Month: September 2013

University Authorities

Carlos Vanegas Blackberry the characteristics of the economic scenes where they operate the companies are dynamic, changing, competitive, threatening, in addition, to demand new challenges, a new management of the management in order to guarantee effective participation and profits of the established objectives. It is needed new administrative tools, administrative knowledge that have generated a new paradigm of the administration and which they force to that the present managers well are identified with them, and they know of course them to use. In the Venezuelan case that it concerns to us, its scene is very turbulent, product of the uncertainty that has come providing the present government under the presidency from the lieutenant colonel Hugo Chavez, who has taken passage to the denominated Bolivariana revolution with a seal of Socialist ideology. All this, has brought about earthquakes in the enterprise productive sector before this new reality, entailing to that many companies are retired officer, closed its activities and others, are establishing strategic plans of action that allows them to develop successful according to the new economic programs of the government. The certain thing, that all this entails to determine what so preparations are the managers to face the changes, challenges, to take passage to actions that favors to him and to contribute with the development of the country. Of course, such situation forces to diagnose, to evaluate, what is realising the schools of Administration of the national universities concerning pre and postgraduate that favors to the companies and has a professional with cnsonos knowledge to the competitive demand of the present. Unfortunately, everything indicates that the Schools of Administration the great majority, have been anchored in the past, with nonagreed an academic culture to the reality. The university authorities in charge of the direction of the schools concerning pre and postgraduate, have not updated the profile of the modern administrator according to the exigencies of the present scenes, especially the Venezuelan, maintain a Program with subjects that do not carry out a determining roll in the knowledge updated of present.

Making The Most Of Your Summer

Finally, summer is here! After a school year filled with hard work, so you can forget about your books, break out your bikini and sunbathe. This is not just what he deserves, but in reality you need: If you have been working to its highest level during the school year, to be his body about two weeks off during the summer for a real break. Go ahead and pursue his favorite pastime, relax, sleep, and reflect on the past year and next year. No, however, too accustomed to their life of leisure! From a perspective of college admissions, it is important to be productive during summer months. Work is viewed favorably by most selective colleges, working on his tan is not. It is important to understand that when it comes time to apply to schools in the fall, you will be competing for the admission of a lot of other students who did most of the summers by strengthening their talents and skills and / or development in some way for their weaknesses.

Ideally, you've found something to do during the summer, but if not, here are some suggestions for summer. By the summer after ninth grade, summer school can be a great idea, especially if you want to get ahead in their curriculum. For example, rising sophomores in the past have used the summer to move ahead in their math track, some taking a class that prepares them for an honors course or an advanced level, others by taking a crash course mathematics that covers at least six weeks of the summer.

To Educate For The Success Or Failure

To educate for the Success or Failure? We educate for the Success? Why it can be intelligent To educate for the Failure? We would be emotionally stronger e, developed if thus it was? Here it is, the question. In itself, the expression failure in sends me the souvenir to them, the ruin, fear, pain, nostalgia, signal of that we erramos of some form and we were not competent the sufficient one to carry through such intention. Few dominate its ego the point of ' entend-lo'. Our culture abominates the effect of this word and all education tries to be sidewalk in the Success. It is forgotten that for backwards of this, they come innumerable malogros and multiple disillusionments that also can fortifying in them if we will be intent to such. After all, that it is really Success? Currently the young (good part), has been supposedly trained to shine. The parents inflate the ego of the children giving to understand that the genetics of them (parents), he could only leave good thing.

Soon, the little boys grow finding that the life is really beautiful. They enjoy it of limitless and irresponsible form. Its ancestors had given they everything that had not had, exactly being of humble origin. Nowadays it is common to act thus, however not correct. Everything comes without impediments. The schools demonstrate they who really its parents were ' certos'. The majority is approved without the minimum of effort and devotion. They flood diverse particular facultieses low-level.

They dominate with certain disembarrassment computers and cellular, however, few obtain to read and to write of basic form. How that is possible? Learning mechanics. They receive familiar bands from and friends for having obtained to enter in some superior education. They make college as if it was defecating in the latrine. They do not know and they do not make question to search episteme (knowledge).

Actually Internet

This is a small sample of the interest of many people trying to find work over the Internet. Unfortunately likewise killed many in his effort. Required patience, determination and long hours of reading, study, test and some money to gradually decode this relatively new science. That is what I want to save you. At least not that cost you so much as my. Anyone with minimal knowledge of computers and the Internet, risks to assert that it is impossible to work on the Internet and earn money at the same time.

Ignorance of the topic in question is what encourages them to promote that assertion. That is not to mention the negativity, pessimism and scepticism that characterizes to sufferers of mental laziness. If you have got here, allows me to think that you are not of those people. It has at least taken the time to search. Yes there are jobs on the Internet. In fact, each When there are more people coming to the network since they have proven that if you can make money on the Internet.

One thing that should be clear is that these people that if they are earning money working online, not do it differently to as they do in the traditional working world. I would say that many earn both honestly as dishonest. Many are making money by cheating people with promises of becoming rich quick, without much work and with so-called systems on autopilot. It is absolutely segur @ that that is not true. They want you to cheat. As in any other profession, the minimum required to honestly work in Internet is education. Acquire all the knowledge that better can be related to work on the Internet. This activity is becoming one new profession like any other that exists in the world outside the Internet. Work on the Internet has become the modern method to replace the traditional employment. However as well as a doctor, lawyer or engineer who can get to make lots of money with their profession, have dedicated their time, study, dedication, effort and discipline to achieve it, likewise you also can achieve this by means of work on the Internet. Now, at this point can you be this by asking if it is the same have a business on the Internet that work on the Internet. Take the time to know the difference can save you time and money. Probably your e-mail will rain down offers from businesses or courses to learn how to work on the Internet. If you do not yet, I suggest you begin to tell the difference. Again, I suggest you that not you goal a business anywhere if you still don’t know how to work it on the Internet. If results that so far you have obtained trying to work Internet not satisfied, don’t be discouraged, continue in their efforts, this is one of the characteristics of people who have success working in Internet. He who seeks, finds and touches that will you will open. Sometimes we pay when we are about to obtain our objective.