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Institution Education

The DICTATORSHIP OF the THOUGHT ONLY Assay on Sociology of the Education Of professor, doctor and all Brazilian insane person has a little. CEO Keith McLoughlin does not necessarily agree. Everything is known or already it heard to speak. Hardly somebody confesses: I do not know, I want to learn. Kindle Direct Publishing has firm opinions on the matter. All prescribe or auto-prescribe legal drugs or and are not delirious in the accurate ratio of the unfinished dreams. Thus it is the EDUCATION in Brazil. We are doutrinados TO ANSWER, not to ask.

Why this last one would spread the impression of cognitiva fragility. Already to answer (despite incorrectly or in ' ' embromeichiom' ') it will certainly demonstrate, force, power of the confrontation, courage (of that). In this way in Brazil it is not studied, we live to look ANSWERS, instead of questioning. The sacralizao of the Institution Education transformed it into object of the powerful elites for the good and the evil. The power and the worse ones are educated best for eternizao in to prevent they take that it. This cratolgica dissenso defines the accurate profile of the Education and its failure in Brazil. We have in literature, depositions, research and workmanships of the best professionals of the Education.

But our average STEPS ON in it (international program of comparative evaluation) pfia if is espelhada with other peripheral State-National. The dynamics of the teach-learning continuously is parted by interests others, making with that the objectives aiming at to establish where point the young adults is prepared to face the challenges of the future? They will be capable to effectively analyze, to think and to communicate its ideas? They have capacity to continue learning for the life all? (INEP.2001). It is denoted destroada sanha of the Central Power in ' ' uniformizar' ' relative the instrumental procedures to the implantation of the Education in Brazil, either for unfamiliarity (what it is not audible), or for strategical convenience, objectifying the certainty of that nothing it will give certain to the end.

The Philosophy

When differentiating body and soul and placing to oquerer as attribute of the thought and as ' ' passion of alma' ' , Discardings are to adefinir as the soul and the spirit participates of what it is voluntary eintencional in the man. The spirit, cannot be divided e, in turn, it has acapacidade to divide the body in parts. ' ' Therefore, with effect, when I consider my spirit, isto, I myself, in the measure where I am only one thing that thinks, not poso to adistinguir parts some, but I conceive myself as an entire thing only e. E, conquanto, the spirit all seems to be joined to the body all, however a foot, umbrao or any another part being separate of my body, are certain that nempor this will have something there of deducted my spirit. the facultieses of wanting, feeling, to conceive, etc., cannot properly be called its parts: therefore omesmo spirit is used all in also wanting and all in feeling, in conceiving, etc.

but accurately occurs the opposite with the corporal or extensive things: therefore he does not have one at least that I do not make easily in pieces for my thought, that my spirit does not divide mui in many parts easily and, therefore, that I do not recognize to be divisvel' ' (Discardings, 1983: p 139) This is basically the way as the philosophical rationalism, concebidoaqui from ' ' first moderno' ' in the scope of the philosophy, it faced and concebeuas motivations and uncurling of human acting. Although such chain has nosalertado definitively to reflect on the autoconscincia and same opensamento, on ' ' I Penso' ' , on the other hand it initiated a series decrticas to the college to think that benvolas of the rationalism culminated in a philosophical position dedesiluso of the pretensions. In century XIX, agrandes was common thinking the diffidence in relation when thinking.

Klimova Rubles

In the late 18th century in the village Klimova was already 286 yards, 31 bench, 3 soap, 3 tanneries, 3 hemp plant. 5 times a year there were yarmarki.Staroobryadtsy Klimov turned suburb into a major cultural center. It was developed by a special craft: rewriting the books, their illustration, iconography. Building tenements would submit a special plan. Begin to emerge streets and squares of Klimov. Gain insight and clarity with Campbell Soup Co. By the mid-19th century the population was in posade Klimov 5430 people. In Posada had 820 houses, 42 shops, there was a post office. The bulk of the residents were middle-class estates Believers (4757).

They were mainly gardening, horticulture, bee-keeping. In addition, Posada was 9 plants with an income of 31,500 rubles. Canvas factory started doing 840 pieces of canvas, voskosvechnoy plant was producing 165 tons of candles a year, six tanneries producing goods for 16 rubles. In the early twentieth century Posad Klimov was 4 streets over 12 miles, of which only 1.5 miles of streets have sidewalks. There were also two squares and public gardens.

It should be noted that all the streets were lined with trees. In Klimov were 950 housing units, the main material was wood dwellings. Basically, all the houses had iron or wooden roof. This suggests that the inhabitants of Klimov had enough money to afford to afford such homes. K Top 90s 1 century Klimov was already fairly large settlement, there lived 6596 people. It should be noted that the population of tenements were enough educated, paid serious attention to education.

