Democracy means Government by the free education, and aristocracy means Government by the poorly educated. Gilbert Keith Chesterton the adoption of the new University Act which the National Assembly took place on the morning of the 23 of December of last year (2010), could not be accepted as it has happened, what she represents, the legal vices that includes unconstitutional, thus, as the threat to the most sacred of the University as it is its autonomy, and the guarantee that democracy is manifested towards its functionality, social responsibility. According to the Real Academia Espanola autonomy is: the power that within a State have municipalities, provinces, regions or other entities, to be bound by rules and own governing bodies. Autonomy, at the University level, reminds us of It is the possibility that they have teachers, students, employees and all those who make life inside the campus of organizing and planning that it is within that community.

The Article 9 of the national law of universities said: universities are autonomous. They have: 1. organizational autonomy, in virtue of which may dictate its internal rules. 2. academic autonomy, to plan, organize and carry out programs of research, teaching and extension necessary for the fulfilment of their purposes 3. administrative autonomy, to choose and appoint their authorities and designate your personal teaching, research and administrative; 4. Economic and financial autonomy to organize and manage their heritage.

The fact, that the Education Act to be adopted with the concensuo of the parties involved, must, as says us assure, that university autonomy is the means through which the University deploys its deliberative and critical nature within the State itself of which it is an integral element. Therefore the LEU should not subordinate to the University with respect to other institutions of the State, or to prevail in it any manifestation of thought. The University autonomy is so essential to the State as the heteronomy of the military apparatus.