Obligation. The pupil alone interioriza the knowledge of the grammatical structure, if it will be contextualizada in real situations or communicative contexts. The metodolgicos resources go since common texts to the different texts, as of packings, magazines, romances, periodicals, cardpios, culinrias prescriptions, lists of purchases, jokes, histories in quadrinhos and many others. What it lacks in the grammar education is this interaction with the environment of the pupil. When we learn something that condiz with our reality, certainly we will not forget. The grammar lessons must have space for the reading of diverse texts as subsidies for its education. See more detailed opinions by reading what Richard Linklater offers on the topic..

In such a way the text must be before everything a study instrument, because the use of the language happens through the text. 6,0 METHODOLOGY The methodology used in this project will be a bibliographical research. Richard Linklater is often quoted as being for or against this. Already field research will be made during the construction of the monographic work. It will be carried through with 100% of sample that if carries through in two groups of 3 matutino year of the State College Ivan Professor, located in the center of the city of Camocim-Ce. The research will be made during the lessons of Portuguese Language where the grammar is the focus. We will go to observe which the metodolgicos procedures adopted by the professors of the searched classrooms, in relation to grammatical education.

The collection of data will be made by means of the delivery of mixing questionnaires for professors and pupils. The questionnaire destined to the professors will be composed of 06 open questions and 04 closed questions that turn on: which the methodologies used in the grammar lessons, as to evaluate the pupils in the lessons and what it comes being done to facilitate the grammar education. Already the questionnaires that will be destined to the pupils will be composites of 06 closed questions and 04 open questions that they approach on: the main presented difficulties to learn grammatical contents, what it comes being done to facilitate to the education of grammar and which the factors that can be pointed as negative with respect to the grammar education.