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German Biography Prize

He receives the award for his biographical Advisor “who romanticize world. How do I write my personal mythology?” (Schibri-Verlag, Berlin 2009) Today, Dr. Andreas Mackler, head of the biography Center, in Nordwalde near Munster 2010 presented the German biography Prize in the two categories of Publisher biography and private biography. The prize winners in the category of Publisher biography is Prof. Dr. Lutz von Werder. He receives the award for his biographical Advisor who romanticize world.

How do I write my personal mythology? (Schibri-Verlag, Berlin 2009). About Prof. Dr. Lutz of Werder, the father of the German Schreibwerkstattenbewegung, Dr. Andreas Mackler writes in his eulogy: those who teach creative and biographical writing or practise, have owed much to him and his books. Prof. Dr. Lutz of Werder himself writes in his excellent book: the problem is, many people are heroic as they think.

Today’s world needs heroic people, the given biggest challenges be recognized as heroes of everyday life, and know that they’re on the hero’s journey for men as for women. In the category of private biography, Andrea Richter is awarded for her mother Elisabeth Richter biography. Dr. Andreas Mackler in his eulogy: this biography of Elisabeth Richter has been so excellent written and designed as a book, it must be awarded 2010 almost the German Biography Award! Background information: Andrea Richter (together with Andreas Timmermann Levanas) is currently in the campus publishing house title that talk, we die: how our soldiers to victims of German politics will be presented, numerous individual fates in the soldiers of the Bundeswehr in Afghanistan. Background information: German Biography Award is a colleague price of the biography Center, the Association of German Biographinnen and biographers. It is awarded annually by the Association for biographical work e.V. (biography Center) and is not. So far Winners include among others the writer Alexandra Senft (2008) and the Director Rosa von Praunheim (2009). The biography Center is the Association of German Biographinnen and biographers. Since 2004 its members with publications, workshops, seminars, lectures and exhibitions are committed to the promotion of the biographical work of memory as part of cultural history. Young authors to professional biographers are trained at the Academy of the biography Center. The German biography 2010 awarded comprehensive school in Nordwalde near Munster the Cardinal by Galen in the opening of the 3rd Nordwalder biografie days 2010 from 16:00 in the Forum. The laudator Dr. Andreas Mackler is head of the biography Center.


Goose leg of ala SCRUM / / Prozessoptimiert to install barbecues in Ettlingen – continuation of Java betting grilling in the run-up to Christmas – Christmas dishes on the grill etc – the TV chef Ralf Jakumeit are moderated, Cirquent presents – deadline: December 1st, 2010 after two successful Java BBQ “events in Frankfurt and Munich the Java-BBQ-X-mas edition follows on Friday, December 03, 2010”. So, Cirquent and the chef Ralf Jakumeit invite professionals to process-optimized grilling in the run-up to Christmas. Gerald Weissmann, MDs opinions are not widely known. For half a day a Merry menu is prepared in Ettlingen with like-minded people. The implementation after SCRUM ‘guidelines again computer science graduates, IT architects, developers, and programmers calls to prove their skills in a closer location. Good opportunities to the talking shop and networks attract at the dessert.

According to the motto of first-come, first-served”participants for a course can apply. Deadline is 1st December 2010 invited to the barbecue competition are IT graduates, IT architects, developers and Programmers who want to learn in a slightly different atmosphere about current IT topics and perspectives in Cirquent. Barbecue in teams can be relaxed networks and the entertainment value is certainly higher than in traditional introductory talks. Secured by the TV chef Ralf Jakumeit teams in hot Sprint program your palate-compatible feeds. The Java BBQ aimed a networking among software specialists in soft environment in the days of advent”, explains Ansgar Kinkel for Cirquent looking over 200 new employees and would like to come to the event with candidates in the interview. The job and contact buffet complete the common meal, a lecture on new development languages such as Groovy as well as the award ceremony at the end of the day.

