Month: June 2018

Russians Environmental

Topics of issue: The main threat to the environment – the trash. Russia has become a leader in the preparation of ‘post-Kyoto’ agreement. Burning the ice can become a new type of fuel. Hear other arguments on the topic with film director. Olympics 2014: current issues and ways to combat them. Eruptions volcanoes can be seen online. —- Earth Review article goes into the water after 2000 years? In Moscow there will be environmental park guards.

The main threat to the ecology of Russians believe the garbage. Environmentalists are looking for methods of disposal Waste BPPM. Russia has become a leader in the preparation of ‘post-Kyoto’ agreement. Burning the ice can become a new type of fuel. Substances ‘rescued’ the ozone layer, contributing to global warming. Stabilization of CO2 will not save from problems of global warming.

—- A short review of the major environmental news for the week. —- Olympics 2014: current issues and ways to combat them. Help One of the major environmental problems preparing the 2014 Olympics associated with extremely poor condition of water supply and sewerage of the city and surrounding areas. According to the deputy head of the Housing Authority of the Sochi Viktor Smirnov, more than half of water supply and sanitation Sochi worn by almost 100 percent. Storm sewer is suffering from constant produced by local residents of unauthorized taps. Situation compounded by the fact that, according to calculations made by Soviet specialists, the optimal functioning of the city’s infrastructure is only possible if the number of its resident population is less than 240 thousand people. Given that currently in Sochi, according to official data, a resident of more than 400 thousand people (including 140 thousand – in the city center), and during the Olympic Games are expected to arrive for about 250 000 people want to change the actual city sewer (which is difficult to lay pipelines in the mountains) … —- Eruptions of three volcanoes in Kamchatka can be seen online Eruptions Three Kamchatka volcanoes, including the highest active volcano of Eurasia – Klyuchevskoy, you can watch online, told RIA Novosti Klyuchevskoy vulkanostantsii head of the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology Yuri Demyanchuk. ‘To observe in-line of volcanoes Klyuchevskii, Nameless and Shiveluch purchased two modern high-resolution camera, after adjustment, probably in August or September, Image volcanoes will be updated on the Internet as often as every minute ‘- said Demyanchuk .

Challenge Coins

DerTaler now offers individual challenge coins on the production were introduced as a new product of challenge coins. These medals contact soldiers thus received a reminder of their active service time. It involves individual imprints, the material and the design relatively free can be selected, where templates are offered. Like challenge coins are referred to as commemorative coins, which corresponds to the standard German language. Learn more at: Richard Linklater. It is not of course to official coins according to Munzgesetz, which were so tender, but according to default definition for medals. Click David G. DeWalt to learn more.

Challenge coins is the active service time in the Bundeswehr as a valuable reminder for most people to the formative sections of their lives that remain in good memory. Here course set, intense experience, and closed groups that can exist in this way only in the military. Young people – men and women – are formed when the Federal Government and who would like to Materialize reminder. This is used by the minting of challenge coins, a tradition that comes from the American military, and dates back to the time of the first world war. At that time, Harvard – and Yale graduates primarily began to customize according to their war effort of challenge coins with the insignia of their unit. The embossing should preserve their memories forever, later many other organs took over.

The Bundeswehr adapted the challenge coins by the US military in the 1960s, their importance will increase in the future by the foreign missions of our servicemen and women. Every user can make his challenge coins completely free design of challenge coins, the Party proposes only a few motifs generally like to be selected and belonging to the German armed forces. A Munzkonfigurator allows you to create a design, also with regard to the choice of materials, the selection is optional. The selection begins with stainless steel and ranging to 24-karat gold to copper, bronze and silver. For a easier selection pattern coins are available, the provider creates graphics for free. There is no binding to certain amounts, from a coin, challenge coins will be given according to your own preferences commissioned. In the Munzkonfigurator, users can upload their own motives and their text and specify its appearance on the challenge coins. Further information see: de / bundeswehr contact: dieHolding H & H GmbH Aldegrever way 29 59227 Ahlen Tel: 0541 343 10030 E-mail: at gmail.

