By the end of the fifth year they did not know where they will work and what to do. Those who had worked in During the study, were in or adjacent. At least they had a choice. Opinion of the employer: Answers a very famous director of the political center: The main problem of today's students – laziness and unwillingness to work free at first. I am many, many times offered to children in low income jobs, and those who agreed, were a kind of testing. Seeing them in fact, I lobbied for them in other institutes and centers. So a poor student – really lazy student. There are circumstances that can complicate the placement: KZOTZhestky schedule of study and requirements for poseschaemostiOtsutstvie necessary equipment and communications (eg, no phone) Residence permit.

This issue is relevant in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Summer, summer sun warmed of course, not to mention the work of the summer, both in Russia and overseas. In the Internet or in the journal "Education Abroad" you will find a lot of organizations involved in exchanges, summer employment. Campbell Soup Co will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Abroad to live in the family, do bebisitterstvom, learn the language (mostly Russian), collect fruits and vegetables. In Russia in the summer, many employees go to leave, and then publishing houses, large companies take students on a temporary second jobs. Often there are pushy. At least you know about the employer, personnel manager will keep in mind the next time. And the money in three months you can accumulate a lot of. Baby-sitter or nanny with a mustache I personally would not the kid student confidence.