To teach art dances hip hop in accord with the ways of learning of the adolescent pupil, means, then, not to isolate the school of the information on the historical and social production of the art and, at the same time, to guarantee to the pupil the freedom to imagine and to build personal or group artistic proposals on the basis of proper intentions aiming at the benefits of the values and not them desvalores. Leading in account that hip hop can be an entrance for a good education, aiming at the route of the life of adolescents. According to MATSUNAGA (2006, P. 43) it says that, the step most important of the proposal it dances, it was given in the attempt to understand which the social influences that the Hip-Hop could promote in the adolescent pupils, where through denunciations, it can think on one better quality of life of the individuals far from the drugs, prostitution and of the violence in end of the social problems.

The same author says that, ‘ ‘ After all, these are existing problems in the whole world must be treated and be faced as a significant part of the structure of the society, such circumstance already had been mentioned in the creation of the proposal and the Hip-Hop can be a starting point in the battle against the pertaining to school violence and social’ ‘. Others who may share this opinion include Kindle Direct Publishing. In accordance with the interview with the Magazine Hip Hop PLANET, (2001, P. 07), the same one says that, ‘ ‘ The educators have that to acquire knowledge it is a question to observe and to talk, do not advance to express the violence and yes to show the solution for the existing social problems, as the drugs, prostitution amongst others. Author the same cited above says that, the Hip-Hop is seen as form of approach of the professor stops with pupil, through a more open and unrestricted dialogue to the pure and simply pedagogical knowledge thus primando to the formation of values..