Nor a great investment in technology is what it guarantees the success of a project of management of the knowledge, but yes the deep transformations of the processes, the people and the means of production. With this the company starts to explain the collaborator to observe the work of the other, the talentoso observer finishes for perfecting and developing new methods for the accomplishment of the tasks. The propeller methodology of this modality is known in English for stick (in the glue direction), for generating tack to the projects of the company. The power is not in withholds the knowledge, but in spreading it. The more information you divide with the others, bigger its return. The management of the knowledge looks for to accumulate the intellectual capital that will create exclusive essential abilities and will produce resulted better. More common uses: To improve the cost and the existing service and product quality; To strengthen and to extend the abilities, for the administration of intellectual asset; To stimulate the still more lucrative innovation fastest and of new products. Consideraes Final Being overcome for base some points of view of diverse displayed authors of marketing in the development of this work, can be inferred that, currently, it does not have as to conceive the elaboration of a strategy of marketing in an organization, without the influence of its intellectual capital.

This because, due to great importance of the knowledge, to the organizations currently, its management started to be basic. As visa, in the marketing, the knowledge on the customers is of vital importance, therefore the organizations already are not more only differentiated for the quality of its products, therefore that is reproduced easily for the competitors, but for the knowledge that has of its customers. It was verified that the intellectual capital potencializa action of marketing for the conquest of the allegiance of the customers, what it is the aspect key in the strategies, therefore, without it, as the professionals could of marketing to know markets, to know customers, to identify to forces and weaknesses of its organization and the competitors, to analyze products of the competitors, to constantly monitor the plans of the competition, to create alliances, to monitor market and to anticipate the future? So that the organizations obtain to deal with the great amount of information and knowledge on the customers they constitute and them in competitive advantage is of great importance a management systemize and integrated of this knowledge. With the integration of the data it is only possible to have an only vision of the customer. Suggestions for Future Studies the considered objective was to show the influence of the intellectual capital in the marketing strategies, but it is suggested that the use and influence of the intellectual capital are also searched in other areas, as sports, music, art, etc.