The value analysis is one of the most important tools to give the buyer assistance. The classic conservation areas are now exhausted. But the cost should be further enhanced. Is the question where? Considerable potential for cost reduction and optimization of function lies in the technology of the product. But how can you use this? These are just a few questions that a buyer among other things deals. The value analysis is one of the most important tools to give the buyer this assistance. And to use it properly, purchasing, technology, and suppliers must work but definitely closely. Buyers from industry and trade company information on the purchase campus, intensive in-house seminar – how they can engage as a buyer, – looks like the optimal integration of suppliers into product development and – such as improving cooperation between purchasing and technology can be.

The workshop deepened and on specific problem definition of the buyers received the learning on the job. It is also plan plenty of time for individual questions. In the seminar/workshop from the Commerce campus buyers doubly learn how – the value analysis is used as a design tool in purchasing and – early supplier connection optimizes costs and quality in development projects. Purchase campus CSEI-consulting with focus on purchasing seminars and purchasing advice under seminar-Diplom-Betriebswirt (FH) Hans-Christian Seidel, is interested companies from industry and trade for a non-binding appointment by appointment, for special needs, bottlenecks or problems and related solution requests. Companies can under 06151-1373551 Tel. or e-mail: direct contact.