The BEST education Ltd. started sales 2011 the training offensive in the 4.Quartal. According to the BEST GmbH, training in sales need urgent new didactical approaches. The interactive online learning opportunities are utilised in the sales area. Campus seminars are focused too little on participant-active action learning and competence development. Modern adult education is skills development not possible by a coach tells how it goes or may go long in the clear.

Competence development is possible only through own actions and own actions. Problemlosekompetenzen make up about 70% of the net actuarial skills from vendors. To purchase the trainer, who says how it’s done and how to do it, is the wrong approach, because according to this method, no competence development can take place. The development of skills can take place only if training participants develop solutions to practical problems in dialogue with other participants themselves. These helpful tools and methods should be aware, that can be used in the solution process. “The training offensive sales 2011, the BEST education GmbH focuses on skills development and not providing the so-called golden rules”. To better and more intensive for active action of the participants use the campus seminars, perform all further training measures in the offensive in a blended-learning process. This means that the methods and tools, are taught in tutor, virtual classrooms.

Seminars are focused on active action learning, using situation tasks, role-plays and simulations. In the handling and performing OnlineSeminaren with salespeople, applies the BEST education GmbH to the most experienced educational institutions. Since late 2004, salespeople learn regularly at the BEST educational GmbH in online seminars. Currently more than 200 participants attend each month online events of BEST GmbH. The training offensive provides a series of training activities for the year sales 2011 2011 before, which are characterized by high efficiency of education at affordable prices. An IHK certificate training course to the CCI sales experts “at the special price of only 999.-initiating the offensive. Education cheque in the amount of 500 claims can be done also for the measure. A seminar for key account manager follows in spring 2011. A special programme for young professionals in the sales starts in mid 2011. A brochure with an overview of the measures can be requested of BEST GmbH.