To educate for the Success or Failure? We educate for the Success? Why it can be intelligent To educate for the Failure? We would be emotionally stronger e, developed if thus it was? Here it is, the question. In itself, the expression failure in sends me the souvenir to them, the ruin, fear, pain, nostalgia, signal of that we erramos of some form and we were not competent the sufficient one to carry through such intention. Few dominate its ego the point of ' entend-lo'. Our culture abominates the effect of this word and all education tries to be sidewalk in the Success. It is forgotten that for backwards of this, they come innumerable malogros and multiple disillusionments that also can fortifying in them if we will be intent to such. After all, that it is really Success? Currently the young (good part), has been supposedly trained to shine. The parents inflate the ego of the children giving to understand that the genetics of them (parents), he could only leave good thing.

Soon, the little boys grow finding that the life is really beautiful. They enjoy it of limitless and irresponsible form. Its ancestors had given they everything that had not had, exactly being of humble origin. Nowadays it is common to act thus, however not correct. Everything comes without impediments. The schools demonstrate they who really its parents were ' certos'. The majority is approved without the minimum of effort and devotion. They flood diverse particular facultieses low-level.

They dominate with certain disembarrassment computers and cellular, however, few obtain to read and to write of basic form. How that is possible? Learning mechanics. They receive familiar bands from and friends for having obtained to enter in some superior education. They make college as if it was defecating in the latrine. They do not know and they do not make question to search episteme (knowledge).