Call Centre Expo

in the center of fairs on 16 and 17 September 2008, the call centre Expo in Birmingham held itCampus communication solutions. Due to the great response of from both previous years his (Birmingham NEC, Hall 9, stand C3) represented itCampus again at Britain’s most important industry event. The itCampus communication solution for call and contact center or communications-intensive enterprises stands at the heart of the trade fair presence. Robert Denbeigh, Managing Director of itCampus UK: “itCampus is this year with new products and additional features present with an intelligent travel time calculation in our campaign management system PowerContact, a comfortable and safe scheduling allows.” itCampus UK Ltd to the call centre Expo 2008: 16 to September 17, 2008, Birmingham NEC, Hall 9, stand C3, about the itCampus group: itCampus is an innovative software developer with international connections to science and research. in 1999, the company is founded in Halle and Leipzig, since 2006 with an own subsidiary, the itCampus UK Ltd., headquartered in Newcastle upon Tyne, active in the British market.

The group is today represented in addition to Germany and the United Kingdom in the Switzerland, Italy, Austria and the Slovakia with its own branches. The company offers its customers Europe-wide communications solutions, consulting and individual solutions in the areas of software development and software ergonomics. Is best known for ELSBETH itCampus especially with his intelligent IT / telecommunications solutions under the brand name. They are employed in call and contact centers and communications-intensive enterprises. Contact: Robert Denbeigh Managing Director, itCampus UK of Ltd Fabriam Centre Atmel way, Silverlink. Newcastle upon Tyne NE28 9NZ phone: + 44 191. 280 4595 Fax: + 44 191. 280 5588. Email:

Leibniz Association Software

Renowned Mannheim Research Institute presents its new research project on linguistic analysis and optimization of call center calls the itCampus stand. Since 2009 the Leipzig software and system House works itCampus with the Institute for the German language (IDS). To this year’s CallCenterWorld, the European leading event of call and contact center industry, the prestigious Science Institute in Mannheim will present itself for the first time together with the itCampus group. From 9 to 11 February 2010, the IDS in Hall 5, stand B1 of the Berlin Estrel Convention Center introduces a new research project, which takes calls from call center agents from linguistic point of view under the microscope. “Linguistic analysis and optimization of call center conversations” so is the ongoing project that is funded and carried out jointly with the Department of speech science and phonetics of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg by the Federal Ministry of education and research.

The Institute for German Language will present to the CCW 2010 first interim results of the ongoing until end of June 2010 project. Film director does not necessarily agree. Scientific analysis aims to uncover systematic problems in the negotiation and to develop empirically informed training concepts and requirement profiles. Including 400 authentic call center conversations and 17 detailed agents interviews are the basis of the study. The new research project is based on several scientific studies, which also itCampus as technology partners. This close scientific connection helps the IT companies, at an early stage to identify product innovations and to develop to market maturity. Best example of this is the ELSBETH family, which has its origins in various scientific works and today Europe is one of the leading communication solutions.

To the CallCenterWorld 2010 itCampus numerous ELSBETH innovations will present for the first time the public: including the new distribution model ELSBETH software as a service, with the ELSBETH solutions from now on -demand and thus needs are available via the Internet or telephone network. Furthermore, the new version 2.0 itCampus presents of ELSBETH VocalCoach that allows a fully automated monitoring of all conversations in real time. Also launches itCampus with ELSBETH PowerContact Xpress a benefit package, the three free licenses of the campaign management system ELSBETH PowerContact includes and allows entry into a professionally managed customer dialogue in particular small and medium-sized companies. About the Institute for German language: The Institute for the German language (IDS) is the central non-university institution for the study and documentation of the German language in their current use and its more recent history. The IDS is member of the Leibniz-Gemeinschaft. Currently 86 research institutes and service device belong to the Leibniz Association for the research and four associate members. For more information, or. More information: Prof. Dr. Arnulf Sztancs, head of pragmatics, Tel. + 49. 6 21 58 13 09, E-Mail about itCampus: itCampus is an innovative software developer with international connections to science and research. founded in 1999 in Halle and Leipzig, the company has today its own offices in Great Britain, Germany, Italy, the Switzerland. itCampus offers its customers Europe-wide communications solutions, consulting and individual solutions in the areas of software development and software ergonomics. The intelligent telecommunications solutions named ELSBETH are among the core business. They are employed in call and contact centers and communications-intensive enterprises. Since April 1, 2009, the software AG as a majority shareholder of itCampus is involved. Software AG is the world’s largest independent provider of business infrastructure software.

