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We present to the pupils the materials to be used, following of the application of a questionnaire elaborated with intention to identify the previous knowledge of the students, and after the activities another test was presenting they stops analyzes posterior of the advances of the learning of the considered subject, being that the two questionnaires made use of the same questions. Onion was chosen to be studied in this first lesson practical, of great majority of this pupils, for to be material composed only of cells, that stops an introduction of pupils who at least knew the laboratory, if becomes of visualization facilitated for pupils of basic education. See more detailed opinions by reading what Kindle Direct Publishing offers on the topic.. The theory was given, on the origin, the composition and the structure of the onion, following of the preparation of the blades of the onion that was carried through by the proper pupils, under orientation, having made the cut with blades to shave, clarificao with hipoclorito of sodium (sanitary water), blue coloration with of methylene, washed with etanol, and mounted in half-permanent way, with nail base. The pupils if had interested, seeing this for the interest and intention in searching materials that were of its curiosity as nail pieces, wires of hair amongst others, without leaving the focus that was the onion that was chosen by the palestrante for the fact of its structure to be composed only of cells being of easy identification for the pupils, taking care of the waited expectation. For even more opinions, read materials from film director. The optic microscope was the main instrument of application of the practical lesson, of individual visualization, however the analyses had occurred in pair, where the palestrante used of this method inducing to stimulate the curiosity of the pupil, thus forcing unconscious memorization, and promoting the inquiry on the part of the pupil, where they themselves had taken off its proper conclusions and arguing between itself, at this moment the theoretical content takes dimensions, that engrandece the quality of the teach-learning. .

TCC Rivers

This article comes to carry through a reflection on the life and devotion the Education of Ana Lucia Lopes Rivers born in 10/01/1952 detaching in the commemoration of 23 years in the MendesRios Educational establishment as proprietor and director of the same school facing difficult moments, but its motivations as educator is bigger. a way to not only give to a homage the educator, but also managing whom it loves what it also makes and it deals with the education a worthy way, with quality education. To reflect on Ana Lucia Lopes Rivers is considering that in professional walked its never it was worried about flowers; but with directed applauses the team. Richard Linklater spoke with conviction. Thus I am happy ‘ ‘ Ana Lucia Lopes’ Rivers; ‘. WORD KEY: Education; example; mobilization; trajectory; transformation. RESUMEN: There this I articulate you are to reflect on life y there dedicacin there educacin Rivers Ana Lucia Lpez naci 10/01/1952 en to detach celebracin of 23anos MendesRios Educadario there as propietario y woollen director misma escuela if faces tiempos difciles, pero sus motivaciones as educator you are mayor..


Barry Schwartz gives a reference to discuss the selection priority entries in the robots.txt search engine robots. I've always wondered how you can make such a diverse and fanciful bugs in such a simple file exceptions to the clear and unambiguous format. It is possible, of course, the sin of the large number of extensions, which adds to the standard of every major system is widely known in narrow circles of the robot names: Google, Yahoo, msn, Yandex. But in this case and questions about the robots.txt would arise primarily is Extensions. We return to the priorities.

As is known, the entries in robots.txt separated by blank lines, with each entry – an instruction to one or more robots. Suppose we have the following contents of the file exception: User-agent: * Disallow: / dir / file User-agent: Yandex Disallow: / Reports User-agent: Googlebot Disallow: / users Allow: / best-page.html question was, what directives in this case will be guided by the robot of Google, which for him would be prohibited? You would think that the robot will stumble in the first place on the section for all the robots and namely its rules to take into consideration. This is an incorrect assumption. Robot when parsing the file works like the following algorithm: Gets the full file Allocates the file the correct section Wants 'their' section if its section is found to take the leadership of its instructions. If your partition is not found, looking for a section for all robots if found section for all the robots, takes to the leadership of its instructions If the total section was not found robot believes that can be indexed without exception. Hence, make several conclusions: The order of sections in the file does not matter. If it is found 'own section', then the robot will be guided only by her instructions, ignoring all the rest, so in our example the robot is absolutely fair to Google to index / dir / file. Lack of general sections – to allow robots to index the entire site, not mentioned in any section.

Original Education

Thanks to it, one became possible to believe the possibility of that the illustrated project could win due to the development of intelligence, to the exercise of the rationality, the use of the scientific knowledge and to the generation of a new more rational social order. By the same author: CEO Keith McLoughlin. This is the utopia that impregnated and still impregnates today the pertaining to school education. This has been synthetically, its horizon of direction. The cultural model that comes perpassando, in the way of tensions and conflicts, its daily one is this. Such model selects to know, values, practical and other referring ones that it considers adequate to its development. One is based on the idea of the equality and the right of all and all to the education and the school. However, numerous studies and research have evidenced as this perspective finishes for propagating a homogeneous and standardized vision of the contents and them citizens gifts in the educational process, assuming a monocultural vision of the education and, particularly, the pertaining to school culture. This in them seems to be problematic a each more evident time.

