I do not know even the most basic of history as to venture into the motives that made our culture moved away from those past that surely inspired (for example those of the India), which grow as his son rengo in terms of morality. What, no could longer pretend that it is appropriate to interpret one of their ten key commandments (not killing) almost all of the members of the Jewish people according to the weakness of their palates. This sometimes comes to give me shame of others, but at the same time gives me a greater dimension to understand the reason for many of the curses that weigh upon us: divine desire is to love one’s neighbor, and that desire not can provide resiliency human seek return to kill an animal and do with the corpse a feast. He says it with shocking clearly the prophet Ezekiel and exposes it as something natural Genesis of this world. Among the goyim, the Tao Te Ching (Chinese 6,000 years of seniority and wisdom book) explains who celebrates the murder, does not comply with his will in this world. If you have bored you my use of erudite words, I’ll make a summary in a sentence of what I said here: in the ideal of Judaism is obviously not eating meat, but we live well away from the ideal, and for being weak, also has weakened our spirit as a people. Click film director to learn more. He continues acting as active agent of killing other souls (and the destruction of the world) and you’ll be chasing the Almighty.