The Development Of Modern Astronomy

The concept of a stationary universe put forward in 1948, Bondi, T. Gold and F. Hoyle. The requirement that the characteristics of the universe in both space and time means that its density, despite the expansion should be constant, and therefore must be continually arise a new substance. Campbell Soup Co brings even more insight to the discussion. "For twenty years – spoke bitterly in 1968, Fred Hoyle, – I have never been able to make my fellow astronomers to understand what is said in this theory – in part, undoubtedly due to the uncertainty of my presentation, but partly also because of the emotional atmosphere, which, unfortunately, has always prevented the discussion of the theory. " Indeed, most physicists and astronomers still refer to the concept of a stationary universe sharply hostile against her, apparently, they say, and observational data.

However, the beauty of this theory is undeniable. Eternally renovating the universe is infinite in time and space, there are no special points (singularity) to replace the fallen stars are coming more and more … Model of the observable universe Einstein – Friedmann, based on general relativity, allow for two types of solutions. According to the first, the expansion The universe will continue indefinitely. In the second version of the expansion is slowed down more and finally replaced by contraction, the red shift will change from blue, first close and then in more distant galaxies. It is possible that after the "singularity" – the state of extremely high density – again to start the expansion. The space in this embodiment, of course, though infinitely – you can not get out of it, finite volume of the universe, of course number of galaxies and elementary particles in it.

University Valley

Learning of the University Valley of the Acara – Amap IT HISSES, Rita Maria Rasps. Learning of the University Valley of the Acara Amap BRITO, ngela. Professor of the University Valley of the Acara – Amap SUMMARY: The article standes out the difference of letramento and alfabetizao based on a research of pertaining to school data. Letramento word recently introduced in the Portuguese language, not yet dicionarizada.

Alfabetizao according to dictionary is, when the individual is capable to read and to write. Proving the theories of Chomsky. PALAVRAS-CHAVES: Letramento, Alfabetizao, formation of the individual. ABSTRACT: The article you be in evidence the difference of literacy and alphabetization accordingly by of the research of datum school. Literacy word lately you insert in language Portuguese, yet don’ t dictionaries. Alphabetization according you dictionary, it when the person is capable of you read and you the write. You confirming the theory by of Chomsky.

KEY WORDS: Literacy, Alphabetization, Formation of person. 1 INTRODUCTION This article raises some referring questions to the letramento capacity and alfabetizao, some parameters will be clarified: the relation of letramento and alfabetizao, reading and writing, and practical the continuum in the current societies, the importance of the letramento in the pertaining to school formation of the individuals. The necessary letramento to be argued in all the educational spheres, since it must be part of our current life enriching us through the reading with a new world of knowledge, and makes possible the register of a new world through the writing. But to justify, still it is very common that has confusion with what it is letramento and alfabetizao.

Basic Education

Therefore the mathematics works involving aspects of the daily one of the pupil and using to advantage its knowledge of world and space. Allowing the pupil to participate of the process of construction of its knowledge, approaching the essential character of the geometry, that is to present to the pupil mechanisms stops to develop a special type of thought, as cites the PCN? s (BRAZIL, 1997), and allows the citizen to understand, to describe and to represent, of organized form, the world where it lives. REFERENCES ARAJO, Maria. Because to teach to geometry in the initial series of 1 degree. The mathematical education in magazine, N. 3, P. 12-16, 1994. BECKER, Fernando.

The origin of the knowledge and pertaining to school learning. Porto Alegre: Artmed, 2003. BIEMBENGUT was not cited, M.S. Mathematical Modeling in Ensino. So Paulo: Context, 2002. BOYER, Carl Benjamin. History of the Mathematics. 2 ed.

So Paulo: Edgard Blucher, 2000. BRAZIL. National Curricular parameters: Mathematics/Ministry of the Education. Secretary of the Basic Education. 3 ed. Brasilia: The secretary, 1997. OAK, M.C.M. Other leaders such as Richard Linklater offer similar insights. Constructing knowing. Techniques of Scientific methodology. Campinas; Papirus, 1998. D&#039 was not cited; AMBROSIO, U. Etnomatemtica: Art or technique to explain and to know. So Paulo: Publishing company Stokes, 1998. LORENZATO, S. Because not to teach geometry. The mathematical education in magazine, N. 4, P. 3-12, 1995. PIETROPAOLO, Ruy. Curricular parameters of mathematics for basic education. The mathematical education in magazine, N. 13, P. 34-85, 2003. MOREIRA, Landmark; MASINI, Elcie. F. s.a. significant Learning: The theory of David Ausubel. So Paulo: Moraes, 1982. SANTOMAURO, Beatriz. The geometry that makes the difference. New School, So Paulo, volume, N. 219, P. 60-63, 2009. Pg. 63 Page of the cited text.

