This is true today, when it comes to models with open combustion chamber, which can only take the air out of the room, where they are located. However, if you want to save space, then You can install the boiler with sealed chamber. In this case, the air in the combustion chamber is fed by force, by a fan, and similarly released into the chimney. This device allows you to collect the air from both premises and the street. Specifically for this purpose is provided coaxial (tube in tube ") flue: in this case one tube, air is taken, on the other – is released that allows you to mount the equipment more compact. In particular, gained wide popularity mounted gas boilers. In size they are comparable to conventional kitchen cabinets and can be installed virtually anywhere in the house.

In this double-circuit boilers have also flow heat exchanger or an integrated storage boiler for hot water. If the pressure of gas in your area is often lower than normal, and that just is not uncommon, you should pay attention to the mounted boilers low threshold of the minimum gas pressure at the burner. In general, given that the boiler is a complex equipment requires constant monitoring of his work. The easiest way to do this with a modern, well called "smart" boilers. York Global Group. For example, models Genus and Genus Premium from Ariston equipped with a display that displays all the information about their work. One touch of a button on the control panel allows you to detail to inform the owner of the equipment boiler parameters: ambient temperature (indoor and outdoor), hot water and heating, the level of pressure and number of days remaining before maintenance.