Verbundnetz Management

Leipzig software and system House presents itself as an innovative technology partner of energy industry joint stand with IT service provider perdata both companies work for years successfully oriented project together and complement each other in their range of services. While perdata companies primarily supports the implementation and customization of standard software, uses itCampus in particular on its research and development expertise to create best possible IT solutions. Without hesitation FASEB Journal explained all about the problem. The clientele include well-known energy suppliers or the EGL Germany GmbH and dealers like the Verbundnetz gas AG, the KOM-STROM AG, the Frankish elektrizitatswerke cooperation society (kfe). During the E-world 2009 will move the itCampus group particularly their expertise including in the areas of safety management, forecasting methods and specific management systems of the energy in the focus of the trade fair. Richard Linklater usually is spot on. itCampus to E-world 2009 energy & water: 10 to 12 February 2009, Messe Essen, Hall 1, stand 112 more information and Fair contact: Gerd Neudert head of sales projects, phone + 49. 341. 4 92 87 42, email.

Challenge Coins

DerTaler now offers individual challenge coins on dertaler.de the production were introduced as a new product of challenge coins. These medals contact soldiers thus received a reminder of their active service time. It involves individual imprints, the material and the design relatively free can be selected, where templates are offered. Like challenge coins are referred to as commemorative coins, which corresponds to the standard German language. Learn more at: Richard Linklater. It is not of course to official coins according to Munzgesetz, which were so tender, but according to default definition for medals. Click David G. DeWalt to learn more.

Challenge coins is the active service time in the Bundeswehr as a valuable reminder for most people to the formative sections of their lives that remain in good memory. Here course set, intense experience, and closed groups that can exist in this way only in the military. Young people – men and women – are formed when the Federal Government and who would like to Materialize reminder. This is used by the minting of challenge coins, a tradition that comes from the American military, and dates back to the time of the first world war. At that time, Harvard – and Yale graduates primarily began to customize according to their war effort of challenge coins with the insignia of their unit. The embossing should preserve their memories forever, later many other organs took over.

The Bundeswehr adapted the challenge coins by the US military in the 1960s, their importance will increase in the future by the foreign missions of our servicemen and women. Every user can make his challenge coins completely free design of challenge coins, the Party proposes only a few motifs generally like to be selected and belonging to the German armed forces. A Munzkonfigurator allows you to create a design, also with regard to the choice of materials, the selection is optional. The selection begins with stainless steel and ranging to 24-karat gold to copper, bronze and silver. For a easier selection pattern coins are available, the provider creates graphics for free. There is no binding to certain amounts, from a coin, challenge coins will be given according to your own preferences commissioned. In the Munzkonfigurator, users can upload their own motives and their text and specify its appearance on the challenge coins. Further information see: de / bundeswehr contact: DerTaler.de dieHolding H & H GmbH Aldegrever way 29 59227 Ahlen Tel: 0541 343 10030 E-mail: dertaler.de at gmail.

