Month: March 2015

Administration and Business Management

Administration and business management: Career certification in administration and management of empresases a complete race present in most of universities (including the best universities Spain), and in which the student, among many other subjects, he studied accounting, microeconomics, statistics, marketing, macroeconomics, law, logistics or human resources management. In addition, receive tools to be able to perform their jobs in the global organization environment in any of its functional areas. As in other training routes, the student can perform practices in companies that, ultimately, are essential for their full learning. These practices are redeemable for a variable number of credits, i.e., operate as any subject in this sense. In some universities it is necessary to do a final job in the same way, there are different itineraries, choosing the student that is more compatible with their academic interests in certain centres. For example: Direction and management of human resources, E-Business and Digital technology, international corporate management and direction, administration and organisation of companies. THE best universities in Spain: Choose LA TUYA is difficult to choose where to study. This naturally depends on many variables: level of family acquisition, prestige of the Center, geographical proximity of the same, possibility to learn another language if you are thinking about studying a career and you’ve decided to dismiss overseas, here is a list of the best universities in our country. If you is helpful. According to a ratio developed by the ARWU (abbreviations of Academic Ranking of World Universities, or what is the same, academic Ranking of the universities in the world), the top ten Spanish universities are, in this order: Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universitat de Barcelona. Universitat de Valencia, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Universidad de Granada, University of Santiago de Compostela and Zaragoza University.

Linguistic Centre LSI School

Teachers in them by law are known for their professionalism. Let us dwell on one of the Austrian language schools. ActiLingua Academy? private school, which has a large selection of courses. School located in the central part of Vienna and has a well-equipped classrooms. In addition to directly learn a language, studying at the school involves excursions to beautiful Vienna, sports and much, much more. Germany. Institute Humboldt in Berlin. Offers a variety of children, youth and adult language programs.

A feature of an individual approach, which allows quickly learn the language. Classes are produced in small (5-10 people) groups, where students are improving in reading, writing, speaking, speech ponimantyu at the hearing. In addition to training provided more and homework assignments. The Germans, the people of pedantic and do not tolerate levity. Language Centre St.

Alberta in Raymlingen. This children's language center. The center is deeply and systematically teach grammar. The principle of the center:. That is, not having learned the first lesson, I must proceed to the next. The center is located in the park, away from roads, making it ideal for teaching children. The Centre has a swimming pool, gymnasium, stables, where you can learn the art of riding. True for an additional fee. Language schools in Germany are scattered throughout the country: Lindenberg, Konstanz, Freiburg. In those cities, except for school, you can admire the monuments. Carl Duisberg Centren? language center for intensive language training. Here you get a solid margin on grammar, vocabulary, that allows you to take equal part in discussions, conversations, presentations, etc. Switzerland. International Linguistic Centre LSI, located in Zurich. Classes are held in it in small groups. The school building comfortable: with equipped classrooms, a multimedia center, a recreation room. Enjoyed worldwide popularity and the Swiss linguistic camps. Apart from the quality of language teaching here pay much attention to relaxation and nutrition. The camps themselves are located in scenic locations, where there is an abundance of fresh mountain air and green grass. Price for three weeks in this camp of about 3,500 euros. By the way, the camp can not teach a foreign language, and few.

Love A Little More

Amate and you will find your own treasure, you will thus create your good physical health and spiritual, begins to fill your life with love, find your own freedom. You’re worthy of that will happen, you deserve it. You’ll find yourself in the way of interior lighting. And as you go by releasing, help your environment and the total universe. Your attempts and determination will give you new signals about yourself and you will enable to make new choices. Each new choice you make will be as if you planted a seed in your new spiritual garden.

They may need care and time to germinate and thrive, never gets instantly a tree. In life you will receive what we emit is like the ECHO, we are responsible for all the experiences of our lives, the best and the worst. All the thoughts that we are creating our future. Each of us creates his own experience with things that think and the words that says. Beliefs are ideas and thoughts that we accept as truths. What we think about ourselves and the world becomes truth to us. What we decide to believe can expand and enrich our world. Every day can be an exciting, joyous and hopeful experience, but you can also leave us a balance of sadness, limitation and pain.

Two people who live in the same environment, in the same circumstances, can perceive life very differently. What they can take us from one to another of these worlds? I am convinced that our beliefs are. When we are willing to change the primary structure of our beliefs, we can then experience a real change in our lives. Whatever beliefs you have about yourself and about the world, recalls are only thoughts, ideas, and ideas can be changed. Our subconscious accepts everything that we decided to believe. The Universal power never judges us or criticizes us. Limited to accept us for our own value. If you have a belief that you limits, that belief will become your truth. If you think you’re too low, too fat, too there is Louise. . It is likely that you are not of agree with some of the ideas that interest me let’s study together. Perhaps some of them will be strange and disturbing. Do not worry. Only those that are appropriate for you will come to form part of your own being. Perhaps you think that some of the techniques that I propose are too simple or silly, and that it is not possible to give result. The only thing that I ask is that you put them to test. Our subconscious accepts everything that we decided to believe. The Universal power never judges us or criticizes us. Limited to accept us for our own value. If you have a belief that you limits, that belief will become your truth. If you think that you are too low, too fat, too tall, too list (or not enough), too rich or too poor, or you’re unable to interact with people, then those beliefs will become your truth. Remember that we are talking about thoughts, and the thoughts you can change. Our options with respect to what we think are limitless, and the moment of power is always this moment, the present.

Educational Reform

MORVANE is true that education cannot be placed within reach of everyone without a profound transformation of its institutional apparatus, their techniques, their methods, their content and up to his spirit. The educational crisis facing Venezuela, the need to give way to a new reform that ensures an own demands, necessities of the present education taking into account that it’s the spirit of ourselves is very commented. Required a revision of the great weaknesses facing training, training from primary school to University, where has been significantly neglected technological development, the advancement of science in modern scenarios, anchoring in knowledge that already do not play a decisive role in the use of them. He says, that there are many controversies around the educational reform in Venezuela: the role of the State in education, the autonomy of the universities, the role of the private and religious education, and also, of course, the inclusion of sectors poor in the educational system. It is well known that Simon Bolivar called education the duty Prime, which emphasizes that for the new republics, its priority occupation was attend education. It was necessary, in addition to the Ministry of don Simon Rodriguez, that teaching is imparted to make suitable men to live in Republic. As has been written, have commented it, these conceptual considerations of the innumerable master of a single disciple and the innumerable disciple of a single master, arises the fundamental objective of education as a constitutional precept: make a man suitable for the life and the exercise of democracy. No us surprise, point, that our education at the present time does not comprehensively form be for life and the exercise of democracy.

Either, way to technological change. In this last aspect we have large gaps that leaves much to say about the neglect of education. These high sights should focus all educational process designed to grow and survive in the Porvenir.