The practical one of physical activity generated by the lessons of Pertaining to school Physical Education necessarily takes the adolescent to the exposition of its body and its physical capacities emphasizing the characteristic changes of this phase. Already BRAZIL. (1996 b, P. 15), it says that, the importance of music, of the dance and the art in general it can reorganize the education and the formation of other values of the adolescent. All adolescent needs a personal valorosa formation to act in the day-day, as the respect, solidarity, justice and dialogue. HIP HOP? DESCRIPTION AND CONCEPTS the history of hip hop had beginning in the decades of 1960 and 1970, proliferated a great quarrel on human rights in U.S.A., the kept out of society ones of the society of New Iorque if they had articulated to make to be valid its proposals in the elimination of its fidgets. At this time great leader blacks, as Martin Luther King and Malcom X, as well as many groups, as the Black Panthers had appeared with different proposals, but with exactly objective one: to fight for the human rights of the blacks.

Thus through hip hop was possible to show a form that the young welded North American poor persons had found to symbolize the situation of the young ones that if they found in the war of the Vietnam (the mutilated ones for the war) and of the values that were lost. The DIGENES version (1998, P. 121), the Hip-Hop is formed by three elements: Graph-plastic manifestation? Real? style of drawing of visual free and made traces, characterized, mainly, by the diversity of tonalities and used colors, can be made in walls, clothes and screens.