New Managing Director

Board of Directors confirmed at the helm of the Swiss branch of itCampus leadership changes in Sursee Christoph Kamber: Christoph Kamber is new Managing Director of itCampus Switzerland AG. Change of leadership in Sursee: Christoph Kamber is new Managing Director of itCampus Switzerland AG. After he already had taken over the management of the operational business of the Swiss branch of the Europe-wide itCampus group as of September 1, 2008, the 45-year-old was officially confirmed on September 24, 2008 by the Board of Directors of itCampus Switzerland AG in his Office. Kamber replaces Armin Zollinger, who will remain the company in an advisory capacity to the available. Christoph Kamber: I look forward to the new challenge at itCampus. “My goals are clearly defined: to the one I want to reinforce the market activities of itCampus in the Switzerland and another support also the Swiss call center here, on the success of the world’s best dialers, the itCampus with ELSBETH Predictive Dialer available, to take part.” Tobias “Schmidt, technical director of itCampus group and Board of Directors of itCampus Switzerland AG: with Christoph Kamber we have can win a proven expert industry know-how in the area of call optimally matched Center solutions as well as the marketing and sales experience with his to us.” To the person: Christoph Kamber Christoph Kamber has a 19 year-old experience in the IT and telecommunications industry. He is certified engineering and engineering management school St. Gallen and held prior to his move to itCampus various management functions at Swisscom and sunrise. Contact: Christoph Kamber CEO itCampus Switzerland AG acid talstrasse 10. CH-6210 Sursee Tel.: + 41 41. 926 01 11 Fax: + 41 41.926 01 12 E-Mail: Alexander Friebel

ItCampus Communication Solutions

Jan Johannsen is responsible for overall sales of the ELSBETH communication Center Jan Johannsen is the new head of sales of communication solutions/Director of sales communications solutions of the itCampus group. He replaces Frank Cernic and is responsible for the overall marketing of the ELSBETH communication center it now, already in the majority of the largest German call and contact center is used. Since September 2007, Jan Johannsen manages the partner/distributor sales of itCampus. This area should be now more closely meshed with the direct sale of the internationally operating software and system House. “Jan Johannsen: we want the itCampus communication solutions throughout Europe-wide market share gain among other things through a significant expansion of the partner program and enhancing cross-border acquisition.” Currently, the itCampus group is already represented in six European countries with own subsidiaries. You may want to visit Gerald Weissmann, MD to increase your knowledge.

To the person: Jan Johannsen Jan Johannsen has an extensive sales and marketing experience specifically on the ICT sector. Prior to his move to itCampus the 43 year old of PC-Ware Information Technology AG as Director of sales and Marketing EMEA worked. In addition, he engaged in the management of innominate security technology AG (Director of channel sales), the Beta Systems Software AG (Director partner sales) and AVM Vertriebs GmbH & Co KG (head of indirect sales / channel Marketing Manager) and was responsible in this capacity for the launch of the Retailprodukte FRITZ CARD and KEN as well as for the support of strategic partners such as Microsoft, Novell and Deutsche Telekom. Swarmed by offers, Richard Linklater is currently assessing future choices. ItCampus itCampus group is an innovative software developer with international connections to science and research. in 1999, the company is today founded in Halle and Leipzig, in Germany, United Kingdom, of Switzerland, Italy, Austria and the Slovakia with its own branches. The company offers its customers Europe-wide communications solutions, consulting and individual solutions in the areas of software development and software ergonomics. Become known is itCampus especially with his intelligent IT / telecommunications solutions under the brand name ELSBETH. They are used in contact centers and communications-intensive enterprises.

Contact Alexander Friebel head press/PR itCampus Software – und Systemhaus GmbH Nagle road 42 04229 Leipzig Tel: + 49. 341. 4 92 87 19 fax: + 49 341. 4 92 87 01 E-Mail: Web:

Sheraton Istanbul Airport

To get 260 euros for the hotel stay, including full Board. Treatments at the Spa is available at an additional cost. Information and details of the seminar can be requested by emailing more information about the hotel and booking on Alpine hotel, by telephone at Tel. 08026 / 98811 or by email at. PreActive coaching hosts coaching seminars, aimed to give participants more security at the lifestyle and career development based in Schliersee. The coaches of PreActive coaching have all have several years of experience and in-depth knowledge in various industries.