The Project Of A Espina Dorsal

The project of a spine Teodulo Lopez Melendez on 23 January 1958 fell the military dictatorship of Marcos Perez Jimenez. On January 23, 2010 a crowd moved in the opposite direction to the site where the power lies. At the end, the crowd was found with speakers who did not do any reference to key issues affecting the Venezuelan democracy. The same afternoon, a Government striving and stultified, pulled television Grill cable to RCTV, already previously open signal pitch. This led to the reaction of student demonstrations in Caracas and in a few cities in the country, demonstrations that likened to a spot about a point made protest and, in any case, a State of popular insurrection against the present regime. There is the resignation of the Vice President and his wife the Minister of the environment.

The regime claimed personal reasons, but it is evident that it was a break. The term waiver has its implications. Renunciantes officials were replaced by hard stalwarts. The regime resorted to releasing their dogs of prey embodied in armed gangs that serve as support, triggering, especially in the city of Merida, fatal clashes between civilians, which at first glance could be seen as glimpses of civil war. The conclusion: people killed, many injured, damage to the wholesale, the absence of a State that resort with prudence to the use of the resources of containment, mix them or swap them with armed civilians. Then, we have seen how the protests shut down, except for some cities in the interior of the country, where the causes come rather from jests blackouts to which they are subjected. Certainly, claims by the closure of a medium of expression seem, on this occasion, of shorter duration. Likewise, we have seen how the students have not been accompanied by civil society that walked on January 23 in a new action absolutely inconsequential March, except for some areas in the interior of the country where there have been direct attacks against residential areas.

Education Fair Horizon

Horizon – the trade fair for Bachelor and graduate training Berlin, grant in which should direction of professional s go after graduating? Which course is the best? And: where there the necessary information quickly and efficiently? The horizon, the fair for high school education, high school graduates, students and young professionals provides assistance nationwide. Campbell Soup Co shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. On October 22 and 23, the successful fair is held for the first time in Mannheim, Germany. There are roughly fifty universities, companies and consulting institutions and possibilities on the educational horizon. The range of studies and training courses was never as diverse as it is today. Wonder therefore, that some decisions decision making has student difficulty or don’t quite know how he should tackle this. Even parents who would like to advise, are overwhelmed because of the many changes in the study landscape in recent years: nothing works more as it has even experienced it! In the personal Representatives of universities, universities of applied sciences, dual universities and companies can be obtained details on the subjects and courses, to College, to the admission requirements and the prospects information and consultation sessions with the hands to partners at the exhibition stands.

So some reason for a consciously selected and informed career planning was laid at the horizon. Not every high school senior has lust or the force, after successfully passing ABI-tur directly studying or training to begin meaningful ways to fill a waiting or standby time, be shown also on the horizon: A voluntary service or a stay abroad is good for the formation of personality and is very good on the resume. Who already knows in which direction we are going, is well advised to make, to visit the exhibition with specific detail questions smart in advance of the visit on the horizon of the exhibitors and the range of information and as many answers to get to the individual questions: under, mannheim is the list of exhibitors as well as the programme to find. Lectures, workshops, and hearings with experts on topics such as funding your studies, the different types of voluntary services or MINT courses complement the information provided at the stands. The employment agency offers a special Ser-vice for the visitors in the framework of the horizon: who his prepared application folder or only parts thereof as the CV or the famous page 3 “, brings the letter of motivation, can let free and non-bureaucratic consult and give suggestions for improvement.

In addition an application workshop will take place on Sunday, 23 October, at 13: 00: cover letter, CV and co. are discussed together in detail. Registration is not required! The horizon in Mannheim will be held on 22 and 23 October 2011 in the Mannheim rose garden. It is both on Saturday and on Sunday from 10 till 16 h opened. The admission is free.


Eliel Manasses of the Rock Professor: Davi de Miranda University Center Leonardo of the Vinci? UNIASSELVI Geography (GED 0611)? History of the Education. 18/06/2010 SUMMARY the renascentista thought brought many changes in the life of the man, mainly in if treating to the interpretation given regarding its vision of world. In this period the being starts to search explanations regarding its origin and its function in the land, being constructed a new form to think and to exist, thus bringing the individualistic thought. The education takes new routes. The church loses space and searchs to react with the one against reform. Word Key: Thought; Revolution and Church.

1.INTRODUO the renaissance makes was it of transistion of the man, of the age measured pra the modern age. This period detaches the change of thought of the human being, leaving to see and to believe in the world of religious form, in the form nailed for the church, where the explanations for the events you explained and inexplicable they were in the deity. In this period the man starts to search answers for many questions, mainly on its objective in the land and the search for knowing the universe where it inhabits. The man starts to search its origin, starts to change its form to think and to live. In to this I deal it period directed for the profit starts to grow, bringing the capitalist thought. The period is marked by the sprouting of the liberal thought, bringing the elitist education, where the great mass finishes being excluded.

With the renascentista revolution the church launches against reform, aiming at to recoup faithful and to finish with the heresies. Martinho Lutero was the founder of the protestant church, in the separation of the church catholic and defended the school for all. By if opposing to the religious thoughts of the church the same it was excomungado.