Month: April 2014

University Professor

\”Leipzig IT companies since 1999 as a successful innovation blacksmith anniversary event on June 24th, 2009 in Leipzig research development software\” the claim by itCampus could not be more fitting. For ten years the central software and systems house stands for a particularly narrow wire to leading research institutions, to form pioneering concrete products from scientific abstract ideas. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of customer, partner, and companion loads itCampus on June 24, 2009 to a summer festival in the Leipzig headquarters, Nagle road 42. The event’s motto is past. Present. Future\”and opportunity to the common review, as well as on current and future projects. We plan up to much here, but more for the next few years\”, explains Dr.

Andreas Lassmann particularly with regard to the further cross-border development of the company Managing Director of itCampus. itCampus supports the initiative UNICEF twinning of Leipzig 2008/2009. \”\” The funded projects learn more about schools in Africa \”and the survival kit\” get interested on the occasion of the itCampus summer festival. Kluge heads by staying here inspire\”founded itCampus 1999 by Prof. Dipl.-ing. Dr. Dr.

h. c. Wolfgang Lassmann as a spin-off from the University of Leipzig and the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg. The steady exodus of the best graduates from central Germany to the University Professor for Business Informatics and operations research and Director of the Institute for operations research and management (ifu) the MLU Halle-Wittenberg was a call to action: me hurt that it moved the majority to her studies towards the West. ItCampus wanted to excite the minds of the remaining here and, as we see today, we succeeded.\” Together with eight of its best graduates Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lassmann started on May 28, 1999 the project\”itCampus. His idea: establishing a \”Software development center in the Leipzig/Halle region, comparable to a power Center in the sport a think tank\” at the interface between business and science.


The Association offers assistance with questions on employment contracts, work certificates and the own career planning executives, the academic Foreign Office informed of optimal trajectories in studying abroad. Also advises the German-Dutch Chamber of Commerce about the topic “Study and work opportunities in the Netherlands” and the company universe that surveyed more than 300,000 students on the subject of career ideas and employer preferences around the globe, offers visitors sound guidance, when it comes, to learn about potential employers, and jointly work out what employers optimally to them fits. Experienced professionals from the practice are also speech and answer to various questions around the themes of promotion and career in career and company presentations. Career lectures – the program 12:00 12:45 successfully on the NET – interview Karrierefallen avoid online reputation 14:15 tricks and loopholes of the first employment contract strengthen 13:30 career planning – with enthusiasm and commitment to success 15:00 15:45 salary negotiation studies and job opportunities in the Netherlands 16:30 networking the success factor for the own career 17:15 the written application of the visitor center and the guidance on the career-mile are free of charge. Registration is not required. Further information at Cologne via CampusConcept: the company CampusConcept organized the regional KarriereMessen CampusChances for almost twelve years. Companies in all industries use the measurement as a more attractive Employer to present and reinforce your employer branding in the target group students and graduates. Terminated career interviews, the possibility to give lectures and parallel to the fair with a profile in the Internet to be represented, providing a great effectiveness and wide response among the target group.