Month: May 2015

Federal Senate

The total area for familiar agriculture is of 135 million hectares, corresponding 24% of the total area of the existing country properties in the country. That is, 90% of the land properties are of small agriculturists, however, in size these properties it corresponds only 24% of the country properties. One of the great controversies occurs for the fact of the new law to amnesty the proprietors who had deforested beyond what he was allowed for that property. In accordance with what he was aprocado in the Federal Chamber, if the proprietor more than deforested what he was allowed, it is not obliged to reforest the area exceeding of had deforested. Whereas the proprietor who fulfilled the law effective and alone deforested what the current law allows, will not be able to deforest this exceeding space. This creates a contradiction, that will only be decided with the alteration of the project in the Federal Senate.

The world cannot nomente be of ' ' espertos' ' , it has that to be also of the people who respect the laws and, above all, they are preoculpadas with the future of the planet. According to IPEA, exist about 48 million hectares whose proprietors had deforested beyond the allowed one for the currently effective law. It is a very great area that would have to be preserved that, they certamentem would culminate for benefits for the proper people who they live next. It could serve in such a way to recoup the existing degradation in these areas in terms of the proper vegetation and animals as in the question of the revitalizao of streams and rivers. This is more evident in the region Northeast where muitor rivers almost do not exist more. However, it fits for all the regions of the country. The agriculturists must get techniques, exist many available ones, the authorities could less take them until the developed agrivultores, getting bigger productivity for hectare of worked land, leaving areas that could be used of rational form, generating profits without needing to deforest it. The rationality must is present in the capitalist relations, mainly as the main capital is a good of extreme importance for the nature and all the beings livings creature: the land. The land must well well-taken care of, be prepared, lucrative and producing of life.

If Wish To Succeed Is Necessary To Pay The Price

The desire for success is in the majority of people, the goals may be different but all want the materialization, want to see it and enjoy it, then why few people achieve it? For the price that must be paid, i.e. the share of sacrifice that is necessary to perform to make ideas work, when we study the biographies of great men that were able to make wonderful changes in the history of mankind we see a common denominator and it is a constant struggle. We need to know something very clear and that the human mind and our lives in general love comfort, why many people choose to be in a place that just give you need to live a comfortable life, that’s called running after security. As Andrew Corentt says in his book the secret of the power of goals, what matters is making a great effort initially so our idea is recorded in our subconscious mind so then everything goes in a harmonious way and with less effort. This is called being, when we decided to study a race touches us to learn many things, but once who did it we become an integral part of the same race, the same work goals, after an effort things will begin to operate in big way. When achieved mastery of a topic or a learning what is happening is that we’ve taken that information into the subconscious mind, just think of the ease with which we have to speak, read and write, do so quickly and is so everyday for us, but we took a lot of practice and do it constantly, if we learn to tune a guitarat the beginning our ear not clearly distinguishes the sound of the notes, but based on effort develops a skill in our subconscious and then we do with total normality.

Special Educational Needs

The quarrels on the social rights that they had proceeded the Constituent, and they had emphasized popular claims and demands of groups until then excluded in the social spaces, being that today inclusive education is fomented by the legislation in vigor and determinative of the politics you publish educational the federal level, how much state and municipal in such a way. In accordance with the Declaration of Salamanca the National Curricular Lines of direction for Special Education (MEC/SEESP, 1998), explicitam that the regular school must adopt a new position, considering in the project-politician-pedagogical one, the resume, the methodology of education, the evaluation and the strategy of education, actions that favor the inclusion social and practise educative differentiated. According to Mendes: The idea of of the inclusion if bases on the philosophy that recognizes and accepted the diversity of the life in the society. This means guarantee of all and chances, independently of the peculiarities of each individual in the social group. As resolution 02 that it institutes the National Lines of direction for Education of the Educational Necessities Special – NEE, in the Basic Education, is assured right of school registration in the schools since infantile education.

Beyond fortifying the premise of that the institution, even though of daily pay-schools and day-care centers, has the duty to offer services of special education to these citizens. Therefore, we must understand that the paper of the special education in this context is not directly on to a classificatrio paradigm, that conditions the individual a stigma based on practises social exculpatory, come from the history of the special education, but yes for its universality. That is, it is not only function of the special education to take care of to the citizens that possess necessities special, but yes of all school, in way that if ‘ thinks; ‘ education for todos’ ‘ as an alternative of cooperation in favor of the common objective: to provide to access and permanence to education to all individuals (KASSAR, 2002). Thus, the special education, in this context, passes if to constitute as proposal pedagogical of all the school, articulated with common education having the purpose to guide professors in general, so that the specific necessities of educating in its process of global development are taken care of (MEC/SEESP, 2008). In short, to think about the inclusion of special pupils without it has the psicossocial and pedagogical integration enters all the component pupils of that classroom is a ilusria and perverse form, even so skillfully masked, of segregation and exclusion, although to be together in one same space, physically only (OAK, 1998). In an inclusive school professors and pupils must respect the differences, being this the first step to construct to a society more joust.

The reason that supports the fight for the inclusion, as a new perspective for the people with deficiency, is, without a doubt, the quality of education in the public and private schools, in way that if becomes apt to answer to necessities of each one of its pupils.

Marion Administration

Although to be a tool little used, the Agricultural Accounting, is seen as one complex technique, with low return in the practical one, it is known only for the Declaration of the Income tax, and the producers do not demonstrate interest in its managemental application. Amongst other factors, valley to stand out that it has contributed for this the deficiency of the countable systems, responsible in portraying the characteristics of the farming activity, as well as, the lack of professionals enabled in the transmission of administrative technologies to the agricultural producers, from there, not the inclusion of the Agricultural Accounting as instrument of agricultural or fiscal governmental politics. Crepaldi (2005) describes that the purpose of the Agricultural Accounting is to guide the agricultural and cattle operations; to measure and to control the economic-financial performance of the company and each productive activity; to support the taking of decisions in the planning of the production, of the sales and investments; to assist in the projections of flows of boxes, to allow comparisons to the performance of the company with others; to lead the personal expenditures of the proprietor and its family; to justify the liquidity and capacity of payment next to the creditors; to serve of base for insurances, leases and other contracts, and to generate information for the Declaration of the Income tax. In a global vision, Padoveze (2000) it comments that the countable management is on to the countable information that are necessary for control, accompaniment and planning of the company as a whole and used for the high administration of the company. According to Iudcibus and Marion (2000, p.19), & ldquo; The Accounting is the great instrument that assists the administration to take decises& rdquo;. It is through it that the entity checks its strong and weak points with respect to patrimony accounts, economic financier and. Of this form, through reports, procedures and countable analysis the administration obtains to transform the collected data into excellent information for the taking of decision on the part of the managers, form to reduce costs and to maximize the profits. .