Month: March 2014

Korean Peninsula

Korean history is extremely interesting and confusing, some things are not clarified. A geo-political passions are raging on the Korean Peninsula and now. On the territory of modern Korea first states began to appear very long. Usually these were small kingdoms, quickly developing and just as quickly fading. But the greatest contribution to the emergence of modern Korea played three ancient kingdoms – Koguryo, Silla and Baekje.

But no matter how many small separate states or kingdoms existed on one small area, they are united by one thing – language. These kingdoms languages were very similar, the inhabitants of one of the kingdom were free to understand people from another. There are reasons due to the history of the emergence and establishment of kingdoms. History of the Korean language is conventionally divided into 4 periods, in this periodization usually do not include language that had to use the Korean Peninsula to the formation of the three kingdoms. So the first half of the ancient period includes precisely languages Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla. Apparently, these languages have some serious differences from the more ancient tribal languages, lived in these territories. Korean history is inextricably linked with the history of China – the kingdom of Koguryo and Silla (which, incidentally, won in his time even earlier the state, located on the Korean Peninsula) almost two thousand years, separated from China. Of course, that in times of allegiance to the State, there were close contacts, and on the borders appeared languages based on Chinese and Korean dialects.

Minimum Vocabulary Foreign Language

In science, there is such a thing as information redundancy. Information redundancy actually useful. It's like insurance. If something happens where the failure information, and the rest will fill this gap and the meaning is not distorted. In full respect to this language. The average language has about 300,000 words (English, as the development and spread recently to celebrate the anniversary? Million words).

But the average person uses in everyday speech 15-17 thousand words. Same AS Pushkin in all his works used about 21 thousand words. So what? And nothing! Wrote a brilliant novel. That is, for fluency in a foreign language, I stress, free enough to learn no more than 17 thousand words! On this basis, we can construct a method of teaching foreign language to a qualitatively new basis. In it all, do not learn quickly, and somehow as much as possible words, and learn a little bit, but qualitatively. That is, teaches, so long as a minimum will be learned, as they say, forever. After that, a student who decides whether it is enough of this vocabulary for its needs or not.

Not enough? Well, learn more. As Studies show that properly chosen only 400 words can replace 90% of the total vocabulary, which will be used later. Unbelievable huh? Go ahead! In speaking about forty words cover about 50% (!) Of all vocabulary speech. A 200 words? already 80%, 400, as already mentioned? 90%, and a thousand? 95%. It is easily seen, building vocabulary after a minimum leads to only a slight increase in percentage of used vocabulary.

Environment Education

Inside of the line of research of Ambient Education Not-deed of division (EANF) we consider as research phenomenon the ecological movement of the Rio Grande Do Sul. The research will be developed inside of the parameters of the Ambient History, in which one of its functions is to act in the construction of subsidies theoretician-metodolgicos for the Ambient Education and knowing that the ecological movement if institutes as space of informal and not formal Ambient Education. Of this form, the ecological movement if constitutes as organization 1 Pedagogical Project of the Program of Ambient Education, 2010, op. Cit. social, as space of Ambient Education, as social group that acts having as focus of action the socioambientais questions and influences in the power to decide processes in the handling and conservation of ecosystems. The socioambiental context that the research will focus is the city of the Rio Grande – Been Rio Grande Do Sul – in the decades of 1970-80. In the center of this reflection it will be the human being in interaction with the environment having as reference one to look at description.

Of this form, the environment of the city of the Rio Grande if presents as a vast field for projects of research in the area of Ambient Education, until as in result of the coexistence of the partner-economic organization urban-industrial who if points out on-line of border with riqussimo coastal ecosystem of the Lagoon of the Ducks, also having interaction with the Atlantic Ocean. From what it was displayed above, we will develop some topics of our theoretical references. The Environment concepts, Ambient Education, Ambientalismo and Ambient Histria will be argued. In this direction, we know that still a conception predominates in our society ' ' ecologizada' ' , that is, conservacionista of environment, even so let us recognize the advance of the vision that we consider more including, called of socioambiental conception.

