence in end of the social problems.

The same author says that, ‘ ‘ After all, these are existing problems in the whole world must be treated and be faced as a significant part of the structure of the society, such circumstance already had been mentioned in the creation of the proposal and the Hip-Hop can be a starting point in the battle against the pertaining to school violence and social’ ‘. Others who may share this opinion include Kindle Direct Publishing. In accordance with the interview with the Magazine Hip Hop PLANET, (2001, P. 07), the same one says that, ‘ ‘ The educators have that to acquire knowledge it is a question to observe and to talk, do not advance to express the violence and yes to show the solution for the existing social problems, as the drugs, prostitution amongst others. Author the same cited above says that, the Hip-Hop is seen as form of approach of the professor stops with pupil, through a more open and unrestricted dialogue to the pure and simply pedagogical knowledge thus primando to the formation of values..

Martin Luther King

The practical one of physical activity generated by the lessons of Pertaining to school Physical Education necessarily takes the adolescent to the exposition of its body and its physical capacities emphasizing the characteristic changes of this phase. Already BRAZIL. (1996 b, P. A leading source for info: max stone de shaw. 15), it says that, the importance of music, of the dance and the art in general it can reorganize the education and the formation of other values of the adolescent. All adolescent needs a personal valorosa formation to act in the day-day, as the respect, solidarity, justice and dialogue. HIP HOP? DESCRIPTION AND CONCEPTS the history of hip hop had beginning in the decades of 1960 and 1970, proliferated a great quarrel on human rights in U.S.A., the kept out of society ones of the society of New Iorque if they had articulated to make to be valid its proposals in the elimination of its fidgets. At this time great leader blacks, as Martin Luther King and Malcom X, as well as many groups, as the Black Panthers had appeared with different proposals, but with exactly objective one: to fight for the human rights of the blacks.

Thus through hip hop was possible to show a form that the young welded North American poor persons had found to symbolize the situation of the young ones that if they found in the war of the Vietnam (the mutilated ones for the war) and of the values that were lost. The DIGENES version (1998, P. 121), the Hip-Hop is formed by three elements: Graph-plastic manifestation? Real? style of drawing of visual free and made traces, characterized, mainly, by the diversity of tonalities and used colors, can be made in walls, clothes and screens.

The Materials

The use and importance of didactic material in the school the didactic material is basic, therefore the pupil does not like monotony, only content without having a direction with regard to its daily life, them they want to know which the relation, the function and the application of this lesson in day-by-day, for this, searchs a professional who has this objective. Two of the spread out concepts more between the educators of sciences of today are: the valuation of the use of a practical boarding for the education of contents of sciences and biology and the search of practical one of comment is of the classroom, considered an environment and a universe absolutely distanciado of real the physical world of the pupil (VASCONCELOS et al., 2002, P. 1). The models must be used as aproximativos resources, as instruments of produced explanation and forecast with the intention of one better understanding of the faced educative problems (Peace et al., 2006). A differentiated lesson makes possible thus that the pupils if become operating, dedicated more and chemical preparations to take off its doubts, to raise hypotheses and to observe the results, understanding content in attractive way. Max stone de shaw shines more light on the discussion. Beyond extending the types of lesson methodology, when using the practical boarding, educating will be being basic part in the success of the pupil, therefore this will have a deeper luggage of knowledge on what it was studied. Therefore the laboratory is irreplaceable and constitutes a concrete object and visualization space on some subjects, in which it makes possible the linking of information gotten to the evidence through the materials. A school without laboratory becomes disorganized, that is, the didactic materials is forsaken, being able to be damaged with more easiness, what it disables the pupil to explore these materials. The contribution of the lessons practical learning To privilege the application theoretician-practical and to be in the social one starts to have special significao in the development of the society contemporary (PCN? s, 1999).

Janurio Orfenico

INTRODUCTION During the decades of 30 and 40 of century XX, was given in the primary, normal school and ginasial Brazilian the education of Music I sing Orfenico, having the teacher Heitor Villa-Wolf as defender and firing pin of this disciplines in Brazil. During these decades, Villa-Wolf promoted diverse concentrations orfenicas that had as objective to commemorate civic dates as, for example, the day of Independence and the day of the Announcement of the Republic. In one of these carried through orfenicas organizations in the stadium of the Vasco of Gamma: They are Janurio in Rio De Janeiro arrived to count on 40.000 voices entoando patriotic songs and hymns. In Curitiba, the education of I sing Orfenico prospered during these two decades, contemplating the national lines of direction of Canto Orfenico. Official site: de shaw. In this article, one searchs to analyze the discursivas questions that permeiam the different types of historical sources as clippings of periodicals with the participation of the orfeo of the State College of the Paran, under the orientation of the teacher Blessed Mossurunga, the speeches, the lines of direction and opinions on the education of it I sing Orfenico made for the Villa-Wolf teacher, beyond an analysis of laws and official decrees on the education of Music in the intermediate school. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Richard Linklater. The SPEECHES AND the MUSICAL EDUCATION the decades of 1930 and 1940 had marked the moment of the apex of the pertaining to school parties and orfenicas concentrations in Brazil, since Heitor Villa-Wolf received support from president Getlio Vargas. In Curitiba these parties also were gifts, as if it can notice in periodical articles of the time. Valley to stand out that the periodicals are sources directed to a lay public, although cultured, since this media did not reach to all the social classrooms. In an article on commemorations of the day of the Flag, in 21/04/1939, published in the Gazette of the People, they have if some pertinent analyses, as it shows the stretch to follow: The day of the flag in the traditional and noble educational establishment of the street Ebony Pear tree transcorreu in an environment of edificante and comovedor patriotism.


