The way covered for History: education methods and the commitment with the construction of the citizenship As all social factor, the Education suffers transformations throughout the time, even so they happens here of gradual form. In this direction, to understand History while it disciplines pertaining to school and science they demand to know its bases of formation, as well as making one retaken the history of the education of History in Brazil. for this, we have as norteadoras sources the texts: History of the education of History in Brazil: one retaken plural, On the norm and the obvious one: the classroom as research place and the education of History and the construction of the citizenship. (Not to be confused with In such a way, the quarrel is about the resumes and current or retreating programs in the maximum to the period Vargas, it collates and them with the historiogrfica production, establishing a relative value for this education. Later, the researcher deals with the education of History in Brazil, focando the look for the analysis that interprets relative the social thought to the pertaining to school education, as example, the relation that establishes enters the intellectual movement of century XIX and the slavery.