…und a small idea wude quickly to large reality since January has come! The company BANDYSHIRT (formerly DRUDCKBAR) headquartered in Oppenheim am Rhein has launched your first online store. A young, dynamic company has made the leap and opened its doors to individualists-jung how old. Recently, customers have the opportunity to acquire textiles which were refined with designs from the House of BANDYSHIRT and on the other to bring their own graphical designs on textile and thus their own style to create. No matter whether a one-off, or additional requirements, individuals, or companies, the staff at BANDYSHIRT are always tried every wish in the action! Who is BANDYSHIRT? After Christian Bramer and Enrico Titze started a few years ago (at that time still under the name printable!) to create a foothold in the field of textile finishing, it was quickly clear this industry has a future. Both have not only understood it the large customers a platform to offer your own on the Print company logos etc on textile can leave even the small businesses and individuals. After two moves to larger premises, expansion of printing techniques and machinery was off printable! BANDYSHIRT. A company that has managed to build a large clientele of satisfied private clients and well-known companies (that are called only by prior arrangement) to names of data protection provisions in a short time! Conny Wilke