Month: February 2012

Technique Sambo

We proved them! Thus, the workshop began. The first came with us to fight himself Edson Diniz! Against him came Alexander and immediately took the initiative in their hands, just a minute Edson, turned his back on the mat, and after thirty seconds, Alexander had pain in her leg (Achilles). The Master was down! Next was his pupil too well-known master of Brazilian jiu-jitsu Vincent Werner (USA champion in jiu-jitsu). Immediately it was clear that he got revenge for a teacher! Against him came up, Paul! Started a fight, which ended with the same result. Jiu-Gist defeated! Technique Sambo has shown in practice to be superior! We are very pleased that they accepted defeat with dignity and after the seminar said that their school is always open to and invited us for further cooperation! Now all the cards were in our hands – the news of the victory soon reached the American Top Team, and the next seminar came all the groups! Sambo – "self-defense without weapons". Type of sport martial arts, and as a complex system of self-defense developed in the USSR in the synthesis of many national martial arts and, in particular, the judo.

Is a type of combat in the clothes. The official date of birth of this species Sport is considered to be November 16, 1938, when the Order was issued by the All-Union Committee for Physical Culture and Sport at SNK 633 "On the development of freestyle combat" ("fight freestyle," was the original name Sports, later renamed the "sambo"). Since 1972, the international competitions in sambo. Sambo wrestlers train in more than 70 countries. Sambo is divided into two kinds: sporting sambo and battle: Sports Sambo – the kind of struggle with a large arsenal of painful receptions, as well as shots used in the rack and on the ground.

Combat Sambo – martial art created in the 30s in the USSR for training members of the uniformed services. Then, Combat Sambo is not considered sport discipline and was banned for training civilians. Only in the 1991 Combat Sambo was "declassified" and became a separate sport (in 1994, Moscow hosted the first championship of Russia in Combat Sambo). Oriental martial arts – fitness center Kimberley Land and water park.

Louise Hay

If you are a loving parent, your children have every chance to grow wonderful people, your friends. They grow up confident and successful. Inner core, self-confidence brings peace and tranquility. I I think the best thing we can do for their children – is first and foremost learn to love themselves, because children learn by adults. If your life will change for the better, then your children will be all right.

Your self-esteem will bring confidence and peace of mind for the whole family. Teach your daughters to love and respect themselves, and when they grow up, you will not be allowed to humiliate themselves or use. And our sons will learn to respect all others, including women. Explain to your children why it is so important, what are their thoughts – good or bad. Children will understand that by themselves affect their lives, the mood. They – the creators to help change the world, using force and opportunities that life itself presents them.

Often parents are afraid to show their feelings. In every family there are many unspoken reproaches of problems that need to be discussed. Children are very sensitive to any insincerity, hypocrisy. But they are watching the parents take over their behavior. Parents are horrified by acts of their children, not realizing that their behavior – a mirror image of their own actions. In adolescence, feelings of children are especially vulnerable, so we often hear about the “difficult period of transition.” Parents blame the children, instead of thinking about his attitude towards them. Look at the actions of their children, and you certainly see in them a reflection of their underlying feelings. Coped with their own problems, getting rid of negative emotions, you will surely find a wonderful change that has occurred with your children. Often, we blame everything misfortunes on others. Not noticing that the reason for their hides inside us. If the actions of our children or annoy the people around us, cause to be angry, we never blame this yourself, throws out his anger on others. But the people around nothing to do with. Their actions reflect our own beliefs hidden, repressed, Hidden inside our negative thoughts and feelings. Such a “mirror” gives us the opportunity to see all the negative and get rid of it. In Next time, really mad at someone, try not to succumb to anger. Instead, ask yourself: “What can I take home from this situation?

How To Teach A Child How To Behave At The Table ?

Several ways as psychologically competent to teach children to eat food properly. There is a belief that a visit is indecent to eat everything without a trace, but it usually comes from the past, it is generated by the desire to show: I'm not poor and not hungry. Mistress, on the contrary, it is nice to see evidence that all cooked delicious. But, of course, should explain to children that you can not go to the other extreme, licking plates, even if the food seems very tasty, because it looks unaesthetic. Very helpful to young children learn the rules of table Russian folk sayings such as these: In the salt fingers are not laz not put in salt shakers dirt. Eat pie with mushrooms keep their mouths shut. Through them, children readily assimilate reasonable and useful skills, memorizing them for life.

Well, not if I eat pie with mushrooms, may I speak? asks Kate. Can I talk during the food? There is another proverb: "When I eat, I am deaf and dumb." But whether it is relevant to us? In our rapid time at the accelerated pace of life, permanent employment as a family talking mainly during breakfast or dinner and even on weekends. So, naturally, came together for an evening table, they exchange news and impressions of the day. At the same time they are without prejudice to combine health food and conversation. But small children who have not yet learned to chew and swallow food mechanically, but always break off to talk with your mouth full, all talk during the meal are contraindicated.

If "a little tongue," and the soft palate is not closed in time between the opening oral and nasal cavity, the food can get into your nose. And if time does not work the epiglottis, the food may enter the windpipe and even the lungs. And it is very dangerous. Sometimes it even ends the operation.