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useful articles, abstracts of studies in kindergarten, and recommendations. We have collected materials that allow teachers to spend quality preschool class at a high level. Main pages: Presentations. Educational game presentation for the development of the preschooler different skills. Materials for training. This section presents information that can help caregivers prepare for group lessons.

Here you'll also find audioskazki that can be placed at the beginning doshkolyatam quiet hour. Literature. Materials for activities with children of preschool age. Documentation in the DOW. This section provides documentation that is needed to of the kindergarten teacher (job descriptions, contracts, safety instructions). Puzzles, games, poems …

This section includes games, poems, riddles that will help kindergarten organize work. Teaching experience. Summaries of studies submitted by our readers. Images. Here are the baby pictures to help arrange a teaching aid for classes in kindergarten. It's no secret that – Short-stay group (PCG). Children stay in these groups ranges from two days a week to five, from 2 hours a day visiting the PCC to 3-4 hours. For a child, visiting groups of short-stay provides an opportunity to fully communicate with the children's collective ability to acquire knowledge and skills required for each child according to age. This undoubtedly contributes to a more successful socialization in the future.

Commonwealth Enemy

Those who were able to maintain sanity and ability to realistically assess developments admitted he had a keen mind, courage, skill and courage, combined with caution and great cunning. " Affected the extent of political, military and diplomatic activities of the statesman, contemporaries frequently compared him with the cruel leader of the Huns, Attila, famous Carthaginian commander Hannibal, terrible Tamerlane, an Italian political philosopher Machiavelli. Polish King Jan ii Casimir, who fall 1648 came to the throne is not without its participation, or saw him as a threat "throughout the Christian world," or identify a hasty willingness to provide a place in the Senate of the Commonwealth. If the magistrates that the Moldovan people acted "troublemaker of all nations", the renowned figure of English bourgeois revolution of the first half of xvii century, Oliver Cromwell saw him as generalissimo, a courageous ruler Cossacks implacable enemy of the Polish gentry. Here's how he wrote about Prosper Merimee: " elect a guide small nation surrounded by powerful neighbors, the man has devoted his life to fighting for the independence of it. He razbrat deftly planted in the enemy camp, managed to strengthen the unity of the regiments, was a fearless warrior, a deep-thinking politician, happy with the victory, persistent and resolute in the failures.

" Liberation war of Ukrainian people was an important event in the political life of Europe in the mid xvii. Europe at that time was divided into two camps, Catholic and Protestant. could not ignore this.

The Pupils

Still in DINIZ, the dislexia has neurological base, therefore ' ' an expressive incidence of genetic factor in its causes exists, transmitted for a gene of a small one ramification of chromosome six that for being dominant it becomes the hereditary dislexia highly, what it justifies that if repeats in same famlias' ' (DINIZ, 2007, P. 62). According to VASCONCELLOS (1993, the education methodology does not favor the construction of the knowledge, the professor does not teach; the poor pupil is banishes from the school due to adaptation lack its reality; the pupil who is educated for submission and he does not have a conscience, the pertaining to school supervision is an activity that aims at the professional development of the professors, in its dimension of knowledge and action, since a situation daily pay-professional until a situation of accompaniment in the exercise of the profession and the insertion in the life of the school. That is, the function of the pertaining to school supervision is basic to reach the formation of the pupils propitiating the critical development and not accepting everything, therefore the school is the ideal place to form people whom its paper in positive way exerts in society, that is constructor of its proper history, is of utmost importance to have a proposal educational edificadora, not to repeat the errors whom they occur in the classrooms, is common the schools to banish the pupils in the hour where more they need it, in accordance with this reality many if has worried about the difficulties found in schools, not only on the part of the pupils, but for the process as all. the performance of the professor in the process of acquisition of the learning of the dislxico pupil is basic, therefore it fits to the professor to modernize itself constantly, providing benefits to the pupil in the direction of awaking the interest for knowing and constructing its proper pertaining to school history, and second (PEGORIN, 2009). .


The games to color online are an excellent tool to help the child in its creative growth. For new, it is a good beginning, already for oldest, it serves as a continuity what they come learning in the school. The exercise to paint not only develops the creativity, but it also makes the form with that the children if expressamatravs of the colors, gestures and images. Beyond being a creative exercise, also he is therapeutical. The activity to paint is not developed alone in the schools and house, but also in psychological doctor’s offices and even though in hospitals to assist the children in its recovery. These activities work the mind of the child, the same the step queajudam in the concentration of what they are making. Today some games exist on-line that they can make with that the children pass hours playing and developing its motor and creative capacity.

One of the available games today is the Baby Looney Tunes 2, and also the PaintAnd Play, a game that super is amused. In this game, beyond being able to paint the scene, the child can complete the same with a park of diversions. The BabysLooney Tunes if amuses thus leaving certain the hour of the diversion. For small princesinhas of house, they have the super drawings of the princesses Snow White (White of Snow), that it has the option different of drawings of the Seven Dwarves, and more two drawings of the Snow White, Cinderella Onlinee its Magic Prince. Super lindinhos and colorings, them go to make the girls if to amuse sufficiently and to dream of its preferred princesses. Already for the boys it has the DastardlyandMuttley, with the Dicky personages Vigarista and Muttley who, go to need its aid for coloriz them.

Also it has oJackie Chan Adventures, where the child can leave its hero of the drawings livened up with all the color and life that we see in telinhas. Pra also has games desenhosAmerican Daddy and The Wonder Family.Eles also is without color and needs one ajudinha its parase to become in the computer, so amused how much they are in telinhas. Nobody can be of is, finds its right now favourite personage in the games online and if amuses coloring. He leaves to appear its side artist and he shows for whom you are an excellent painter.