Trinity College London

Origins of BMX: is an extreme sport that is practiced with rolled 20 bikes. BMX (Bicycle Moto Cross) is an acrobatic form of cycling, originated in California in the 1970s when the youths were trying to imitate the champions of the motocorss with their bikes. In the 1980s he began to use the variant known as race, or races on circuits of Earth, similar to those carried out on bikes. Later with the arrival of the first freestyle bicycles begin to practice tricks skateparks, consolidating what today we know as BMX. It is considered Olympic sport since the Olympics of 2008 in Beijing. In Spain the BMX riders are called Riders (of the English word, ride) or also Bikers (also of the English word, bike). What languages and BMX course program? They are kinds of languages (English, French or German) aimed at children riders from BMS wanting to learn or improve the level of languages while they practice their favorite sport.

At the same time that practice the sport also do so without realizing it through the use of the language. The activities of these programs are varied, among which are the Professional program of BMX, excursions, workshops on mechanics and repair of bicycles, among others. This is one of the fast, easy and effective ways to assimilate knowledge. So you can study English or French, with option of the official exam of the Trinity College London. Institutions providing these services are equipped with all the comforts and provided with recreational tracks of skate, BMX, pool, football pitches and also in Assembly are organized skate camps in Spain than to complement the above activities. Without a doubt this form of learning is an excellent way to create synergy between the advantages of sport, where basically promotes creativity, self-expression and communication, coupled with the many benefits of learning languages.


The course "Resistance of materials" addresses methods of engineering calculations of strength, rigidity and stability of structural elements. Quality and comprehensive research in the field strengths are prerequisites for creating new designs of machines, equipment and engineering facilities ensures reliability and durability, while improving the weights. 'Strength of Materials "is one of the important and complex technical disciplines studied in the technical schools. In studying the subject students should study the theoretical part of the course, learn about modern methods of studying mechanical properties of materials (laboratory studies) and master the methods of solving problems. Course "Resistance of Materials" is divided into several themes. Some of them are: Theme 1. Main Tasks of the course 'Resistance Materials.

" Strength, stiffness, stability. Issues of affordability. Communication course from general scientific, general engineering and special disciplines. Classification of external forces: active and reactive, surface and volume, lumped and distributed, static and dynamic, fixed and variable over time. Displacement and deformation (linear and angular). Deformation of the elastic and plastic (residual).

The concept of a deformed state at the point. The hypothesis of a deformable body (continuity, uniformity, izotoropnost, linear elasticity). The principle of the initial size. The principle of superposition. Internal forces. Voltage (full, normal, tangents). The method of sections. The concept of stress state at the point of the deformed body. Beam (rod), plates, shells as objects of calculation in the course "Resistance of materials". Internal force factors in the cross section of the rod in the general case of forces, their definition and the procedure for constructing diagrams.

Inhouse Seminars

The value analysis is one of the most important tools to give the buyer assistance. The classic conservation areas are now exhausted. But the cost should be further enhanced. Is the question where? Considerable potential for cost reduction and optimization of function lies in the technology of the product. But how can you use this? These are just a few questions that a buyer among other things deals. The value analysis is one of the most important tools to give the buyer this assistance. And to use it properly, purchasing, technology, and suppliers must work but definitely closely. Buyers from industry and trade company information on the purchase campus, intensive in-house seminar – how they can engage as a buyer, – looks like the optimal integration of suppliers into product development and – such as improving cooperation between purchasing and technology can be.

The workshop deepened and on specific problem definition of the buyers received the learning on the job. It is also plan plenty of time for individual questions. In the seminar/workshop from the Commerce campus buyers doubly learn how – the value analysis is used as a design tool in purchasing and – early supplier connection optimizes costs and quality in development projects. Purchase campus CSEI-consulting with focus on purchasing seminars and purchasing advice under seminar-Diplom-Betriebswirt (FH) Hans-Christian Seidel, is interested companies from industry and trade for a non-binding appointment by appointment, for special needs, bottlenecks or problems and related solution requests. Companies can under 06151-1373551 Tel. or e-mail: direct contact.

Right School

Socialization to which they are exposed from birth leads them to first interact with its environment family (or first natural school) there will incorporate a range of attitudes, values and learning very varied (from early knowledge of their own language, to operate with greater autonomy). There are many factors and variables external influencing its evolution and future, but there are some of them that parents can control, and that’s where we must act swiftly and responsibility, the choice of school is one of them. Which aspects and issues must take into account at the moment of choosing an educational establishment that reinforce the values instilled in the home, which enhances their skills and correct its shortcomings, that contains it and stimulate, etc do?. As well in the first instance we should start some personales-familiares questions to then choose that school. That degree of relevance or importance we give to these aspects, among others possible (can assess them 1 to 10 with 1 being the lowest rank), will determine the type of ((((establishment deseado-buscado and depending on that particular profile you will find the school proper in the home or work radio: a) language: bilingual or trilingual – if necessary include: English, German, Italian) b) religion: its confessional character or not, with retreats, catechesis, missions, etc.

