We present to the pupils the materials to be used, following of the application of a questionnaire elaborated with intention to identify the previous knowledge of the students, and after the activities another test was presenting they stops analyzes posterior of the advances of the learning of the considered subject, being that the two questionnaires made use of the same questions. Onion was chosen to be studied in this first lesson practical, of great majority of this pupils, for to be material composed only of cells, that stops an introduction of pupils who at least knew the laboratory, if becomes of visualization facilitated for pupils of basic education. See more detailed opinions by reading what Kindle Direct Publishing offers on the topic.. The theory was given, on the origin, the composition and the structure of the onion, following of the preparation of the blades of the onion that was carried through by the proper pupils, under orientation, having made the cut with blades to shave, clarificao with hipoclorito of sodium (sanitary water), blue coloration with of methylene, washed with etanol, and mounted in half-permanent way, with nail base. The pupils if had interested, seeing this for the interest and intention in searching materials that were of its curiosity as nail pieces, wires of hair amongst others, without leaving the focus that was the onion that was chosen by the palestrante for the fact of its structure to be composed only of cells being of easy identification for the pupils, taking care of the waited expectation. For even more opinions, read materials from film director. The optic microscope was the main instrument of application of the practical lesson, of individual visualization, however the analyses had occurred in pair, where the palestrante used of this method inducing to stimulate the curiosity of the pupil, thus forcing unconscious memorization, and promoting the inquiry on the part of the pupil, where they themselves had taken off its proper conclusions and arguing between itself, at this moment the theoretical content takes dimensions, that engrandece the quality of the teach-learning. .