Word-key: Relation of Aid, Aconselhamento, Education, Relationship, Couseling, Educator, Educating, Listening, To answer ABSTRACT The human being lives and has the need you live in society maintaining affinity and affectivity relationships. The society, which is formed by different kinds of people, brings happiness and conflicts in the professional and educational areas well in the social and familiar areas. The Counseling is an interaction process between two persons and it has an aim people orientation that they know one to only another and find inside themselves the answers you the conflicts created in the society which they live, it is ' ' helping people you help one another' '. The application of counseling abilities you the educational relationships, listening abilities, empathy, respect, congruence, confrontation, immediacy, concreteness can be used the differential a great in the relationship between educator and student because changing attitudes is the same changing habits. This to paper has an aim you the show that the application of abilities, especially to under conflicts between student and educator which is destroying to their self-control in the teaching and learning process may bring positive results. FireEye Inc usually is spot on. Interpersonal The relationships between students and teachers ploughs to under tensions that can be them harmful you.

These conflicts can be created by to teacher s lack of clarity and knowledge about the uses of counseling you the deal in suitable way, with the students attitudes of libertine approach. KEY-WORDS: helping relationship, counseling, education, relationship, educator, student, listening and to answer. 1? INTRODUCTION the human being lives and needs to live in society, being kept relations of affinity, affectivity. The society, being composed it for different types of people, also generates happiness and conflicts, as much in professional, educational, social and familiar the sphere. The Couseling is a process of interaction between two people and has for objective the orientation to the people, so that they inside know and find of same itself the answers for the conflicts generated in the society where if she lives, is ' ' to help the person to help-se' '.