Functionality In Education

The change of the function of the half educational computer as happens together with a questioning of the function of the school and the paper of the professor. The true function of the educational apparatus does not have to be to teach, but yes to create learning conditions. This means that the necessary professor to leave of being the repassador of knowledge the computer can make this and makes it so efficient how much professor and to start to be the learning environment creator and the facilitador of the process of intellectual development of the pupil. (BRAVE, 1993:06). 2.2. Difficulties day to day The one of the biggest difficulties question of the experience, something very necessary for professor who if comes across with problems, and of some form knows to decide them in logical way and rational, for this, the same he has that to pass an one very good process of formation so that pass much time not thinking about deciding them, time that without a doubt would be used to apply contents to them you dissent.

According to Brave (1993: 13). For the implantation of the technological resources of efficient form in the education four basic ingredients are necessary: the computer, educative software, the enabled professor to use the half educational computer as and aluno' ' , being that none if sobressai to the other. The author accents that, ' ' the computer is not more the instrument that the apprentice teaches, but the tool with which the pupil develops something e, therefore, the learning occurs for the fact to be executing a task for intermediary of the computer. If the professor not to possess perfect tunning with the pupil, the result of this lesson sera a perfect disaster, the professor is the mediator of the knowledge, obligatorily has that to be intent to the way that the pupil is if holding, if the professor interacts with the pupil, makes with that the pupil explores some ferramentes that can shorten the way until the knowledge, is certain that it is making with that the pupil has understanding of what this being said, also taking in consideration the use of the computer for this practical, when the pupil can see and hear what this studying through sound and image, becomes the lesson most interesting, and increases the interpretation level, beyond the increase of the level of memorization of the pupil.

On The Literature Education

Today, the Brazilian education lives a climate of intense bubbling, with a world swept for deep changes. The scientific and technological revolution changed the paradigms of production and transformed the daily one of the people. The fast evolution in the standards of communication and the universal application of computer science had generated an impact on the production and circulation of good. They had changed the concepts of space, time and, also, learning. A great challenge to the pertaining to school device was launched. In the perspective of the construction of knowing, the estagnada idea of learned content was evolved for the notion of capacity for the innovation.

In result, the education started to search new paradigms capable to prepare workers with high qualification, close of rising technologies. To learn the lesson started to be to think, to create, to imagine e, only not to memorize. The action of the school starts for its commitment with the social environment and where she is inserted, data that it is the shelter of the social experience. In such a way, the pertaining to school strategy must cover a set of basic strategies, between them: – To leave to supervalue the current system of coercion of the learning, represented for notes and examinations, and to give place to the development of active attitudes in relation to the formation of the student. In other terms, it fits to the school to develop the autonomy of the pupil and to exert its evaluation on of this so primordial aspect. – To increase the educabilidade of the pupil.

Instead of insisting on the education of specific knowledge on different domnios, it must, before, develop learning mechanisms. In the school, the pupil must learn the habit to use diverse strategies of activities. To learn to observe, to listen, to express and to question. The school must support the pupil in the direction of it to become capable to identify its necessities in education substance and to plan, to lead and to evaluate its studies.

Computers In Education

The use of Computer science in the Education had beginning with the proper education of computer science in the schools and the use of computers. Later different areas had appeared of the knowledge that had started to use the different computer in levels and modalities, assuming functions really defined according to adopted educational trend. In accordance with Tajra (2008), Computer science in the Education passes for three stages in its cycle of learning: qualification properly said, exercitao and planning of new actions. The qualification properly said is when the professor assumes the pupil paper, therefore starts to have a professor of the area of educative computer science that will pass the technological contents that could inside be worked of a proposal pedagogical. It is important that the professor changes information and either motivated, being interesting that it dominates the basic slight knowledge of used the operational system and softwares, so that after to be enabled, mount its plans of lesson with the use of the learned tools exercising the assimilated contents. In the exercitao the professor passes in fact to give to its lessons using the computer as tool, placing in practical everything what he learned.

When already elaborated its plan of lesson in the previous phase, it is the moment to validate them and to have a more definite critical vision to consider improvements. The planning of new actions is after to exercise what it learned and having a more critical vision, is the moment to initiate the process and to be successful what before it he was unsafe. Having better planejamentos of its lessons and incorporating the available technologies in the proposal pedagogical defined for the school. In such a way, professors will be constantly in recycling, therefore with the great technological evolution he makes with that it looks new softwares educational for enrichment of its lessons. The professor also must go beyond; to take its pupils the reflections, understanding and formalizao of the concepts inlaid in softwares.

Granada The Planets

David Brown “Crono” tells us in the log of CampusCrea 2008 what happened in two more events that took place over the weekend in the “most creative” of the 12 edition of the Campus Party taking place in Valencia. The events have been modeled 3D: “Daniel Sanchez, alias Imagedeluxe has been the rapporteur of the first activity today: 3D models with 3D Studio MAX. Daniel has made us a demonstration of one of the 3D modeling techniques more common, Work on blueprints. “Musical Production:” How does the world of music production? What is the work of producer? What is the best alternative software? All these questions any more and we have resuleto , A former battery group Granada The Planets music producer and professional. ” and Directorate-Video Clips: “Juan Pablo Aguirre and Enis are two of the members of StruendoFilmakers who have shared with us his experience in the field of Video-Clips.”