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The total area for familiar agriculture is of 135 million hectares, corresponding 24% of the total area of the existing country properties in the country. That is, 90% of the land properties are of small agriculturists, however, in size these properties it corresponds only 24% of the country properties. One of the great controversies occurs for the fact of the new law to amnesty the proprietors who had deforested beyond what he was allowed for that property. In accordance with what he was aprocado in the Federal Chamber, if the proprietor more than deforested what he was allowed, it is not obliged to reforest the area exceeding of had deforested. Whereas the proprietor who fulfilled the law effective and alone deforested what the current law allows, will not be able to deforest this exceeding space. This creates a contradiction, that will only be decided with the alteration of the project in the Federal Senate.

The world cannot nomente be of ' ' espertos' ' , it has that to be also of the people who respect the laws and, above all, they are preoculpadas with the future of the planet. According to IPEA, exist about 48 million hectares whose proprietors had deforested beyond the allowed one for the currently effective law. It is a very great area that would have to be preserved that, they certamentem would culminate for benefits for the proper people who they live next. It could serve in such a way to recoup the existing degradation in these areas in terms of the proper vegetation and animals as in the question of the revitalizao of streams and rivers. This is more evident in the region Northeast where muitor rivers almost do not exist more. However, it fits for all the regions of the country. The agriculturists must get techniques, exist many available ones, the authorities could less take them until the developed agrivultores, getting bigger productivity for hectare of worked land, leaving areas that could be used of rational form, generating profits without needing to deforest it. The rationality must is present in the capitalist relations, mainly as the main capital is a good of extreme importance for the nature and all the beings livings creature: the land. The land must well well-taken care of, be prepared, lucrative and producing of life.

Marion Administration

Although to be a tool little used, the Agricultural Accounting, is seen as one complex technique, with low return in the practical one, it is known only for the Declaration of the Income tax, and the producers do not demonstrate interest in its managemental application. Amongst other factors, valley to stand out that it has contributed for this the deficiency of the countable systems, responsible in portraying the characteristics of the farming activity, as well as, the lack of professionals enabled in the transmission of administrative technologies to the agricultural producers, from there, not the inclusion of the Agricultural Accounting as instrument of agricultural or fiscal governmental politics. Crepaldi (2005) describes that the purpose of the Agricultural Accounting is to guide the agricultural and cattle operations; to measure and to control the economic-financial performance of the company and each productive activity; to support the taking of decisions in the planning of the production, of the sales and investments; to assist in the projections of flows of boxes, to allow comparisons to the performance of the company with others; to lead the personal expenditures of the proprietor and its family; to justify the liquidity and capacity of payment next to the creditors; to serve of base for insurances, leases and other contracts, and to generate information for the Declaration of the Income tax. In a global vision, Padoveze (2000) it comments that the countable management is on to the countable information that are necessary for control, accompaniment and planning of the company as a whole and used for the high administration of the company. According to Iudcibus and Marion (2000, p.19), & ldquo; The Accounting is the great instrument that assists the administration to take decises& rdquo;. It is through it that the entity checks its strong and weak points with respect to patrimony accounts, economic financier and. Of this form, through reports, procedures and countable analysis the administration obtains to transform the collected data into excellent information for the taking of decision on the part of the managers, form to reduce costs and to maximize the profits. .

Language Portuguese

In all depositions, when inquired on the past and gift, we analyze the condition of joy and enthusiasm to the speech of the quarter of as it was and what it offered, and sadness when seeing as the quarter if finds currently. Consideraes final: Observing this reality of the agricultural Brazilian, we can arrive the conclusion that this event if of the one in the daily one of many Brazilians, who without incentives, expectations of improvement, abandon its new roots in search of horizontes, leaving stops genuinely backwards Brazilian cultures, the ones that resist are warlike and true idealizers of a society that needs the farming production to put into motion its economy and to obtain to constitute a igualitrio space to that in it they live. A phrase anonymous it summarizes the question agrarian: ‘ ‘ Agriculture is the art to know esperar’ ‘ ; as well as the agriculturist it waits the culture of its plantation also waits new politics of incentive that can give conditions to it for its work, and from it can there take off its sustenance of the land in worthy way. Thus, as the Jssica young, inhabitant of the quarter Headboard of Backwaters, that love to its place of origin has, and he does not intend to abandon it, thus is the man of the field, that for the love the land its root resists and waits better days. Finally, Headboard of Backwaters, also Known as Place where the Time does not pass! References: JABUR, Maria Garci’a Flowers, Are Joo of Backwaters: history of the foundation of Amrico De Campos. Is Jose of the Black River, SP: THS Arantes Publishing company, 2008.

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