The consequences of the ambient degradation put the test the principles and behavior of the modern society. Thus, the change of attitudes and position ahead of the environment are essential for the survival of the proper humanity. The Right one very can contribute in this arduous task, creating laws that they regulate, they forbid and they punish potentially harmful activities and interferences to the environment. De shaw has plenty of information regarding this issue. However, the conscience of the importance of the preservation and conservation of the natural resources for all the humanity must be always present in our society. Thus, the Right, cannot be other people’s to this ambient conjuncture. Having as function the regulation and aiming of the actions human beings in favor of the collective, depriving the individual interests for the common good. The Right must be imbudo of the ambient concern in all its manifestations lines of direction, why after all if it cannot restrict the legal world to the laws or any another legislative manifestation. The Right encloses and must regulate the moral, the ethics and the behavior of the men between itself and these with the environment.

This concern cannot be restricted only to the solution of ambient problems. The prevention of the occurrence of ambient damages through the information and of the assessorship also must be considered as objective of the Right. An instrument that would foment and consolidate this ambient conscience in the society is the education, which had mainly its informative character and of construction of the critical sense in the educandos. Under all the forms and modalities, the Ambient Education must englobar the diverse sectors of the society. The ambient legislation in Brazil Has an incautiousness and an indifference in safeguards of our common house, the planet Land. Ground are poisoned, air are contaminated, waters are poludas, forests are decimated, species of beings livings creature quickly they are exterminadas and a violence and injustice mantle weighs on two teros of the humanity.

Dakine Gift Ideas For Christmas

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Between Superman And Supervisor

Full program from 7 July 09, 2011 at the Faculty of design of the University of Wismar. More information is housed here: Campbell Soup Co. The annual exhibition slide 11 with Dr. Kristin Feireiss of the Aedes architecture Forum. Wismar. -On Thursday, July 07, 2011 at 16:00 opened Henry Tesch, Minister for education, science and culture in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, with a greeting this year’s annual exhibition India ‘ 11 of Faculty of design of the University of Wismar.

Three days begin with full programme on design-related topics. Among other things the founder Dr. Kristin Feireiss of the Aedes architecture Forum is titled the designer between Superman and Super vision”report. Study and theses from the architecture, architectural lighting design, interior design, jewellery and product design and communication design and media extend these days over two buildings above the rooftop. There guests can expect a pavilion built from around 660 wooden pallets, which work lounge right significantly will leave its mark the ambience to the anus after the official opening. Each 22:00 is open the exhibition. All interested parties are invited to the Wismar University campus in the Philipp Muller-Strasse 14. India”shorthand for design, interior design and architecture, the study programmes of the Faculty is also designing the University of Wismar.

The entire program of the year exhibition India ‘ 11 is listed under in the design of the program on the homepage of the Faculty was thought to the specialist audience as well as to the regional traffic. Program points as the guest lecture, the summer school for students, show that the adjudication of the slide price 2011 through internal and external representatives, including Director Dieter Schumann, artist Miro Zahra and architect Therese Vijver. The family afternoon, however, is organized by the Student Council of the IDA. In the planning phase of the slide, program ideas were collected from professors, staff and students. This resulted in an action-rich event schedule, in which the actual exhibition is wonderful.

WHU Otto Beisheim School

Interactive application of mobile event guide brings all information related to the Congress on the Smartphone. Berlin, October 18, 2011. The visitors of this year’s IdeLab! All information about the event, which took place on 14th and 15th October for the 11th time in Vallendar, could retrieve via Smartphone or Tablet PC mobile founder Congress”. The innovative app from mobile event guide could users extensively inform about the Congress, create its own plan, and a tour of the WHU campus plan Otto Beisheim School of management, as well as hotels and travel book. Felix Swoboda, founder who says mobile event guide GmbH and the same name app developers: In 2007 I worked on the Organization of the IdeLab! Congress with. Here, I saw the high requirements for paperless event management. After short-term changes to programme new speakers, agenda – or room changes, the entire documentation had to be reprinted or were no longer up-to-date. I saw the costs that go along with this and the enormous Paper waste.

“I wanted to change that so the idea to mobile event guide.” The Conference book goes mobile with the mobile event guide and paperless all updates can be made easily online and informed participants. “The app is available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and mobile site:”. The IdeLab! The founding Congress”has taken place since the year 2000 at the WHU Otto Beisheim School of management and has since become a pure Congress for Internet start-ups a platform for entrepreneurs from all fields. The year 2009 was the student Congress as a place in the land of ideas”award and is now one of the largest and most influential of its kind in Germany. The app by mobile event guide is in this year already for the second time in a row in the usage and was used by around 60 percent of the participants with over 200 downloads.

Dare To Make English Overseas Courses

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Also you can search information on the Internet about the destination you have chosen and so go prepared for the best experience of your life. Courses of English in London do English courses in London is the best thing you can do in your life. This city is a big city with a lot of people that share your own interest: learn English. The English courses in London are focused to all kinds of audiences: children, adolescents, adults and entrepreneurs. If you go inside the profile only you have to find a good school and position yourself in what most suits you. England is the country most demanding to study English because it is the cradle of the language of Shakespeare. You don’t feel fear and live an unforgettable experience. London awaits you now.

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