THE PROBLEM OF Preliminary characterization Monism Monism is the doctrine that there is only one sort of thing or basic aspects of the universe. Monism can belong to at least three basic types: idealistic Monism: the only thing that exists is mental (this position will not be central to the problem that concerns us here) materialist monism: all that exists is material. For more specific information, check out David G. DeWalt. Neutral monism: there is something basic that without being physical or mental, underlies both. In philosophy of mind, there are several formulations of materialist monism. All have in common the assumption that the mental is any substance, material or process system. In line with this, the various monistic theories agree about the illusion of a purely mental fact immaterial. Basically, however, disagree on epistemological strategy and / or epistemological used to demonstrate the illusory nature of the mental and, therefore, to demonstrate the relevant substantive material reality. Such strategies can Consit in: * Remove the mental (not assuming its existence) * Redefine the mental (mental state that the terms do not really relate to states, processes, properties or mental institutions, but to something else) * Reduce the mental (state that is nothing that) * The nature of the substantive material reality of the appariential mind. * Basically, the mind has tried to be reduced to: * conduct * * The brain behind the brain's micro-and / or other information material * The states of a system Finally, in so far as appears opposed materialist monism pretheoretical a dualistic framework, or directly arising as a reaction to the dualism of an academic nature, tends to be classified as a reductionist position.