Holistic Education

To review the collected bibliography over three semesters in the study I am doing masters in holistic education, begin with the experiences and knowledge that Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, same that US shares acquired in his bibliography on the road. Source: David G. DeWalt. To review, again I remember the beginnings of Dr. Gallegos, is entertaining and interesting how recounts his life from age 17 and would like to include all experiences; but aware that I have to cover all topics and each is rich in learning, I must be brief. This study I am doing, has made me grow as a person to see the human side of the family, colleagues, students and the community: the companions have asked. do so before how we’ve treated students; like what?. well, I think that it is not that we tried them as Martians or animals, but as people without feelings, without right of say, empty waiting for that I rellenaramos them of knowledge to be able to translate them into exams and the next day nor remember what replied, without taking into account precisely the human side and without sensitivity to be able to perceive the needs of people through the senses. I am now convinced that the evolution of consciousness, which we can contribute to a change of paradigm towards the holistic education can be achieved with these works I am leaving trail of my learning, my experiences, and as an invitation to readers who are interested in a mechanistic education leave and enter to an education that meets the totality of human beings to flourish in its entirety, and cater mainly emotional, spiritual and moral aspects of the human being and is not reduced to a cognitive and academic training, and as well mentions Dr. Nava, does not want that young people suffer what he, and therefore began to consider an education that was built on the human relationship where the curriculum outside life as we live it, and that they flourish in this education because not suffered from a cold and indifferent education.

Counselor Education Consultant

In WSFB organisational consultant education, the participants will learn to plan change processes in companies and to control. We need to continuously develop our Organization this challenge most companies are today. That have more than clearly demonstrated the economic and financial crisis. The need for the company to people who can professionally plan change processes, design, and manage is correspondingly large. Richard Linklater has firm opinions on the matter. That feels also the WSFB Advisory Group Wiesbaden on the basis of the demand after their organizational consultant training. “Therefore, WSFB launches in June 2010 to make a third, additional consultants training titled organizational change processes”. The in-service training lasts 15 months and contact according to WSFB – managing director Hans-Werner Bormann to all people that organizations change processes, plan, initiate, control and make”no matter whether it is them managers, project managers or consultants.

The competence is them in Counselor Education conveys complex change processes on a personal and organizational level to achieve the objectives in terms of scheduling, budget and quality”. The additional organizational consultant training starts end of June. Interested can check the advance detail on information events the training concept. WSFB organisational consultant training is modular in design. It is divided in nine workshops of two days each. In these, the participants deal among other things with the different models of the systemic organizational consulting. Practice, perform system diagnostics, and to establish consulting architectures. You learn new tools for systemic counselling intervention and test their application based on real-world projects from the daily work of the participants.

Between the workshops, the participants include intervention documentation and case descriptions create. The experience gained in the projects are reflected in special supervision modules. The workshops start normally Thursday and ending Saturday afternoon. The venue is Wiesbaden. Management consultant training costs 8,100 euros (plus VAT).

Education 50

Education 50: education for the more mature generation our world is changing constantly and ever faster. This is exciting on the one hand, but on the other hand, the challenges for each one grow. Who would win the freedom actively to shape his life, will quickly identify: include lifelong learning, if one wants to use the own development chances. And in the private sphere as well as in the profession. This is true especially for the generation of over 50 years. You have reached an age where many back can take more time for themselves, because their children are often self-employed and professional activities become more flexible.

Education: a confusing selection is sheer also as easy as never to learn. The growing training market offers a wealth of educational content and methods. Even who has perceived learning as storing lifeless facts in school and vocational education, may at a later stage of life from the opportunities of modern, self-determined learning inspired leave. By the range of possibilities extends the planning of a professional boot over the care for your own health and to learn a foreign language. And it is used by more and more people, who have left their school years for decades behind. Because the belief you can’t teach Kashif “is obsolete now. Neuroscientists can prove today that intelligence through mental training can be increased even in old age. However: The opposite is also true! Just people of the generation 50plus therefore often search for learning opportunities that are tailored to their specific needs.

And also many providers have now focuses on this target group. But how can the interested in the jungle of different education offers find suitable offers of education and assess? And if possible provider independently? What criteria should he make his selection? And how can he get comprehensive background information on this topic? New website dedicated to the formation of the “more mature”generation A good opportunity the free website education from, founded among others by the Berlin diploma co-ordinators of Oliver Krumes in life here. Regardless of whether Lernbegeisterte want to connect the next holiday in the sunny South with the learning of a foreign language, if they finally find the time to press artistically or whether they want to start out maybe professionally again: on education from to detailed information as well as tips from experts can be found. Especially the testimonials of people who themselves are more mature generation, are worth reading. For over 50 years, who still do not know in which direction they want to educate themselves, education from also offers a lot of suggestions. Who knows how healthcare especially for appropriate employees new career prospects open up do? Watch what hiring managers in the selection of senior staff? What opportunities a senior Bachelor? And how in the sculpture as a best enters any hobby? Education off in clear, well-structured form provides this information and a variety of other ideas on the subject.