c) Sport: with its own sports field, sports that are practiced(, the camaraderie, fitness center with locker room facilities depending on the sport being practised, etc. d) the number of students per classroom: personalized education, small working groups favor the contact and the relationship tie-in, there are fewer distractor elements in learning. (((e) science, the use and application of new technologies: classroom, computer and science lab properly equipped, library and reading room, etc. f) student exchanges: trips to other countries by sports practices, cultural exchange, strengthening of the language, etc. g) been gral of installations: Equipment, comfort infrastructure, school meals, heating, ventilation, lighting. ((h) contact or level of school and extracurricular escuela-comunidad relationship: approach with other organizations and companies: internships, lectures, educational outlets, NGOs purposes solidarios-sociales, ecological, productive, etc. i) existence of psychopedagogical cabinet with professional full time and in relationship to the number of students. (j) coherence between the ideology and the institutional philosophy, its educational project and the concrete reality. Finally some tips to keep in mind before making the final decision: level of closeness to home, coherent relationship offered costos-servicio, inquire with other parents about the characteristics of the establishment, not to stay with the first impression of the facade: web page, first interview, etc, schools with the time change not to hurry in the election, finally and fundamentally: consider preferences, particularities and specific needs of my son/daughter. Take a right at first instance decision will prevent future major disorders such as changes in establishment, wear in interviews with executives and teachers, problems of adaptation, couple rods and learning difficulties. Original author and source of the article

Search For Meaning In Life

Any inquisitive mind sooner or later comes to think about the meaning of life. After being born, we were born, but it will be time to die. For what is born, why life is like a pedestrian crossing with replaceable good and bad days? These questions are probably born with human thought. Many thousands of years, a fraction of the bits people gathered transcendental experience and passed on to his disciples, and they own and so to this day. This experience is described by different person who had different experiences and methods of achieving knowledge of the nature of consciousness-the mind. Initial forms are the basis of yogic practices, religion and philosophy, but practical value is primarily the desire to change its moral status. The little man is growing, gets two and tries to somehow wriggle out of punishment, or to achieve their goals and desires can be nice to lie, and this skill in adult life is becoming natural.

The man was lying on the little things you do not fall into the eyes of others or for the benefit, but the fact remains. With this cargo does not get into heaven, as with any innym. Therefore, moral norms are the primary practice. Level ranting about their knowledge is more advanced and has practical value only in accordance with moral norms. It so happened that a man vruschy, stealing and killing can not have a quiescent state mind, and therefore these rules are osnovopologayuschimi in all religions. There are practices in which moral norms are not important, but it usually occurs in close relationship * * teacher-student when a teacher immediately introduces the student to the elevated state of consciousness * * and distances forward in the process of life.

Talent Southern

It is perhaps an act of presumption on my part but the body calls me apologizing, distinguished reader, so long an absence of content in this blog. But I have not stopped reading daily contributions and inputs of people who follow you. Without going any further, I checked a few minutes ago that Juan Carlos Cubeiro is often going to movies and the great culture that builds lets say with reason that “cinema is the case method of the century”. I endorse that statement seamless to the point that there is no course, seminar, workshop, coaching session or appearance on my part that does not include any action film metaphor. The film is so affordable, memorable and fun that I think a wonderful tool in training tasks, training and professional development. I have also visited the last of Agust Branas and his proposal to the appointment of a new chief.Agust has the ability to bring in short, to suggest abundant without arguments. And no doubt that his style gets the reader, judging by the feedback they receive their texts. Now I have homework, pleasant task to complete. Germain, Josep Oliver, Albert, JD, Roman, Jose Miguel, Bego a … I do not know if I will comment some of your posts, if I know that in all likelihood will be interesting. Learn from how to be a true role model. Let me end this post by referring to “southern talent” that I’m enjoying these days in the Canary Islands for professional reasons. I love my country and do not make distinctions between sources, origins and residences, but I have to say: there are many charming people who see life in a cheerful and positive even if you have difficulties, which gathers technical talent and talent relationships. It is a privilege to work with these people. And you, even from more northern places, thank you pass through here and take the trouble to read these lines. Have a nice day. ASV