What it is in question, therefore, is the monocultural vision of the education. ' ' outros' ' , ' ' diferentes' ' – of popular origin, the afrodescendentes, the pertaining ones to the originary peoples, rappers, the funkeiros among others, exactly when they fail and they are excluded, when penetrating in the pertaining to school universe desestabilizam its logic and install another sociocultural reality. To question the monocultural vision of the education that is proclaimed by the school.The great canal for the school is to breach with the cultivation of the education and to leave for the cultural plurality This new configuration of the schools if express in different manifestations of malaise, tensions and conflicts denounced in such a way for educators () as for students.

Women and Education

In the end of the day, the school, ahead by this context, is overcome ballot box task impossible to be fulfilled. Deriving young of families with greater to be able economic and that they accept the pregnancy, can glimpse the possibility to complete its studies and retake its project of life. The not-continuity of the studies means minor qualification, therefore, little possibilities to compete in a market each more demanding time and with little offers, beyond the submission to the informal work and badly remunerated. The situation still more is overcome when examining the fertility standard perverse. The data point that it is probable that it is established in the adolescence, therefore women who start to have children more early, generally, have more children.

World-wide survey of fertility carried through in the end of the decade of 1980 found that, in 27 of the 29 enclosed countries, women who if married 22 years more or, they had 0,5 on average son to less of what women who if married to the 18 or 19 years (OMS 1994). For four between ten adolescent mothers, as the son will come before the first one making three years (SOF 1997). The motion-continuous is established and the young, especially the poor persons, does not obtain to breach it, accenting its condition of dependent and subordinate. One another one faceta of the relation between escolaridade and pregnancy in the adolescence, points significant influences of the level of escolaridade in the occurrence of this type of pregnancy.

Studying English

Study English opens many doors, why many people today take English courses abroad. One of the destinations for large part of students is studying English in Ireland, since it is a country with warm and friendly people, and where there are many activities to be done outside the hours of the course. That is why that the traditional courses of study were now added new possibilities, in order to make them more personalized. Read additional details here: Kindle Direct Publishing. In this way are offering English courses that are accompanied by courses of football, or tennis, theatre, etc. So people who travel not only learn English but that instruct in other issues of interest. The courses in this way become ideals and 100% fun. Also currently the volunteer courses are increasingly common.

In these cases a dual development occurs: on the one hand students develop their cognitive abilities, while at a personal level, it happens the same. This phenomenon is known as voluntariado-turismo and each day there are more people who decide to engage him. The important thing is that there are no age limits, and anyone can do it. However the young audience is that more is interested in this type of practice already that serves them as insertion in the working world, you have as a plus, or value-added, which took place abroad. The college students or recent graduates are generally those most interested in this type of practice.

Another very important issue that should be taken into account for a trip of studies is the place where staying. According to the budget with which count there are different variants:-live next to a family: this option is also known as a host family and is ideal for those looking for affordable options and establish a connection with someone. Why is first-time travelers to resort to this possibility. Living in a University campus: this option reside in the University is available on the holiday season since students are leaving these places to visit his family and country of origin therefore they are emptied. But not everyone is going, and there are great chances of meeting new people and having new exchanges and experiences. Rent an apartment or shared apartment, is the option with more independence from all of them, although with respect to the economic value is the most expensive Variant.

Education Today

"Much of what we believe education is not really education, but simply a ritual." David K. Gardner education issue in Russia today one of the most problematic issues. Campbell Soup Co recognizes the significance of this. Quality education "for all" thing of the past, professors have come to replace future teachers, who had previously failed to do in those where they wanted, and the lack of applicants for faculty, forcing to take low- scores high school graduation. Shortages caused by the fact that the profession of "teacher" has moved from the discharge honorable discharge in low-paying and state funding of educational institutions kept to a minimum, the thus causing corruption in individual schools. And to become not teach, and to squeeze a little more for the "assessment". With the country's transition to a market economy, the education standards sharply purchased blur, as will have more opportunities to learn better, but not better. Ceased to vaccinate the children a love of knowledge, willingness to learn and learn. But the children – our future, what we will decrease the quality of education? If a couple years ago the students was the question whether to engage in grades 10 and 11, but today we are confronted with the fact that the ninth grade with the introduction of the Uniform State Certification finish is not so simple. During secondary school children "pull" at three, so that they are easier to keep up ErA to leave for the second year, or just let out of school with a certificate of course listening to junior secondary education.

