Goose leg of ala SCRUM / / Prozessoptimiert to install barbecues in Ettlingen – continuation of Java betting grilling in the run-up to Christmas – Christmas dishes on the grill etc – the TV chef Ralf Jakumeit are moderated, Cirquent presents – deadline: December 1st, 2010 after two successful Java BBQ “events in Frankfurt and Munich the Java-BBQ-X-mas edition follows on Friday, December 03, 2010”. So, Cirquent and the chef Ralf Jakumeit invite professionals to process-optimized grilling in the run-up to Christmas. Gerald Weissmann, MDs opinions are not widely known. For half a day a Merry menu is prepared in Ettlingen with like-minded people. The implementation after SCRUM ‘guidelines again computer science graduates, IT architects, developers, and programmers calls to prove their skills in a closer location. Good opportunities to the talking shop and networks attract at the dessert.

According to the motto of first-come, first-served”participants for a course can apply. Deadline is 1st December 2010 invited to the barbecue competition are IT graduates, IT architects, developers and Programmers who want to learn in a slightly different atmosphere about current IT topics and perspectives in Cirquent. Barbecue in teams can be relaxed networks and the entertainment value is certainly higher than in traditional introductory talks. Secured by the TV chef Ralf Jakumeit teams in hot Sprint program your palate-compatible feeds. The Java BBQ aimed a networking among software specialists in soft environment in the days of advent”, explains Ansgar Kinkel for Cirquent looking over 200 new employees and would like to come to the event with candidates in the interview. The job and contact buffet complete the common meal, a lecture on new development languages such as Groovy as well as the award ceremony at the end of the day.