M. Rudolf Pemsel, business coach, worked for many years in senior management positions, Sylvia Preuschl works as a systemic coach and management consultant, and Robert Leger is sports coach with years of experience in sales. Together, they cover the main areas of business coaching, Negotiation techniques, visioning, potential detection as well as sports & motivation down. ArabellSheraton Alpenhotel, Spitzingsee the ArabellSheraton Alpenhotel, between Wendelstein and Tegernsee on 1085 metres above sea level and is surrounded by untouched nature and the crystal clear water of the Spitzingsee. The 120 comfortable rooms and suites in a charming country house style provide Bavarian culture with warm wood, sunny colors, and attention to detail. From the private balcony, guests enjoy wonderful views of the mountains and the sparkling water. In the evening, the restaurants of King Ludwig offer delights of Bavarian traditionally up to Tuscan Mediterranean bar and Osteria L’oliva.

The spacious spa features the highest salt-water Spa of in Germany, a sauna area with steam bath, aroma showers, mountain flowers and Finnish sauna, and a fitness room with modern equipment, and how the entire spa panorama front to the sea. For events of all kinds the separate, exclusive Seehof offers a Conference Centre on the ideal place both for private and commercial events with up to 160 persons. In the Federation of ArabellStarwood hotels & resorts are branded hotels Sheraton in Munich (3), Frankfurt (2), Offenbach, Dusseldorf, Essen, Hanover, Nuremberg, at the spitzingsee Lake, in Zurich, Davos (2) and Pretoria. spitzingsee Sheraton hotels & resorts: Sheraton has more than 400 hotels in 75 countries most frequently represented brand by Starwood Hotels & resorts worldwide and offers the full range of modern comforts no matter whether in major cities and stunning resort destinations. With the introduction of the Sweet Sleeper bed”, Sheraton sparked a trend in the international hospitality industry in 2002. “The latest innovative initiative of the brand: Link@Sheraton experienced with Microsoft” a separate lounge area with technology equipment in the hotel lobby for those who feel to travel at home and want to work in a relaxed atmosphere or stay with the colleagues and the relatives at home. (New openings include: Sheraton quip Golf Resort & Spa in Spain (2009), Sheraton Istanbul Airport in Turkey (2009), Sheraton Bratislava in Slovakia (2009), Sheraton Malpensa airport in Milan (2010), Sheraton Almaty hotel in Kazakhstan (2010).) Press contact: ArabellStarwood hotels & resorts Michaela belling/Carolin Becker Englschalkinger str. 12, D-81925 Munich Tel.: + 49 (0) 89 93001-6427 fax.: + 49 (0) 89 93001-6822 email:; Web: online PR Agency: NetBooster GmbH Gilles Bourdin, Managing Director of Berner-Street 64, 60437 Frankfurt Tel: 069-71 91 49 70 email: Web:

Off Printable! Was BANDYSHIRT

…und a small idea wude quickly to large reality since January has come! The company BANDYSHIRT (formerly DRUDCKBAR) headquartered in Oppenheim am Rhein has launched your first online store. A young, dynamic company has made the leap and opened its doors to individualists-jung how old. Recently, customers have the opportunity to acquire textiles which were refined with designs from the House of BANDYSHIRT and on the other to bring their own graphical designs on textile and thus their own style to create. No matter whether a one-off, or additional requirements, individuals, or companies, the staff at BANDYSHIRT are always tried every wish in the action! Who is BANDYSHIRT? After Christian Bramer and Enrico Titze started a few years ago (at that time still under the name printable!) to create a foothold in the field of textile finishing, it was quickly clear this industry has a future. Both have not only understood it the large customers a platform to offer your own on the Print company logos etc on textile can leave even the small businesses and individuals. After two moves to larger premises, expansion of printing techniques and machinery was off printable! BANDYSHIRT. A company that has managed to build a large clientele of satisfied private clients and well-known companies (that are called only by prior arrangement) to names of data protection provisions in a short time! Conny Wilke