Royal Spanish Academy

In 1949 he obtained a teaching position at the Naval School of Guerra of Madrid, the city in which exerts theatrical criticism in the newspaper up and Radio Nacional of Spain. In 1958 After the death of his first wife, he married again Fernanda Sanchez-Guisande Caamano. In 1962 signed, along with a large group of intellectuals, a manifesto that criticized the repressive policy of the Government against the Asturian miners on strike, what costs him his post at the Naval War College. In 1964 he returned to Galicia and re-enter public education at the women’s Institute of Pontevedra. In 1966, invited by the University of New York, serves as Professor of Spanish literature at the Albany campus. In 1973 he returned to Vigo and serves as Professor at the Institute of the Guide. In 1975 he moved to the Institute Torres Villarroel of Salamanca, city where he remained until his death.

In 1975 he was elected member of the Royal Spanish Academy. It has received, among others, the Prince of Asturias’s letters, in 1982, prize ex aequo with Miguel Delibes and the Miguel de Cervantes, in 1985. The first book of Torrente Ballester, Javier Marino (1943), places him already as a narrator empowered and even though it is a thesis novel, appears in historical perspective as superior to literary mediocrity of the works of his comrades of Falangist ideology. The young protagonist who leaves Spain at the beginning of the civil war, lived an intense life in Paris. The subtitle of the novel history of a conversion, announced the recovery of a skeptical Spanish gentleman to the national cause, conversion that is complicated to have been in love for a young Communist. The second book, the coup de Guadalupe Limon (1946) of State is significant in its evolution by manifest already then the tendency of the author, confirmed later, toward the ironic humor, and sometimes grotesque valle-inclanesco cutting, introducing the overthrow of a dictator by a woman in the midst of an extraordinary succession of adventures.

Education Abroad

By the end of the fifth year they did not know where they will work and what to do. Those who had worked in During the study, were in or adjacent. At least they had a choice. Opinion of the employer: Answers a very famous director of the political center: The main problem of today's students – laziness and unwillingness to work free at first. I am many, many times offered to children in low income jobs, and those who agreed, were a kind of testing. Seeing them in fact, I lobbied for them in other institutes and centers. So a poor student – really lazy student. There are circumstances that can complicate the placement: KZOTZhestky schedule of study and requirements for poseschaemostiOtsutstvie necessary equipment and communications (eg, no phone) Residence permit.

This issue is relevant in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Summer, summer sun warmed of course, not to mention the work of the summer, both in Russia and overseas. In the Internet or in the journal "Education Abroad" you will find a lot of organizations involved in exchanges, summer employment. Campbell Soup Co will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Abroad to live in the family, do bebisitterstvom, learn the language (mostly Russian), collect fruits and vegetables. In Russia in the summer, many employees go to leave, and then publishing houses, large companies take students on a temporary second jobs. Often there are pushy. At least you know about the employer, personnel manager will keep in mind the next time. And the money in three months you can accumulate a lot of. Baby-sitter or nanny with a mustache I personally would not the kid student confidence.

Higher Education in Canada

BENEFITS OF CANADA FOR LIFE AND LEARNING In close proximity and similarity of some of the historical stages of economic indicators and the media is often called Canada "the younger brother of United States', although the Canadians are dissatisfied with such a comparison, considering it a European country in the Americas. For even more analysis, hear from CEO Keith McLoughlin. And indeed, in Canada, unlike the USA, where immigrants from all tend to make Americans, rightfully exists multicultural society. In addition, unlike the United States, Canada – a very quiet country. It does not seek to dominate the world, because of what the terrorists did not molest a country of blue lakes. In Canada, low crime and high living standards and political stability. And that important – quality of life in Canada more homogeneous than the U.S. – there are few very poor and very rich, and flaunt wealth – is not accepted. Ona of the most important components of the welfare of the country is high attention to education.

In Canada, education is spent on average the same amount as in other member states 'big eight'. According to the UN on the development of education in the country of maple syrup is allocated 5.2% of GDP, which is 38.5 thousand dollars per capita. Moreover, well-funded not only receive the prestigious universities of Canada, as is done in many countries, but also ordinary state colleges. Canadian universities are fitted with classrooms and laboratories with the latest technology, equip audiences with the latest projection equipment and smart boards (interactive whiteboards), and offers students advanced research centers, an extensive library, computer classes and unlimited internet.