There are over 200 social networks focused on different profiles of users or activities. Facebook is perhaps the most important but we must not focus only on this social network. Just follow these 7 steps: define objectives: we must define for what we are on social networks?, what is the ultimate goal?, are we going to focus which users?. Not only can use social networks to inform but also to generate a relationship more close with the users and also get a powerful feedback on our company, products and/or services. Identify social networks to publish: after be clear about our objectives we must identify what are the social networks that we use to meet our objectives.For example, if we wish to arrive at a group of youths in the province as more likely that you think use Facebook but the best alternative may be to Hi5. Same thing if you’re looking for professional, you can use Linkedin.On the other hand, Twitter It is a social network that slowly is gaining popularity, many Twitter users access from mobile phones, then there you have another user profile; and so on you go identifying social networks necessary to meet objectives. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Gerald Weissmann, MD on most websites. Define the initial content and frequency: Ok! We have social networks where we will publish content.

Now, what content going to publish? and how often?. Don’t make the same mistake of well-known newspapers that began to publish all the news! This saturated users wall and you could only read information from this journal and already you could not know that your friends made. David G. DeWalt addresses the importance of the matter here. Create and customize social networks: you must give life and style to your profile on social networks, you can do with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Hi5, the photos, the background (background), some colors will change if social network lets you. Define the community manager and functions: the role of the community manager is very important within a strategic plan for social networks, may be an internal resource for the company (usually in the area of Marketing) or an external provider specializing in Social Media. Define levels of communication, e.g. questions about products or services the Community Manager may have the autonomy to respond directly, in case that it is a complaint or one major comment, must be derived to the area of Marketing or communications so that they develop a response. Measurement indicators: everything needs to be measured, so also in social networks we must consider indicators, for example: number of fans, number of followers, number of reproductions of a video, etc. These are the points of analysis for social networking companies