Jesus, worker of the UCM, has a son who just turned sixteen. To him, as in general all the boys her age, Jesus looks somewhat listless, lacking motivation, little effort and quite clueless. A few months ago, Jesus came for employment at a conference held in the Complutense University on the occasion of the international day of disability. One of the youths who intervened called attention. It was a blind kid, student of business administration. He spoke of overcoming, of no surrender, know what you want and strive to achieve it.

As I listened to these words, then his son David came to mind. You would be listening to this, he thought. Jesus continued mulling the idea and got in touch with the Office for the integration of persons with disabilities of the UCM. He got the email from this guy. Before writing you, approached by the College of your child to see what seemed to them the idea of carrying to school to that kid had heard that effort and overcoming, and which also had won four gold medals at the Paralympic Games last summer. We said of course, that find people that impacts to the kids is very difficult and even more that told things as we have to strive for what we want, that life is not what you are accustomed, to have many things and do little to get them, said Fernando Mazo, the Chief of studies of Bachelor’s degree of the Lourdes Collegelinked to the household employee Foundation.

Jesus wrote Enhamed Enhamed, this young athlete who championed the Spanish team at the closing ceremony of the Paralympics, to whom a disease left him blind with just 8 years and who knew how to overcome his fear of water to become the best present Paralympic swimmer. Enhamed agreed delighted. Seemed to me very well the idea of going to a school to transmit some values. In addition, now that have lost you the fear to speak in public, I can take on everything, joked. The Lourdes Hall was filled, and what is more important, in the words of Fernando Mazo: I think that you impressed them. It was good account Enhamed, I think that something will have served them. My intention was to convey my idea that no surrender, that you must fight for what you want through the effort and always with respect for others. Jesus also thinks Enhamed words will, at least, made thinking his son and his companions. And David, what he says? It was good. He spoke of the typical effort and all that, but to be someone young you look more reflected. Your life is like a movie that makes you think.