It is perhaps an act of presumption on my part but the body calls me apologizing, distinguished reader, so long an absence of content in this blog. But I have not stopped reading daily contributions and inputs of people who follow you. Without going any further, I checked a few minutes ago that Juan Carlos Cubeiro is often going to movies and the great culture that builds lets say with reason that “cinema is the case method of the century”. I endorse that statement seamless to the point that there is no course, seminar, workshop, coaching session or appearance on my part that does not include any action film metaphor. The film is so affordable, memorable and fun that I think a wonderful tool in training tasks, training and professional development. I have also visited the last of Agust Branas and his proposal to the appointment of a new chief.Agust has the ability to bring in short, to suggest abundant without arguments. And no doubt that his style gets the reader, judging by the feedback they receive their texts. Now I have homework, pleasant task to complete. Germain, Josep Oliver, Albert, JD, Roman, Jose Miguel, Bego a … I do not know if I will comment some of your posts, if I know that in all likelihood will be interesting. Learn from how to be a true role model. Let me end this post by referring to “southern talent” that I’m enjoying these days in the Canary Islands for professional reasons. I love my country and do not make distinctions between sources, origins and residences, but I have to say: there are many charming people who see life in a cheerful and positive even if you have difficulties, which gathers technical talent and talent relationships. It is a privilege to work with these people. And you, even from more northern places, thank you pass through here and take the trouble to read these lines. Have a nice day. ASV