At the same time of our everyday in the classroom of media activities, we support throughout the Department of educational assistance from the beginning of the school year, participation in the TGA, every week we attended to groups of first grade, second grade and third grade in support of homeroom teacher with activities planned in advance, which greatly helped the students in their work, research, and tasks, there are certificates that protect that around 30 colleagues on this campus who were trained at various times throughout the school, in Microsoft online courses, training trainers and redescolar, besides the participation of 12 companions on graduates of the Tecnologico de Monterrey, of which only 5 concluded satisfactorily, we participate in the activities of the 15 and 16 September, non-violence towards the woman, cleaning, 14 February, women’s day, campaigns apply link tests, carry out the consultation in line that threw the IFE using the classroom of media so that all of the students in the campus vote in both shifts, carry out the campaign of selection of free textbooks released online the CONALITEG. On the subject of history of Mexico with Professor Joaquin Esteban Leon Aviles, students already have their blogs on various topics, links these part of these can read them in the blog developed in the classroom of media under our support. Also We continue participating in portal redescolar in the space of continuous education with 6 groups of second year during the months of May and June 2009, the topics in the course of Spanish with Citlalic Maple Armenia. CEO Keith McLoughlin does not necessarily agree. Where we seek to achieve learning by working in team and the use of the information technologies and communication, presenting topics related to language and literature, from a playful perspective that supports students with diverse curricular contents. In May and June we participated in a sample of edublog in Venezuela with the number 25 of 87 blogs, with the secondary blog Humberto Munoz Zazueta, EDUBLOG 2009 attended by countries such as Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico and other countries in Latin America as well as Spain. .