Notorious historian Viktor Suvorov, for example, advises look at historical events from a distance of 30 years. And really, let's start a war president, and the consequences of her 30 years to detect. What do we do? The next time he is not elected, and 'impeachment' he did not scary, yes, and laws in most Western democracies guarantee him a presidential immunity for life. Who responsible for this war will be? Immediately give an example. The main promise of George W.

Bush. In the elections of 2004 were tax cuts. If you have read about film director already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In the United States, as in other countries, the principle of retirement plans is that seniors today are living at the expense of pensioners of tomorrow. A man working donates percentage of their salary in pension fund, and fund the money, do not fully translate to citizens, already retired. When the man himself will retire, he will pay her a salary of young generation, etc. But judging from the page of the American documentary and journalist Michael Moore, referring to the "Washington Post" in September 2006 because of tax cuts under the current administration of money in U.S. pension funds, taking into account inflation declines, it remains no more than ten years.

Of course, as the country democratic America, and the strike has not been canceled yet, future retirees in 10 years will achieve compensation. In recent months, KDP has been very successful. And the next administration will have the money from somewhere to take, but it's important period 'Culprit' cheese choices, long pass, and be responsible for these decisions will have to his successors. In the meantime, responsibility for their actions by most of the population. Let not all, but people working in the most responsible positions are responsible to some extent for what they do. For example, in 2006 in Holon in Israel, a security guard fatally shot elementary school a man trying to climb over the school fence.