"Much of what we believe education is not really education, but simply a ritual." David K. Gardner education issue in Russia today one of the most problematic issues. Campbell Soup Co recognizes the significance of this. Quality education "for all" thing of the past, professors have come to replace future teachers, who had previously failed to do in those where they wanted, and the lack of applicants for faculty, forcing to take low- scores high school graduation. Shortages caused by the fact that the profession of "teacher" has moved from the discharge honorable discharge in low-paying and state funding of educational institutions kept to a minimum, the thus causing corruption in individual schools. And to become not teach, and to squeeze a little more for the "assessment". With the country's transition to a market economy, the education standards sharply purchased blur, as will have more opportunities to learn better, but not better. Ceased to vaccinate the children a love of knowledge, willingness to learn and learn. But the children – our future, what we will decrease the quality of education? If a couple years ago the students was the question whether to engage in grades 10 and 11, but today we are confronted with the fact that the ninth grade with the introduction of the Uniform State Certification finish is not so simple. During secondary school children "pull" at three, so that they are easier to keep up ErA to leave for the second year, or just let out of school with a certificate of course listening to junior secondary education.