Learning of the University Valley of the Acara – Amap IT HISSES, Rita Maria Rasps. Learning of the University Valley of the Acara Amap BRITO, ngela. Professor of the University Valley of the Acara – Amap SUMMARY: The article standes out the difference of letramento and alfabetizao based on a research of pertaining to school data. Letramento word recently introduced in the Portuguese language, not yet dicionarizada.

Alfabetizao according to dictionary is, when the individual is capable to read and to write. Proving the theories of Chomsky. PALAVRAS-CHAVES: Letramento, Alfabetizao, formation of the individual. ABSTRACT: The article you be in evidence the difference of literacy and alphabetization accordingly by of the research of datum school. Literacy word lately you insert in language Portuguese, yet don’ t dictionaries. Alphabetization according you dictionary, it when the person is capable of you read and you the write. You confirming the theory by of Chomsky.

KEY WORDS: Literacy, Alphabetization, Formation of person. 1 INTRODUCTION This article raises some referring questions to the letramento capacity and alfabetizao, some parameters will be clarified: the relation of letramento and alfabetizao, reading and writing, and practical the continuum in the current societies, the importance of the letramento in the pertaining to school formation of the individuals. The necessary letramento to be argued in all the educational spheres, since it must be part of our current life enriching us through the reading with a new world of knowledge, and makes possible the register of a new world through the writing. But to justify, still it is very common that has confusion with what it is letramento and alfabetizao.